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We talk a lot about health on the OrganicNewsroom but it’s almost always in the context of human health. Our beloved pets benefit from health care considerations too. Quality and conditions of drinking water is an aspect of pet health that often goes overlooked. Here we’ll consider the benefits of cat water fountains both in the context of how they help keep their water clean and provide access in a hydration-promoting manner.


Stagnant water collects bacteria, viruses, and parasites, and many other types of potentially harmful organisms. Mounds of research have helped elucidate these facts throughout the years. Despite this, feeding your cat drinking water in a bowl is not necessarily unsafe.

Cat Drinking from Water Fountain

Benefits of Cat Water Fountains

If bowls are adequately washed and the water is replaced frequently, your cat can live a long, healthy life. But if you’re concerned about your kitty’s health, it’s probably time you invested in a water fountain for cats. There are many benefits of cat water fountains but, chief among them is their ability to keep water circulating and avoiding stagnation.

Many Cats Prefer Running Water

Historically, cats prefer to drink water from running sources over stagnant reservoirs. Experts claim cats developed this behavior as they evolved years before humans adopted them as pets. Running water is also safe. And as you know, cats have a way of identifying healthy from unhealthy food and drinks.

If you’ve seen your kitty dashing near your home faucets when you open them, it’s because they love running water too. Of course, many cats are okay with drinking from bowls. But if your pet loves running water, invest in a cat fountain.

Fresh Water

If you’re like most people, you only drink clean water. Unsurprisingly, cats don’t like stale drinks as well. If the water doesn’t look garden-fresh, most of them walk past their bowls. And since kitties get a substantial amount of liquids from their food, they can stay for days without taking water.

But like all mammals, cats need water to stay healthy. A modern, battery operated cat water fountain can motivate your kitties to drink water frequently. The fountains discharge water continuously or when your cat goes near them, which helps save their battery charge.

Fountains are Hygienic

As we mentioned above, your pet’s bowls can remain hygienic if cleaned frequently. But if you have toddlers and playful kitties, ensuring feeding dishes are sanitary at all times can be a tad bit challenging.

Pet fountains relieve you of the hassles of cleaning bowls daily. Although they also require occasional cleaning, fountains are easier to sterilize. They also stay germ-free for longer compared to pots.

Undeniably, not all fountains are worth buying. Purchase high-quality fountains with low maintenance so that they stay sanitary long without frequent maintenance.

Cools your Room

By purchasing a water fountain for your cat, you not only help your cat drink water more hygienically but you also benefit your family. The following water from pet fountains cools the air inside your house, making it more habitable for both your kitty and family.

Pet fountains certainly can’t cool air as efficiently as standard air conditioners. But on a low scale, the small devices help improve the quality of the air you breathe.

Aesthetic Appeal

Modern pet fountains come in a wide range of stunning designs. They look simple. Water flows from a top-level reservoir into a bowl-like structure where your pet drinks. Despite this, the devices look beautiful.

Even if you may only have one fountain, it can add an aura of style in your home. You can place it in your living room to add aesthetics or install it where your cat loves to stay. Regardless, modern water fountains are relatively good-looking.


With a pet fountain in your house, you’ll never need to worry about your cat not wanting to drink water. You’ll do cleaning less frequently, and your cat will be able to drink water on a sanitary platform at all times. What’s more, pet fountains have carbon filters that remove odors from the water to keep it fresh.

cat at water fountain

How to Purchase the Right Cat Water Fountain

If you decide to purchase a water fountain for your cat, only pick the best device. Preferably, choose something other pet owners have tried and loved. Below is a quick guide on what to check when purchasing a fountain.

Basin Sizes

Pet fountains come in numerous sizes, so you can conveniently pick a size that will suit the number of cats in your home. A standard sized spout accommodates 2.5 liters of water, which is enough for two or more cats. If you have numerous cats, consider buying multiple fountains or picking a large device.


Most fountains are made of porcelain, plastics, and stainless steel. If you want something lightweight, pick a BPA-free plastic-made fountain. BPA is a potentially harmful chemical to cats and humans; avoid it when purchasing plastic devices.

Steel lasts the longest, but it’s heavier and can be expensive. Porcelain, on the other hand, is prone to breaking if dropped drastically. But since it’s the most wildly used material among top-quality fountains, find a way to use it without breaking the fountain.

Water Streams

Some fountain a raised pipe that pours water in all directions like a conventional water fountain. Most of them are visually impressive and freshen air efficiently.

Nevertheless, you can choose a device that pours water from a higher placed reservoir to a lower one in a single direction. These devices are larger and hold more water, but they’re also more expensive.

Filtration Systems

As we mentioned above, the best fountains feature filters that remove odors and small particles from water. This helps improve the quality of water your kitties drink, while also keeping it fresh for longer. Choose a fountain with a carbon filter for removing odors and an additional filter to eliminating hair, dirt, and pollen.


Cat fountains are relatively inexpensive. They cost from $10 to $50. Despite this, find the device that offers you the best value for money. If you must pay more, pick a device that’s ultra-quiet, holds more water and displays LED at night.

To Conclude

Cats source most of the water from food. But if you mostly feed your cat dry food, your cat will need water. The right fountain can motivate your cat to drink water. It could improve your home’s aesthetic and cool it a little bit more. However, the main reason you should purchase a cat fountain is to help your pets drink water from hygienic sources. Use the tips shared above to pick the right device and always try to imagine life from the perspective of your pet!

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