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The Organic Newsroom is dedicated to helping others to better understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, quality nutrition, and alternatives to traditional symptom-based treatments.

Phosphatidylserine: Promotes Long Term Brain Health

Phosphatidylserine is a fatty compound heavily involved in maintaining the health of cellular membranes. Phosphatidylserine plays an integral role in maintaining healthy brain cells as we age, and has shown potential as an effective Alzheimer's...

Monk Fruit: Powerful Sugar Substitute with Health Benefits

The Monk Fruit is a small calorie-neutral fruit grown in Asia and has recently gained favor as one of the best sugar substitutes available. Also known as Luo Han Guo, monk fruit contains powerful antioxidant compounds...
mustard seed

Mustard Seed Unlocks Nutritional Power of Broccoli

Mustard is a very common America condiment and often given very little regard for anything other than its flavor. Mustard has traditionally been made by utilizing ground mustard seed powder as a base of...

CBD Oil Shows Remarkable Health Benefits

CBD oil is a potent extract taken from the marijuana plant which contains large amounts of cannabidiol. This unique compound has been reported as offering many health benefits and having the potential to treat such illnesses...

Bioperine: Powerful Synergistic Compound

Bioperine is the trademarked name for a powerful black pepper extract named piperine. This potent natural compound is manufactured by Sabinsa and now commonly found in many supplements such as curcumin, coq10, and resveratrol. Bioperine has...

Study: Gut Bacteria Cause Brain Lesions in Mice

From The NIH: A study in mice and humans suggests that bacteria in the gut can influence the structure of the brain’s blood vessels, and may be responsible for producing malformations that can lead to...

Nootropics: Brain Boosting Supplements

Nootropics are a special class of compounds that alter the way our brains function. These compounds range from herbal teas to isolated synthetic powders—each with remarkably different potential. Nootropics help improve focus, promote long-term brain health,...

Skullcap Herb: Synergistic Powerhouse & Possible Nootropic

Skullcap is a minty perennial herb which has tiny purple flowers and offers many health benefits. The Skullcap herb has shown powerful antioxidant effects, helps calm nerves, treats fever, and has a synergistic effect that...

Onnit Alpha Brain Review: Powerful Designer Nootropic

Onnit's Alpha Brain is a powerful blend of natural and semi-natural Nootropics. amino acids, and herbal compounds that has been proven in clinical trials to help boost overall cognitive performance. Nootropics are a class...
CDP Choline brain

CDP Choline: Long-Lasting Source of Bioavailable Choline

CDP Choline is a Nootropic compound used by many as a highly-bioactive form of Choline—known to provide many cognitive benefits. CDP Choline is a common name for the chemical Cytidine Diphosphosholine and is also...