Biotics Research Best Supplement Brands Review

Biotics Research is a stellar example of what one should expect from a pharmaceutical grade supplements manufacturer. They are regarded by many health professionals as delivering high quality supplements free of toxins and formulated for maximum potency. Biotics Research manufacturers all of their own products within their own laboratories, and is constantly improving their formulations through research-driven innovation.

Doctor Trusted Supplements

Biotics Research employs a highly-specialized quality assurance team to perform rigorous testing—making use of sophisticated analysis technologies such as high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). This testing is conducted on all incoming raw material, during manufacture, and also on finished products before they are released for sale. Biotics Research’s supplement manufacturing facilities are cGMP certified, and considered by many to be be a model for stringent quality control. This focus on quality control helps them assure doctors that they won’t be prescribing toxin-laden products to their patients. Biotics Research goes so far beyond the scope of regular supplement brands to ensure quality—it’s not practical to compare them.

Research Driven Formulations

Supplements represent a very wild frontier of medicine in the United States. On one hand, it’a amazing that we are fortunate to have such easy access to natural healing compounds. On the other; it’s hard to know which supplements might do more harm than good. The FDA regulates supplements within a bit of a grey area, and they are technically considered food items. This means that through the use of ‘proprietary’ formulas, ‘natural’ flavors, and lack of pre-market clinical testing—these products can cause serious harm before anyone starts to notice. Biotics Research has a long history of driving the standard of quality control within the supplement market. Rather than tossing some cheap herbs into a jar and call it a ‘synergistic’ blend, Biotics Research devotes serious resources to adding to the current body of literature for supplements. Most companies simply go by the data collected and reported by other entities during their development process—Biotics Research creates the data from their own research endeavors.

The Biotics Research process isn’t just some wild PR stunt, and is evident in every product they sell. In addition to the tight grasp they place on quality control during the manufacturing process, they exert as much effort controlling product quality in the market. There are Biotics Research products floating around on retailers such as Amazon, though they aren’t officially sanctioned. While Amazon can be a great place to buy supplements, Biotics Research isn’t a brand you want to buy there. They sell through authorized retailers only, such as the Professional Supplement Center. Limiting their sales to authorized retailers and licensed physicians helps to ensure their carefully-formulated supplements are still within peak ranges of potency when they reach your hands. Biotics Research loses out on a lot of money by taking this route, but it’s an admirable means of controlling the quality of their supplements.

Potent Supplement Formulations

Biotics Research has an extensive product catalog which features unique and powerful combinations of compounds capable of offering serious health benefits. Among the most-popular of these products is the PheniTropic—which contains a powerful GABA derivative known as Phenibut. This is one of the most powerful Nootropic compounds, and known for it’s marked ability to help treat anxiety naturally. Biotics Research is one of the few supplement brands which offer this unique product, and very likely offers the highest quality version on the market. Another excellent example of a quality Biotics Research product is their Neuro-5-HTP Plus. This product is formulated to help the body produce a more adequate supply of serotonin, one of the most abundant neurotransmitters. 5-HTP is also thought help in the body’s digestive processes, helping to maintain healthy Microvilli [1.]. To ensure their 5HTP product is completely bio-available, Biotics Research has included Niacin and Vitamin B6 to help with absorption, as well as Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and Catalase to help with enzymatic breakdown [2.]. These supplements are both excellent examples of why Biotics Research is considered to be one of the best supplement brands available on the market.

Popular Biotics Research Supplements

Final Considerations

Biotics Research is a supplement brand that drives the high-water line of the quality we should expect from a manufacturer. They devote themselves to pioneering research into the better understanding the efficacy of natural compounds. Their products are trusted by health professionals around the world to deliver potent and predictable treatments to their patients. Supplements such as PheniTropic and Neuro 5-HTP Plus are great examples of the ingenuity that goes into the formulation of Biotics Research supplements. They maintain a tight level of quality control over the sources where you can buy their products, and Amazon isn’t one of them. Online retailers like the Professional Supplement center offer Biotics Research supplements that are guaranteed to be fresh and still have their maximum potency. If you’re looking for a supplement brand that will help ensure you’re getting the most benefit possible from your products—Biotics Research may be the brand for you!

Biotics Research Best Supplement Brands Review
Biotics Research
Biotics Research is an exceptionally trustworthy company, which produces supplements that set the bar for quality and purity. They produce all products in cGMP facilities, exceed FDA regulations, label EVERY ingredient, have a great quality assurance system, and offer very specialized synergistic formulations. Biotics Research is a 'Doctor-Trusted' Brand, and is only sold online and by licensed healthcare practitioners.
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