Bioperine: Powerful Synergistic Compound


Bioperine is the trademarked name for a powerful black pepper extract named piperine. This potent natural compound is manufactured by Sabinsa and now commonly found in many supplements such as curcumin, coq10, and resveratrol. Bioperine has been shown to increase the overall bioavailability of these compounds by as much as 20 fold. This remarkable herbal extract is certainly work a review and careful consideration as a must-have ingredient for many other supplements.

What is Bioperine

Bioperine is a standardized form of the piperine extractive found in the fruit of several species of pepper plants. This novel compound is one of several bio-active alkaloids found in these plants, and offers a slew of remarkable health benefits. Most commonly, Bioperine is used in conjunction with other compounds in such a way as to increase the overall bioavailability. Turmeric in particular is popularily taken with bioperine, and research has shown it to be much more easily absorbed when done so. Piperine has also been noted in several animal studies to show the ability to slow the growth rate of cancer, as well as reduce existing cancer size. It is thought to act in a similar way to certain metabolism-boosting dietary changes, and may also help to lose weight.

Standardizations vs. Herbal Supplements

Supplements are very different from regular medicines in that the FDA regulates them as food, rather than pharmaceutical medicines. This is great in allowing potent new compounds like Bioperine to hit the market without years of clinical trials, but this also opens the doors to many more problems. For one, natural compounds can’t be patented, and therefore hold little commercial incentive for companies to fund research on their potential health benefits. When a company creates a novel way of getting natural compounds—extracting piperine from black pepper plants for instance—their are able to patent their process. This offers a similar overall effect, and allows these manufacturers to control a good share of the market.

When supplement companies source their ingredients, they can elect to make their own extractions from raw materials—or they can order the patented versions from manufactureers like Sabinsa. While this may seem alarming to some, it actually provides researchers and consumers a more predictable experience. Manufacturers of standardized compounds are also incentivized to fund clinical research for the compounds covered by their patented process. When researching compounds such as piperine, especially for the potential health benefits, it’s important to know the compounds being tested offer a similar degree of efficacy. These standardized ingredients can also help consumers (you) know what to expect from your supplements as well. The commercial processes that go into making a standardized ingredient result in a very homogeneous supplement that will perform the same for you over and over again.

Health Benefits of BioPerine

Many of the notable health benefits associated with piperine compounds are often regarded as being co-efficacious with whatever compound they paired with. Piperine has known to affect the activity of a protein named P-Glycoprotein. This protein is directly responsible for helping regulate the permeability of the blood-brain barrier, thus regulating the affect of compounds like drugs and supplements. BioPerine is commonly seen added to Curcumin supplements to help make their known anti-inflammatory actions more pronounced. In animal studies BioPerine has been shown to increase the bioavailability of Curcumin by as much as 2000% 1. The modulation of P-Glycoprotein isn’t the only manner in which piperine compounds are thought to work. ‘Hot’ compounds like peppers that contain capsacin are able to increase your body’s thermogenic activity, similar to as if you were eating a meal. Thermogenic activity is the term used to describe the heat your body puts off when exerting energy during processes like exercise of digestion.

Thermogenesis is also intimately entwined with your body’s absorption of nutrients

BioPerine and other piperine compounds are thought to be caloric mimetic, in that they can illicit metabolic actions similar to that of digesting food. In more animal studies, Piperine has been noted as causing a 20% reduction in overall weight with no other dietary changes made. Thermogenesis is also intimately entwined with your body’s absorption of nutrients, and compounds such as piperine that are known to increase it are also thought to increase nutrient absorption as well. In addition to greater nutrient absorption and fat loss, piperine compounds such as BioPerine have shown strong anticancer action in animal studies. Animal studies have noted this in both prostate cancer 2 as well as lung cancers like melanoma 3 More research is certainly needed before any celebration, but it seems black pepper extracts like piperine as able to offer powerful benefit.

BioPerine Containing Supplements

Standardized ingredients offer easy access to supplement distributors to help ensure their products contain the most potent form of ingredients possible. Adherence to quality is one of the most important factors to look for in a quality supplement brand. Under the FDA’s regulation of supplements, a standardized  formulation of black pepper extract could be made from common table pepper and sold as a piperine extract. This would likely do little more than make you sneeze, but many supplement companies have no moral qualm about making a quick buck at your expense. Standardized compounds like BioPerine offer a degree of certainty within the supplement industry that isn’t guaranteed under current regulatory conditions. These compounds are becoming more common as quality supplements are in more demand. Below you’ll find a list of some of our favorite supplements that have BioPerine added as a means of increasing their overall benefit.

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Final Considerations

BioPerine is a standardize form of the black pepper extract piperine. It offers a well-controlled means of sourcing a very potent compound for supplement distributors. It’s remarkable ability to enhance the bioavailability of beneficial compounds like resveratrol, curcumin, and coenzyme Q10 have made it a popular addition to many supplements lately. Buying supplements with the patented BioPerine form of piperine can help you further ensure that your product is of the highest and most consistent quality available. Nevertheless, you should still always ensure you are buying from trusted supplement manufacturers such as the ones listed above. Check out our list of reputable supplement brands to get a better idea of which companies offer the best products. Overall, BioPerine is a potent form of black pepper extract, and is the most-researched form of the piperine compound. It still needs more research to further solidify it’s role as a must-have for many natural healing compounds.

Bioperine is a potent black pepper extract capable of increasing the bioavailability of many other compounds such as turmeric and resveratrol. This trademarked form of piperine is produced under a carefully regulated process and is known to provide reliable quality and potency.
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