Over the past few years, CBD products have emerged as a popular solution among people looking to find relief for various health conditions. Its users have touted it as a cure for chronic pains, anxiety, epilepsy, addiction, blood pressure, sleeping disorder, and a lot more.

So, no wonder you can find it literally everywhere — from online stores, dispensaries, gas stations to bars, you can find different CBD products from anywhere if you want to give it a try.


People are talking about it, trying and recommending it like anything. But if you think CBD is just for adults, you need to think again. Despite popular perception, CBD isn’t just for adults or elder people, parents are also increasingly giving it to kids for various reasons, like to help them sleep better, calm, relieve anxiety, etc. But before you also think of giving your kids CBD oil or other related products, it is better to know a few things to clear any doubts and stay at a safer end.

CBD Doesn’t Induce High Feelings

Just like adults, CBD doesn’t cause high feelings in kids as well. CBD works differently than THC, a compound in marijuana responsible for causing high feelings. Where THC reacts with high-causing receptors of the brain, CBD on the other hand reacts with different receptors in the endocrine system that promote wellness and good health. There are no cases reported of CBD causing any high feelings irrespective of age and gender. So, be rest assured that CBD will not make your kids high at all and you can try it without any such fear.

The Difference in the Quality

Like any other type of product in the market, all CBD products are not the same. The quality of the CBD product varies depending on the type of plants used, the process of production, other ingredients added, quality assurance measures, etc.

So, before you buy CBD oil for your kids, you should be sure that you are buying the right and high-quality product manufactured to treat the particular type of health condition you are looking to address. Instead of falling for dirt cheap products, check different criteria of quality CBD products, like a certificate of analysis (CoA), packaging, ingredients, etc., before buying them.

Right Amount of Dose

How much CBD should you give to your children? It’s hard to answer this question because some products don’t have the exact amount of CBD as mentioned on the label. Some have less amount while others have more amount than advertised. So, if you are concerned about questions like how much CBD is good for your children, then you should carefully choose the product and only buy from reliable manufacturers that sell what they say they have.

Be Careful of Additive Ingredients

Remember that CBD products don’t contain only CBD. They also have additive ingredients called terpenes to add flavor and boost the benefits of the CBD product. These terpenes might be harmful to your children if they react with the ingredients of the other prescribed medication.

That’s why it’s very important to check the certificate of analysis or COA that tells about the quality of the CBD used, amount of CBD and THC, and the types of other ingredients added. So, be sure what the product contains before giving it to your kids.

Different Forms of CBD

There are various CBD products in the market that you can give to your children. From CBD oil, gummies, chocolates, to patches, you have different options to choose as a source of CBD. But every product might not go well with your kids’ preference. So, choose whatever CBD source you think will suit your child’s taste, way of consumption, etc.

Despite the growing popularity of CBD products, it is still under review and trials. So, there is a huge space to explore the benefits, side effects, and a lot more of this product. If you are thinking of giving CBD products to your kids, it is better that you consult their health specialists before getting a hand on such products. But one thing we know for sure: these products will not make your kids high!

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