As temperatures begin to slowly rise, it’s time to start your garden! Gardening is a hobby that many people have come to know and love. The availability of fresh vegetables, fruits or flowers is a primary reason why homeowners decide to begin gardening. Plus, with the pandemic, gardening interests skyrocketed because people didn’t have to leave their homes to purchase fresh produce.

Gardening is an engaging task. It takes a lot of work, from picking the seeds and gathering equipment to harvesting and storing produce. However, it’s so rewarding to watch a vegetable grow from a seed to putting it in your mouth.

Benefits of Organic Gardening

There are so many types of gardening these days. The traditional garden-in-a-plot still takes precedence. Now, though, many city dwellers have been able to grow a few items in their apartment window sills, and urban gardening allows communities to gather together and grow a garden.

Organic gardening is also becoming more popular as awareness increases of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), harmful pesticides and the negativity of traditional industrial farming. Throughout the United States, many gardeners have had success with their organic gardens.

However, if you’re looking for a great community to begin your gardening journey, consider going to one of these seven best places to live to start an organic garden.

1. Orlando, Florida

With a warm climate all year round, close proximity to a beach and the perfect soil to grow an organic garden, Orlando, Florida would be a great place to live if you want to start an organic garden. Although the humidity and heat can make it challenging, with the right seeds and determination, you can make anything grow.

Orlando also has been involved in many community garden initiatives, and the residents have been growing their own gardens and raising their own livestock to change the food system.

2. Burlington, Vermont

You’re probably wondering why the state of Vermont is even on this list with its colder climate and even colder winters. Urban food production in Burlington has been on the rise, though. There are hundreds of community gardens throughout the city.

If you’re just starting out with organic gardening, this might be the place for you. The city offers many resources to teach residents how to grow their own food and connect to other gardeners.

3. Birmingham, Alabama

On average, the temperature in Birmingham, Alabama is just above 60 degrees. It’s not too hot to toil in your garden. You do have to watch for unexpected frosts in the winter months. By early spring, like in April or May, you should be able to start planting almost any vegetable you’d like.

A great resource located in Birmingham is the Jones Valley Teaching Farm, which provides learning opportunities about food for youth, so your children could learn organic farming values as well!

4. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

If you’ve never heard of or been to Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, you’re missing out. Lancaster County is home to an Amish community, and the people in the Amish community grow some of the best produce. They’re a great resource to learn about farming, and you can even be part of organic farmer’s markets to taste some of the best produce.

Pennsylvania gets cold in the winter, but the spring and summer months are perfect for growing an organic garden.

5. Santa Rosa, California

Almost all of California will be a great place to live to start an organic garden. The state has truly taken a lead in organic farming. Santa Rosa, though, has a ton of biodiversity and the opportunity to continue to grow food in environmentally-friendly ways.

Urban farming is essential to Santa Rosa. The entire city works together towards a sustainability goal in their high-quality organic produce production.

6. Columbia, South Carolina

One advantage of living in Columbia, South Carolina is that you can garden outside pretty much all-year-round. Vegetables thrive in this city no matter what time of year it is. Plus, the community focuses on organic gardening thanks to many learning opportunities, like City Roots Organic Farm.

When organic farming is at the heart of a city, you know that it’s a great place to live and start your own organic farm. Additionally, urban agriculture is prevalent in Columbia, which is another aspect of organic farming.

7. Eugene, Oregon

Those residing in Eugene, Oregon love to farm and garden! Many residents grow their own produce right in their front yard and even keep livestock in their backyard. On the weekends, residents enjoy bringing their organically-grown produce to a farmers market to share with the city their fresh vegetables and fruits.

If you move to Eugene, Oregon to start an organic farm, you’ll have a plethora of resources, like stores that sell urban farming supplies. Plus, the city’s land standards allow you to keep animals right in your yard. You’ll have fresh produce and animal products right at your fingertips.

Move Where Organic Gardening Takes You

All throughout the United States, you’ll find cities that love and support organic and sustainable gardening just like you do. The communities where organic gardening thrives are full of people who share ideas and their home-grown products.

The places listed above are great if you’re just getting into organic gardening. With all of the resources available in these places, you’ll have no problem reaching your food sustainability goals.

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