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Meal replacement supplements are powerful tools leveraged to help maximize nutritional balance. Whether medical complications are preventing adequate dietary intake or one is simply trying to maximize calories to pack on lean muscle—meal replacements can be invaluable. The Aliment meal replacement supplement by Bionic Nutrition is a well-formulated product that we’re excited to take a closer look at.

Quick Review

  • Aliment is a meal replacement supplement with a dense nutritional profile
  • Contains Pronativ whey protein, which is cold-processed from grass-fed cows
  • DHA in Aliment is sourced from Algae rather than fish to avoid mercury contamination
  • Contains 30mg caffeine to help cut back on morning coffee intake
  • Rich antioxidant profile from alkalizing organic greens and superfood berry blend

More Than a Meal Replacement Shake

Many meal replacement supplements out there have no shame in simply packing in as many calories as possible and marketing it as a lose-weight-fast product. That’s just wrong. Aliment is designed to provide a rich profile of balanced nutrients, not just extra calories. Meal replacement products, referred to sometimes as medical foods, are used for any number of reasons. Sometimes it’s to get extra calories, sometimes it’s to get fewer. Some people rely on these products to provide the majority of their daily nutrition. Whatever your reason, there’s no reason not to choose a supplement with high-quality ingredients.

Aliment by Bionic Nutrition Ingredients List Organicnewsroom

Ingredients List

Aliment contains several high-quality ingredients that have been included as part of the Bionic Nutrition formulation balance. Each ingredient has a purpose and has been selected carefully to ensure maximal absorption. This includes measures to avoid contaminants like mercury, cadmium, and arsenic but also includes a measure to ensure maximum bioavailability. Below you’ll find an overview of some of the ingredients this product has to offer, why they’ve been included, and what makes them worth your attention.

Pronativ Whey Protein Powder

Protein powders are among the most popular supplements on the market. They’re used to help reach a wide range of personal health goals and they also come in a wide range of qualities. If you’re bargain shopping for protein powder you’re asking for trouble. Not only do low-quality manufacturing processes risk the contamination of whey protein powder with toxins like mold and heavy metals, but they also risk denaturing the protein. In other words, the protein powder can be so over-processed that it’s not absorbed as well anymore. In some cases, protein powders are so processed that amino acids have to be added back in! Pronativ uses a cold-pressed method to ensure optimal bioavailability and sources their whey from grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle.

Coffee Fruit Extract

Aliment contains two separate coffee-related ingredients. The first is fruit-extract from the Coffee Arabica’s cherry, which contains 30mg of caffeine. This contains a full spectrum of co-occurring nutrients like polyphenols and rich organic acids thought to help maximize the absorption of caffeine, as well as to provide a smoother overall experience. This is considered largely preferred over synthetic caffeine ingredients which are often devoid of any natural synergistic compounds. Simply put, extracts from the fruiting bodies of Coffee arabica is much more along the lines of what Mother Nature would use to get her morning boost.

Neurofactor Whole Coffee Fruit Extract

Bionic Nutrition’s Aliment also contains the Neurofactor coffee fruit extract. This ingredient contains only trace amounts of caffeine but is loaded with many of the same types of natural anti-oxidants in the fruiting bodies of coffee plants. This ingredient has been clinically proven to stimulate the production of a compound known as Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) which is associated with better overall cognitive health. This growth factor plays a key role in helping new synaptic bonds form as well as the regeneration of brain tissue.

Algae-Sourced DHA

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is one of the most popular and well-studied Omega-3 fatty acids on the market. It’s commonly sold as a fish-oil supplement and touted as the one-all-end-all supplement to help support cognitive health as we age. That’s all true. What’s often glanced over is the risk of mercury exposure associated with fish. Algal oil, such as that in Aliment, helps reduce the risk of that exposure. Another under-discussed issue with fish-derived DHA products is the impact they have on our oceans. There’s simply no sustainable way to extract DHA from fish.

Superfood Greens + Fruit Antioxidants

It’s a long-held notion that eating fruits and vegetables help support long-term health. We’re told that at an early age and not given much of an explanation. Modern science has found that the fiber and wide-spectrum of natural anti-oxidants help explain most of these benefits. Daily life causing damage to our bodies on the cellular level known as oxidative damage. One of the ways our bodies help repair this damage is by utilizing antioxidant compounds from our diets. Aliment contains a rich blend of green grasses and fruit extracts to provide a rich spectrum of powerful antioxidants proven to help reduce inflammation throughout the body.


With all this powerful brain-supporting nutrition one might suspect Aliment could leave one feeling slightly overstimulated, maybe even a little shaky. Bionic Nutrition includes L-Theanine in their Aliment product to smooth out any possible overstimulation from the caffeine in their product. Natural sources of caffeine like Green Tea contain high levels of L-Theanine and are regarded as providing “smoother” neurostimulatory effects than raw caffeine extracts. Aliment is designed to help support your brain’s natural cognitive processes without putting up any roadblocks in your daily path. L-Theanine is just one of the many ways this supplement gets that job done.

Overall Thoughts

Aliment by Bionic Nutrition is similar to a protein powder supplement but so much more once you consider its ingredients. Its main source of calories is certainly the Pronativ whey protein but the Neurofactor, L-Theanine, and rich blends of naturally-occurring antioxidants make it a total meal-replacement solution. We see a lot of supplements that contain either protein powder or plant-based antioxidant blends but rarely do we see one that combines both. All things considered, this is an incredibly well-formulated supplement that contains very high-quality ingredients.

Aliment Meal Replacement Supplement
Aliment by Bionic Nutrition is incredibly well-formulated and provides an incredible array of bioavailable nutrients. The Pronativ whey protein powder offers an especially bioavailable and pure source of protein. The fact that it's supported by a rich blend of antioxidants and DHA is just icing on the cake.
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Other Products from Bionic Nutrition

If you thought that Aliment by Bionic Nutrition is well-formulated, we suggest checking out their Ascent Nootropic supplement as well. Aliment has some serious neuroprotective ingredients included but Ascent is designed from the ground up to support and sustain cognitive tasks like memory and learning.

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