The Role of Protein in Post Workout Recovery

Protein is a microscopic component of most of the things all around us. It is also a major part of our own physiological structure. Every human has proteins—it’s just that some of us require different...

Monk Fruit: Powerful Sugar Substitute with Health Benefits

The Monk Fruit is a small calorie-neutral fruit grown in Asia and has recently gained favor as one of the best sugar substitutes available. Also known as Luo Han Guo, monk fruit contains powerful antioxidant compounds...

Chamomile Tea for Kids – A Drug-Free Solution for Hyperactivity

Chamomile tea has been shown to demonstrate remarkable ADHD-reducing effects in children. This herbal tea is commonly seen in natural sleep aid supplements and teas, and is regarded as safe to give to kids....

Foods That Help Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

Memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease - these negative reminders of what old age can bring with it can seem overwhelming, foreboding, and almost inevitable. The good news is that while genetics, environment, and gender...
Pineapple Health Benefits Infographic

Infographic: Pineapple Health Benefits

Pineapples have powerful natural antioxidants and enzymes that offer a whole slew of health benefits. We've laid some of the more notable facts about pineapples out in this infographic

Pineapple: Enzyme Rich Natural Anti-Inflammatory Superfood

Pineapple is a potent tropical fruit loaded with good-tasting and brightly-colored features. Research shows the powerful enzymes and phenols found in this tropical fruit may help reduce inflammation, address digestive issues, and even repair...

Froyo: Conceptually Cool But Usually Unhealthy Snack

Froyo is a cute word that marketers gave frozen yogurt years ago. This clever little word breeds curiosity while at the same time creating confusion as to it's true nature. Is it something new,...

Different Types of Milks Offer Different Benefits

A stroll down the milk aisle of your grocery store might have you doing double takes. Soy Milk, rice Milk, coconut milk, almond milk, low-fat, unsweetened, fortified . . . the list goes on! There are...
Pomegranate Benefits OrganicNewsroom

Pomegranate: Antioxidant-Rich Superfood

Pomegranate trees produce some of the most-enigmatic fruits in the world. A Pomegranate holds a bountiful collection of antioxidants and phytochemicals renowned for their many health benefits. Pomegranate juice has been found to help...
Protein Bar Benefits OrganicNewsroom

Protein Bars: Be Wary of Low Quality Imitators

Protein bars are a great way to help ensure proper nutrition when on the go. Our modern aspirations and traveling abilities have far outstretched the reach of our evolutionary body, and to survive in...

Kefir: A Probiotic Rich Fermented Drink With Many Benefits

Kefir is a potent fermented drink that is produced by allowing healthy and beneficial bacteria to grow in certain foods like cow's milk. Similar to Kombucha, kefir drinks are made from starter cultures. These...

Iaso Tea Review: What You Need to Know

Iaso tea is a very popular detox tea product sold by Total Life Changes. It is a caffeine-free green tea/herbal tea blend that includes some very powerful ingredients. Iaso tea has become popular for it's...