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vaporizing marijuana vs smoking cloud organicnewsroom

Research Shows Vaping Marijuana Provides Stronger High

Recreational marijuana has come to America, even if some laggard State Legislators are dragging their feet. Legalization will open up many new avenues of study, as well as experience, for all things marijuana related....

Study: IBS Sufferers Have Less Bifidobacterium Catenulatum in Gut

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a poorly-understood diagnosis that categorizes difficulty in maintaining regular bowel movement cycles. Recent research has found that people suffering from IBS symptoms tend to have a unique balance of intestinal...
Illustration of Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare Icons by Organic Newsroom

Here’s How AI is Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Advances in computational sciences and data collection methods have brought us to an exciting new era of technology. Exciting new applications of AI in healthcare paint a bright future for everything from early-detection to late-stage...
Blood Pressure Illustration

Managing High Blood Pressure: What New Research Says

Having high blood pressure is quickly becoming more and more common in the United States. Science is still working hard to understand the causes but has learned some incredibly useful information. One particular study,...

Small Servings of Walnuts Shown to Improve Gut Bacteria, Lower Bad Cholesterol

Heart health and digestive disease have been shown to be stemmed by diets plentiful in foods containing long-chain fatty acids such as Omega-3, Omega-6, or Alpha-Linolenic Acids. These compounds are common among foods such...
Vitamin D3 Asthma OrganicNewsroom

New Research: Vitamin D Reduces Asthma Attacks by 50%

Claims of Vitamin D positively impacting health are among the best-supported health claims of any vitamins or supplements. While technically a class of hormones, Vitamin D has been shown to support bone health, muscle...