Alpha GPC: Increases Focus & Boosts Growth Hormone Naturally

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Alpha GPC is a form of Choline that is regarded as being able to cross the blood-brain-barrier more easily. It is often taken alongside other Nootropic compounds to help sustain acetylcholine levels during neurologically-intense periods. Alpha GPC is also one of the few supplements shown to boost HGH naturally, and is favored by many focused on physical performance as well.

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Powerful Choline Compound

Alpha GPC is one of only a handful of phospholipids that is able to be effectively supplemented through oral use, some others being CDP Choline and Phosphatidylcholine. Alpha GPC has shown potential in offering many health benefits, and has a fair amount of research conducted within recent years. Alpha GPC has been shown to help improve the cognitive function in patients with Alzheimer’s who were given 400mg doses 3 times a day for 180 days 1.

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Brain-Boosting Benefits

Current research suggests that Alpha GPC may be able to help provide both cognitive and physical benefits. Alpha GPC is generalized as a cognitive-enhancing compound that offers all of the benefits of Choline compounds, though is more easily-absorbed and able to be utilized by the brain 2. Choline compounds such as Alpha GPC and CDP Choline are commonly used synergistically with other Nootropic compounds as a way to help provide a more balanced effect. Compounds that increase acetylcholine uptake such as Aniracetam, Piracetam, or other Racetams are all commonly taken with choline compounds.

Reaction Times & Stress Resiliance

One study that investigated the action of Alpha GPC, along with several other compounds, found that Alpha GPC was able to help to maintain reaction times, reduce overall stress, and maintain visual and auditory alertness in college students undergoing intense study sessions 3. GABA and Acetylcholine have both been intimately connected to sexual arousal, and it stands to reason that since Alpha GPC has been shown to increase levels of both GABA and Acetylcholine, that it may likely serve as libido-enhancing compound as well.

Alpha GPC Dosage

There are no recommended daily allowance (RDA) figures issued by the FDA for guidance on how much Alpha GPC should be considered an adequate dose. Some of the more notable studies which have found Alpha GPC to be effective in increasing Growth Hormone levels and strength have used 600mg doses. Alpha GPC is a little less than half Choline by weight, and therefore a 600mg dose of Alpha GPC would be the rough equivalent to a 240mg dose of Choline. This should only be regarded as a rough estimate, as the absorption rates of these two compounds differ both in action and in efficiency.

Alpha GPC Side Effects

As with many dietary supplements, specifically with Nootropics and Growth Hormone stimulating supplements, there is little clinical data to describe the types of side effects one might experience with Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC is generally regarded as safe and is well tolerated a levels below 1 gram per day. In higher doses, anecdotal evidence suggests that some common side effects might include dizziness, headache, and low blood pressure. Alpha GPC, along with other Choline compound,s are also known to cause sluggishness in higher doses without increasing desire to sleep. As with all supplements, it’s advisable to begin with lower doses and work up to higher levels to accurately gauge the effects and response to new compounds.

CDP Choline vs Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC has demonstrated the ability to increase overall dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain 4, which was shown to not be possible with a comparable dose of CDP Choline. CDP Choline is regarded as generally being as effective as Alpha GPC at benefiting brain health through the regulation of acetylcholine levels, but has limited clinical data to suggest it is capable of stimulating growth hormone levels like Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC is insanely water-soluble, and is often sold as a 50-50 blend with a silicon dioxide, or other ‘inactive’ ingredient. CDP Choline is generally available at lower prices than Alpha GPC as well.

Final Considerations

Alpha GPC shows strong promise as being a more easily absorbed form of choline. For those with limited dietary intake of choline it is a likely candidate for helping to address such issues. This compound has shown some evidence of providing cognitive support for activities such as learning and creating new memories. Still, much of what we know about this compound has been cultivated from anecdotal accounts strung about the Internet. Many popular dietary supplement products, such as Onnit’s Alpha Brain, incorporate this compound to help balance out the neuro-stimulating effects of other Nootropic compounds.

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