People usually think of vaping as a recreational activity. While vaping might be a cult among youth, there is undoubtedly more to it. Traditional methods of healing consider vaping as an effective method of treatment. Precisely, to deliver herbal tinctures and extracts. Unlike oral administrations, vaping is quick to reach your system and provides immediate results.

CBD enthusiasts who seek immediate results thus may prefer vaping over any other method. Over the years, CBD has gained popularity as a natural solution to many ailments. Moreso, people find it particularly useful in dealing with everyday conditions like stress, anxiety, pain, and fatigue.


As millions of users, if you are ready to jump on the CBD vaping bandwagon, there are a few things you must know. This comprehensive guide aims at explaining the nit grits of CBD vaping. Read on to find critical information on choosing the right liquid, concentration, dosage, and side effects.

CBD Vaping Oil – How It is Different From CBD Oil?

More often, users confuse CBD vape oil for CBD oil. There are some crucial differences between the two products, and it is essential to know about them before picking a product. CBD oil can be a pure product derived from hemp.

It contains a raw concentrate of the cannabis plant, useful for consuming orally, such as sublingual drops or tincture. CBD oil is too dense to suit the vaping gear, so it is not suitable for vaping. However, CBD vape juice is a chemical preparation to serve vaping needs. They may contain certain additives apart from CBD, making them appropriate for your vape pens or mods.

Basic Choices to Look Out For


When you decide to vape CBD, the first choice is to choose between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD. Based on the usage, you may pick.

Full-spectrum CBD vape liquids

They contain the complete profile of cannabinoids, THC, terpenes, and various other compounds in the cannabis plant. It is the best choice for broad applications and health benefits as it contains traces of THC levels. Compared to the other varieties, full-spectrum CBD delivers an entourage effect. As cannabis components work best in unison, they help elevate each other’s influence to offer you more significant health benefits.

Broad-spectrum CBD vape liquids

They contain all cannabinoids and terpenes except for THC. It can be an excellent choice for those looking to avoid THC altogether.  It also shows some entourage effect but would not get you high.

CBD isolate vape liquids

It lacks other beneficial compounds of the cannabis plant and only contains pure CBD. It can work great for focussed medications or patients who are allergic to cannabinoids or terpenes. Perhaps, it may deliver only converged benefit possible from CBD. It lacks any flavor or aroma, unlike the other two categories.

Choosing a category based on your needs can help you narrow down on choices available on the market.

How To Find The Right Concentration?

You may find CBD vape liquids with varying levels of CBD concentrations. Again, the use and purpose of CBD can help you determine the right product for you. Dosage is another factor you must keep in mind. A typical CBD vape product with 100mg CBD may roughly deliver 1-2 mg of CBD per draw.

It is standard dosage for novice users and mostly the right place to start. Vaping involves a learning curve where you may slowly increase your dosage. Decide levels based on your physiology or what an expert recommends. Lock in the dosage levels when you begin to observe desired results. Remember to access the concentration per draw before you start your vaping journey.

Picking Your Right Gear

vaping refill

CBD vape liquid pairs well with the right vaping gear. If you put it in a device with a large tank, the juice is most likely to seep out through the air holes. Not only will it waste your product, but it can make vaping experience rough. So you may want to pick a starter kit with a small coil or pod device for an effortless experience.

How To Assess Quality

The sudden surge of CBD products in the market makes it challenging to look for the best alternative. Most CBD product packaging looks similar, and the product itself lacks any distinct differentiation point. Some CBD vape juices come tainted with chemicals, additives, and vitamin oil, which leave the customers in doubt, especially if you are to experience it for the first time. So when it comes to choosing a brand, pick authorized vendors. Always seek certification and third party lab-test reports to ensure safety.

Is There Any Side Effect Of Vaping CBD?

CBD usually interacts with the receptors in your endocannabinoid system to initiate regulatory effects. However, the drug receptors in your brain act differently. Although there are numerous benefits of using CBD, there are some side effects too.

One could experience mild symptoms, such as altered heart rate, dry mouth, lower blood pressure, nausea, etc., after using CBD. However, these side effects are not severe and won’t last long.

If you experience continuous discomfort, it could be due to unwanted chemicals and addons in your vaping liquid. Therefore, it becomes essential to source it from reliable vendors.

The Bottom Line

The source of your CBD is essential to determine its legal standpoint. While hemp-derived CBD contains a higher concentration of CBD, marijuana-derived vaping liquids may have traces of THC. Be sure to check THC concentration, which might influence the legal status at the federal level.

CBD vaping by far is a sought-after technique that increases its bio-availability and offers quick results. You may start experiencing its effects after a few draws. If you already love CBD, vaping can further enhance your experience. Most of the users find it enjoyable and relaxing, thus multiplying its overall potency in relieving stress.

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