Getting injured on the job can be a hard pill to swallow. Not only do you have to deal with missing time at work, but you also have to deal with a nasty injury that likely causes a lot of pain and restricts what you can do.

One of the best ways to get over an injury is to undergo work conditioning physical therapy. This type of physical therapy is designed to get you back to work and complete the necessary tasks needed at your job. So, what’s so great about physical therapy, and how can it help you get back to work? Here are four benefits of physical therapy for work injuries.

Pain Relief

One of the main benefits of using physical therapy to recover from a work injury is the pain relief that it can provide. Many of the exercises that a physical therapist will have you do will either relieve pain or make coping with pain a little easier. Many doctors agree that the less you move and use your body, the more pain you’ll experience.

Physical therapy and other exercises can be a great way to strengthen your muscles and make them more durable while also allowing your body to produce the body’s natural pain-relieving chemicals. Exercises from physical therapy can do all sorts of wonders for pain, including helping with inflammation and soreness. If you suffer from chronic pain that stems from your work injury, then physical therapy can go a long way in helping you cope with that pain.

Increased Range of Motion

Another great benefit of physical therapy for work injuries is the increased range of motion that you’ll experience. As mentioned before, physical therapy can strengthen your muscles and make them more durable.

As your muscles and body become stronger, you’ll be able to move easier without succumbing to pain and stiffness. Physical therapists can identify specific causes that are limiting your range of motion.

Physical therapists can then give you an exercise routine that can help strengthen the weakened area of your body and regain your mobility.

Avoid Other Expensive Treatments

An underrated aspect of physical therapy for work injuries is that it allows you to avoid other more expensive treatment options. Typical alternatives to physical therapy include surgery and pain medication, both of which can be extremely expensive.

In addition, surgery can leave you immobilized for a long portion of time, and using painkillers may only be a temporary fix that doesn’t actually address the issue. If you want a cost-effective and healthy way of recovering from your work injury, physical therapy is the best way to go.

Lower Reinjury Risk

Something that physical therapy can do for you is lower the risk of the same injury reoccurring. When doing physical therapy, a trained professional will be able to identify areas of your body at risk of becoming injured.

Physical therapists will then create custom exercise plans, allowing you to strengthen weakened areas of your body. With these problem areas strengthened and your range of motion increased, the risk of getting hurt on the job when you return drastically decreases.

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