CBD is a fast-growing market and the consumption of it is rising rapidly. The main reason for CBD’s rise across the globe is the growing popularity and awareness about the therapeutic properties it contains.

Humans as well as animals find these properties very helpful against various physical and psychological issues. People are using CBD products to alleviate symptoms of stress, improve their sleeping experience, etc. We can simply consider CBD as a health supplement that makes our lives easier and better.


According to the latest reports from the United States, CBD will become a multi-billion dollar industry by 2025. You can find CBD products of different forms including capsules, gummies, sprays, oils, as a food supplement for humans and animals, etc. Good oil CBD oil is the most used CBD extract.

The CBD products are being produced by many companies and it is a bit confusing to choose the right one. So, buying CBD for the first time can be tricky, but here we will give you some tips. This article will serve you as a guide of CBD extracts, thus helping you make the best decision while selecting the perfect CBD product for yourself, the one that works perfectly for yourself.

A brief explanation of CBD extract

CBD is one of the most active natural substances of cannabis plants with many therapeutic properties. As one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis, CBD is quite different from the most famous cannabinoid of them all, THC. CBD is a non-psychoactive natural compound of cannabis, while THC is psychoactive. This is a really important difference and here is why.

Both these cannabinoids have health benefits for humans and animals, but one has side effects and one is safe for use. CBD as a non-psychoactive component can only do good and does not cause addiction to users. So, CBD is safe to use and you will not need a prescription to buy in states that allow CBD.

On the other hand, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive compound that causes addiction and the “high effect” on users. CBD not only does not cause these negative effects but also fights them. This fact is one of the main reasons for CBD’s fast-growing market.

Another important thing we should explain is the difference between hemp and marijuana. These two varieties are part of the Cannabis Sativa family which differ in the percentage of THC and CBD. While marijuana has more THC and less CBD, hemp contains a lot of CBD and a small percentage or no THC at all.

In most of the United States, for instance, there is federal law stating: “Hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC is legal and safe to use”. In other parts of the world, there are states that allow only hemp with less than 0.2% THC, other with 0.1%, etc. But things are changing for the better and cannabis is getting positive attention for the therapeutic properties.

How does CBD work on humans and animals?

Both humans and animals have a system called the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for many functions of our body and mind. CBD is able to work on this system by binding to receptors of our brain such as Serotonin.

Doing that, CBD helps against pain, inflammations, stress, anxiety, and other health disorders. The effects of CBD on animals are very similar to humans, so people use it for themselves and their pets. CBD extract is consumed in many ways, including eating and smoking. Without a doubt the most popular CBD product CBD oil.

People use it for a variety of health benefits coming from the numerous therapeutic properties it contains. There have been a lot of scientific studies about the value of CBD and possible side effects of it.

Below we will explain more about some of the most beneficial properties of CBD. The list of properties of CBD is very large, but we will only focus on the most important ones.

Some of the therapeutic properties of CBD

  • CBD is anti-seizure: all CBD products have great anti-epileptic seizure properties that help treat forms of epilepsy.
  • CBD is anti-inflammation: many use CBD to manage different kinds of pains and muscle spasms. Cannabidiol extracts are very effective in reducing chronic pain.
  • CBD is antioxidant: can alleviate different mental issues and is very good at relieving stress, thus fighting anxiety and depression.
  • CBD is neuroprotective: treats neurological disorders. Works effectively on parts of the brain responsible for cognition, sense of direction, and memory.

Using the above properties and much more, CBD is able to treat a wide range of health issues. CBD fights cancer, is anti-aging, improves heart health, protects the brain, etc.

How to find the best CBD product for yourself?

After getting to know more about CBD, therapeutic properties, and health benefits, now it is time to move to another step, where to buy it and which product. But before going there it is important to explain the importance of making a visit to your doctor before buying the product. So, these days the doctors are really up to date with CBD products and can give valuable information regarding usage.

A visit to the doctor is quite obligatory if you are using other medications. Your doctor knows your situation and can even recommend the product, the dosage of it, and a schedule. This will remove any doubts you may have regarding safety and possible side effects.

Since we just mentioned side effects, we can say there are no visible side effects when using CBD products the proper way. Overdosing, though, can cause a dry mouth or even vomiting, but if you use CBD properly, there are no dangers.

Now, where to buy it and which CBD product should I start using first? CBD products are everywhere these days, starting from herb shops to pharmacies to shopping malls. But we recommend you try online retailers too because talking from experience they have better prices.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we encourage you to start with a CBD oil on small dosages in the first week. If you do not see the desired result after a week, feel free to slowly increase the dosage until you find the dosage that suits you best. The dosage has a lot to do with the age of the user, the weight, and the condition the user treats.



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