Stressing yourself out to get a better night’s sleep? According to research, 19.2% of USA citizens suffer from insomnia. And we all know that stress and anxiety are significant reasons for disrupted sleep patterns. Many claims suggest that CBD can relax you and relieve your stress, let’s get straight to finding out if CBD really relieves your stress and help you to sleep better.

CBD, anxiety, and sleep.

A study from France suggests that anxiety is a significant cause of insomnia in adults. Another analysis suggests that CBD may help to treat anxiety in adults.

These studies suggested that inhaled CBD was more effective in the extinction of fearful and anxious memories, finally treating the anxiety for good.

Both of the above studies are interlinked and work simultaneously to help us understand the use of CBD for treating anxiety, closely followed by sleeplessness. Once CBD successfully addresses anxiety, improved sleep quality is likely to follow.

Other factors affecting your sleep

There are many unwanted factors apart from anxiety that results in sleep loss. CBD may treat them too. Here’s a list of those factors, and what CBD may or may not do with them:


For patients of chronic diseases, pain is the prime reason that deprives them of their sleep. A recent study conducted by a trio of Spain, USA, and Serbia suggests that CBD has excellent efficacy to reduce pain.

As per the findings, even a low dose of 2.5 mg can help patients with inflammatory and chronic pain. Vaporized CBD works best for neuropathic pain related to spinal cord injuries and diseases.


Hypertension is directly linked with high stress, closely followed by anxiety disorders.

Research backs the fact that even a single dose of minimal CBD oil can reduce high blood pressure. When the phytocannabinoid successfully takes control of your BP level, it can quickly terminate anxiety. It may help you have a good night’s sleep.

Also, CBD reduces cardiovascular risks by eliminating high blood pressure and abrupt anxiety disorders.

Getting Started With CBD

If you are suffering from prolonged anxiety, that is now affecting your sleep regime, then CBD may help you. For starters, consider the following tips to avoid any unpleasant situations:

Start Small

When you decide to ingest CBD for medicinal purposes, always start with the minimal dose possible. If you are skeptical of which way to consume your CBD products then we suggest you start with gummies. Check out Herbonaut’s list of highly-rated CBD gummies to get an idea of available options.

Increase gradually

After you set your feet tight in the CBD’s medicinal properties, you will definitely want to increase the doses to do some more good. Yes, you can do that. But don’t increase your CBD doses by yourself. Take your doctor’s advice in gradually increasing your routine dosage. One good thing about taking CBD is that it’s much safer than the regular sleeping pills that have adverse effects on your body.

Know the difference

Many first-timers are worried that CBD oil will get them high and make them an addict—this is not the case. The WHO has already waived a green flag to hemp-derived CBD oil for not being addictive. Also, the cannabis plant has more than 100 cannabinoids in it. Among those, two are the most popular ones – CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

THC is the primary psychoactive agent, while CBD is not. So, if you use pure CBD isolate or CBD oil, then it can work as a fantastic sleep aid for you.

And if your CBD products have less than 0.3% THC, then there’s no chance that it will get you high.


In most of the states (47 out of 50) of the USA, hemp-derived CBD is legal for recreational and medicinal purposes. So you won’t be in trouble if you are walking around with your therapeutic sleep aid. However, make sure that you don’t carry your CBD products to the states where it’s still under a ban – Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

How can you take CBD for better sleep?

Most people think that CBD can only be used via vaping, which is wrong. Vaping is just one method of many to use your CBD oil or any other CBD products. Although vaping is known for acting up fast in your system than any other incorporating systems. Here are some other alternatives to vaping:

Full-Spectrum Oils and Tinctures

If you want to ingest CBD in its purest form, then this is a go-to for you. Having your CBD in the form of full-spectrum oil is one of the organic ways of taking excellent medicinal aid. You have to take drops of the oil, as prescribed by the physician.

Gums, Mints, and Toffees.

This one is for gum lovers. The method of taking CBD edibles is becoming increasingly popular. CBD edibles are great alternatives if your physician advises you against vaping. Although this method takes more time than any other way, as the gummies, mints, or other gums pass through the digestive system, it can be much more convenient.

Sprays and Pills

If you are a diet person and are always concerned about your calorie intake, then you will be skipping the gummies part of taking CBD. In that case, you can have CBD pills, spray, and other capsules. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of CBD without even straining your calorie intake through gummies. Also, having sublingual CBD is more effective than having edible CBD. We suggest you check out the reviews when shopping for CBD online.


Yes, CBD can help you sleep better, but there are other ways that it might affect your health. The phytocannabinoid doesn’t directly react to your sleep out of nothing. Instead, what it can do is treat the reasons that might be affecting your sleep routine and causing insomnia.

All the studies mentioned above suggest that CBD can effectively address pain, anxiety, and hypertension. In light of these facts, we can safely say that CBD may treat your insomnia by treating these factors.

Caution: Before you decide on buying some good quality CBD as a sleep aid, please concern your doctor about all the medical factors. Take professional advice before starting any doses.


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