Our friends over at Killabeez Seedbank has put together a list of their most popular auto-flowering seeds for 2020 to end up a stellar year – for cannabis anyway.

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If you’ve decided to grow your own weed so that you can make sure it’s completely organic never touched by chemical fertilizers or pesticides, this may be the way to go. They’re a little easier to work with than traditional seeds and the buds mature much faster. Plus, you won’t need to buy any timers or figure out how to lightproof your room if you’re an indoor grower.

If you enjoy this abbreviated version of their Top 10 Best New Autos list, be sure to read the whole thing on their blog. Maybe you’ll even pick out a pack or two to try?

  1. Wedding Cheesecake Auto By Fast Buds

Who doesn’t love wedding cake? And cheesecake? If you have a massive sweet tooth, give these fast-paced cannabis seeds a try. They only need 9 weeks to pump out up to 600 gr/m2 of luscious weed with 24% THC. Best of all, Wedding Cheesecake Auto delivers a sensual body buzz that’s as warm and cozy as a big bear hug.

  1. Auto Afghan Mass By 00 Seeds

Afghani was one of the first strains of cannabis that became a global sensation way back in the 70s. If you enjoy classic, old-school herb, this is the one for you. Auto Afghan Mass XXL stays fairly short while producing an XXL yield in about two months. With 17% THC, this Indica-dominant powerhouse can lock you to the couch if you’re not a frequent toker.

  1. Lemon Juice Express Auto By Humboldt Seeds

Pucker up, baby!  Lemon Juice Express Auto has a tart citrus flavor that’s lightened by notes of sweet honey. This is a Jack Herer X Haze cross, making it Sativa-dominant, for a more heady experience than some of the others on the list. However, the THC is a mild 13% so she’s more euphoric high than a psychedelic acid trip.

  1. Auto Sour Melon Mass by Critical Mass Collective

Did someone say ripe canteloupe? That’s exactly what Auto Sour Melon Mass tastes and smells like. Even better, these auto-flowering seeds only need 80 days or less to reach full maturity. You can expect an abundant number of big, terpene-filled flowers that measure in at 20% THC. There’s nothing mild about this one!

  1. Purple Punch Auto by Barney’s Farm

Purple Punch Auto has two claims to fame. The rich purple color and its uncanny ability to thrive in overly wet conditions, resisting the mold and mildew that ruin so many strains right before harvest. This bushy Indica matures in about 60 days and, once cured, tastes like a warm apple pie fresh from the oven. Yum!

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