The recent Covid-19 pandemic and surge in health insurance costs have made people more serious about protecting themselves from the virus, thereby building a security net against the rising health care cost. Unfortunately, injuries and illness don’t inform you beforehand  – they happen suddenly, not sparing one enough time to identify where things went wrong. Similarly, the entire thought of footing medical bills sounds overwhelming since, with limited salaries, one can’t make room for any extra expense.

That is the reason why people are looking for affordable health insurance plans. Honestly, it acts as a savior for people in tough times, relieving their financial burden. It covers medical bills, hospital care, doctor charges, and much more, as every company offers a different plan. Hence, there is no one ‘best insurance plan’ as the ideal plan would be the one that suits your requirements and fits your budget.

Affordable Health Insurance Providers

However, it is not necessary to spend a hefty sum on insurance plans. Many reputable companies are offering insurance plans to people at the most affordable rates while providing comparable services.

1.    US Health Group

US health group is amongst those big names when we talk about insurance. They are offering their services for the past 50 years and have come up with a variety of insurance products since they are familiar with changing customer needs. They also provide a portfolio of innovative products for all those customers who are on a tight budget. Hence, they are employing all resources at their disposal to develop the most affordable health insurance plans and make insurance accessible to everyone.

Customers can enhance their coverage with ancillary products from the same company as far as the quality of services is concerned. It offers supplementary coverage for critical illness, disease, accident, short-term disability, and dental. US health group focuses on building relationships with customers by delivering competent services without customers paying an arm and a leg.

2.    Blue Cross Blue Shield

At times, your job demands traveling from one place to another. BlueCross BlueShield caters to customers in over 190 countries with its health management organizations (HMO). All the plans are comprehensive, with a considerable scale of savings for clients. However, it limits the choices of doctors as insurance covers only practitioners who fall under HMO.

With its diverse network, it offers a broad range of plans and various policy options, allowing you to enjoy as much coverage as one wants. Besides, many customers have complained of the slow approval process, rejection of insurance coverages, and a closed network of doctors. Therefore, consider both sides of the story before making up your mind.

3.    Healthcare Service Corporation – HCSC

HSSC is one of the oldest names in insurance industries as it entered the market in 1936. Now, it has expanded its operations across different states and has over 15 million customers. All their healthy living programs are available online, giving them an edge over their competitors. You can use their unique online tools like online health assessment, smoking cessation support, weight loss programs, and a lot more.

Likewise, they have online nursing and doctor support 24/7, eliminating the need to rush to hospitals at odd hours. Moreover, it offers mobile alerts, giving prescription reminders, claim notifications, and diet alerts. However, the limited territory is becoming a weakness for them since everyone can’t benefit from their services.

4.    Cigna

Cigna offers its insurance services in ten states within the United States with an excellent financial rating. They are working towards their mission of improving the health and well-being of people by making insurance accessible and affordable for them. They provide their clients out of network care without the need for referrals to increase customer satisfaction.

Do you know what helps them stand out? They design plans by giving equal consideration to the emotional, financial, social, and physical aspects of health. Clients can enjoy a robust global network of 1.5 million healthcare providers with 24/7 customer support. Apart from this, most of the plans come with high deductibles, so you will have to pay for medical bills from out of pocket. Make sure to consider everything before making a decision.

5.    Molina Healthcare

Molina healthcare has spread its operations all across the United States and has approximately 3.4 million insurers. Alongside impeccable coverage plans, it focuses on wellness programs to elevate customer satisfaction. Thus, most of their health plans come with no co-pays, and surprisingly, it covers prenatal, emergency services, and vaccinations.

Furthermore, this company has some excellent perks and preventive healthcare services for its customers. They focus on adult immunization, pediatric preventive healthcare, and a lot more. It saves people from hefty medical bills since treating diseases beforehand is way cheaper.

6.    United Healthcare

United healthcare is famous for providing individual insurance that meets the affordable care act, keeping its doors open for everyone. All the United members benefit from online care since they can order prescriptions online, speak to nurses via hotline, and participate in online wellness programs. Similarly, customers can find doctors online 24/7 and set appointments.

It could be the ideal option for tech-savvy people who don’t mind managing their health electronically though baby boomers or people who struggle with technology will have a hard time managing their insurance plans electronically. As a result, customer satisfaction ratings in 2019 were below average.

7.    Kaiser Permanente

When looking for insurance plans, authenticity and trust hold much value. Kaiser Permanente is one of the reputable names in the insurance industry. Alongside incredible insurance plans, it also offers medical care to patients through the Kaiser foundation and its hospitals. It puts forward different plans, ranging from bronze, silver, gold, to platinum.

Thus, people can readily find a plan that fits their budget. Moreover, it offers the option to add a health savings account (HSA) for all the high-deductible plans. All the contributions are tax-free, acting as a helping hand when it comes to paying for prescriptions, lab results, and physical therapy. Also, the HSA balance is transferrable, allowing you to change jobs without any worries.


With sprouting germs, viruses, and bacteria, health insurance has become a necessity. After all, there is no point existing in constant fear of getting sick and worrying about medical expenses. Affordable health insurance plans allow you to escape these concerns and focus on other crucial things in life. Thus, look for a company that offers a plan that meets your unique need. If you are clueless, have a look above!

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