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Natural Makeup Guide: Create Your Own Cosmetics Kit

Fed up of reading ingredient lists on your cosmetics and being horrified by what you’re putting on your skin? Yep, me too! I’ve done some research and compiled a huge list of recipes and...
Plant Based Stem Cells Image OrganicNewsroom

Plant Based Stem Cells Offer Benefits, But Aren’t Living Cells

Plant-based stem cells are quickly becoming a popular ingredient among consumer cosmetic products. There isn't much science to support the claims made by these products and, in most cases, these products don't even contain...
Farm Food Skincare

Farm to Face: Foods That You Can Use For skincare

Farm to face beauty is a growing trending that has taken the world by storm. There are certain foods that result in clear, glowing skin when you eat them. Nowadays, these foods have been...

The Benefits of Shea Butter & Shea Butter Oil

Are you wondering how to make your skin or hair smooth and healthy? Forget the factory cosmetic products; Shea butter will change the look and texture of your skin and hair. It is rich in vitamins...

5 Awesome Essential Oils That Can Give You Beautiful Skin

It’s no secret how beneficial essential oils are. In addition to the health benefits they offer, they also make a great natural beauty solution to a number of skin concerns. They can treat acne,...
Winter Skin Care

10 Winter Skin Care Tips

The winter weather is dangerous for skin. The low humidity levels make your normal skin care regimen not quite enough. Without immediate care, skin becomes extra sensitive, drying and peeling off. Paying attention to...