Aniracetam Nootrpics Supplements Brain Boosters Cognitive Enhancement

Aniracetam is a powerful synthetic compound in the Racetam family, and is considered to be one of many powerful Nootropics—or cognitive enhancing compound. Studies have shown it to reduce anxiety and depression [1.], enhance memory and cognition [2.], and increase the efficiency of AMPA receptor sites in the brain [3.].

Brain Boosting Benefits

Racetams in general have been studied as cognitive enhancers since the late 1970s. The scientific literature to back up claims of performance enhancement is pretty solid, albeit fairly outdated. Modern research has shown aniracetam to be a particularly effective at providing cognitive benefits, although the exact mechanisms of how they work aren’t exactly understood yet [8.]. It is generally accepted that this compound acts upon glutamate receptor sites to slow the decay of neural signals within your brain. [9.]. Such action is thought to be responsible for the following types of benefits:

  • Memory Sharpening
  • Short Term Memory
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Cognitive Perception

Safer Than Many, Riskier Than Some

This supplement is regarded as being a safe compound, albeit a synthetic compound, able to help increase productivity and critical thinking skills. Aniracetam is taken in place of many common ADHD medications like Adderrall to provide similar results without as many side effects. Compared to other nootropics, Aniracetam has shown the ability to help provide emotional support in addition to it’s mental enhancements [3.]. It’s commonly favored by nootropics enthusiasts seeking a more social experience, as opposed to a hyper-focused mental one.

AMPA Modulating

Aniracetam is thought to provide a cognitive boosting experience by stimulating certain parts of the brain known as AMPA receptors. Simply speaking, these types of receptor sites are synonymous with the quick synaptic firing associated with quick learning and engaged mental activity. In addition to stimulating these sites, Aniracetam also helps reduce their desensitization which helps support prolonged mental activity. Many elect to take a choline supplement in conjunction with Aniractam since this type of stimulation can cause depletion of acetylcholine (the “upper” of neurotransmitters) without necessarily signaling the brain to stop consuming it. In other words, it helps smooth things out during periods of intense focus.

Low-Dose Effective

Contrary to many other Nootropics, even those within the Racetam family, Aniracetam is a fat-soluble compound—thus able to be taken at lower dosages while still being effective. For instance, a typical recommended dosage of Aniracetam is 750mg twice a day, compared to doses of Piracetam—which can range as high as 4800mg per day [6.]. It’s important to note this compound hasn’t been studied extensively in a clinical setting and dosage recommendations should be considered very relative.

Legal Status & Approved Treatments

Aniracetam is a synthetic compound and has been sold as a prescription medication in countries such as France. Currently, it isn’t approved for the treatment of any disease or health conditions in the United States, as determined by the FDA. While requiring a prescription in many parts of Europe, Aniracteam can be sold freely in the United States as a dietary supplement. This may seem like cause for celebration for those Nootropics enthusiasts among us, but beware–there isn’t much quality assurance in place for this compound.

Purchasing Aniracetam

The FDA doesn’t currently approve this supplement as a treatment for any medical condition, which means you won’t find it at your local pharmacy. In general, nootropics are a pretty obscure niche of dietary supplements which make them harder to find. There are several “designer” supplements, such as Onnit’s Alpha Brain, that are making their way onto the shelves of retailers like Whole Foods and the Vitamin Shoppe. When it comes to the synthetic compounds though, being that they have zero dietary value (in the FDA’s opinion) their legality falls into a slightly greyer area than dietary supplements. We suggest lurking around the Nootropics SubReddit to get some ideas on where one might find Aniractam for purchase.

Related Compounds

Aniracetam is a compound within a larger group of nootropics called the Racetams. These compounds include  Oxiracetam, Piracetam, and it’s phenylated analog Phenylpiractam. There are many more such compounds in this class of compounds though these, including Aniracetam, are among the oldest and most-revered. These compounds are regarded by many as being the “original” nootropics, with some having been synthesized in the early 1970’s by researchers. While similar in chemical structure, these compounds are all regarded as having their own unique experience when taken. Read our article Meet the Racetams for a fuller overview of such compounds.

Final Thoughts

Aniracetam is one of the safer synthetic nootropics out there, at least in our opinion. It’s commonly regarded as more party-appropriate and often provides a more emotional and connective experience. These effects are, almost entirely, anecdotal accounts and shouldn’t be considered evidenced by any hard clinical data. However, the clinical data that is available for Aniracetam shows it having a strong potential in helping to address a myriad of mental and emotional health concerns. As with all compounds meant to affect mental function we suggest that anyone intending to experiment with Aniracetam start doing so very slowly, working their way up in dosage as they feel comfortable

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