CDP Choline: Long-Lasting Source of Bioavailable Choline

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CDP Choline is a Nootropic compound used by many as a highly-bioactive form of Choline—known to provide many cognitive benefits. CDP Choline is a common name for the chemical Cytidine Diphosphosholine and is also referred to sometimes as Citicoline. This compound is considered to be a dietary ingredient by the FDA, and CDP Choline supplements are available for purchase online and in some retailer stores. CDP Choline contains a lower amount of actual choline than other choline supplements, but is a prodrug for both Choline and Uridine.

CDP Choline Benefits

CDP Choline is one of many Choline compounds, considered to be Cholinergic, which are capable of affecting your brains acetylcholine levels. Acetylcholine is the one of the primary neurotransmitters involved in quick, rapid synaptic firing. This type of cognitive function is most commonly associated with new learning, memory formation, and complex problem solving. CDP Choline is known to provide many neuroprotective benefits as well, and has been shown to have the ability to help recover from strokes1.

Overuse of choline supplements or even too much dietary choline intake is known to cause depression-like symptoms of low energy and dulled cognitive performance

The ability of CDP Choline to readily be converted into Uridine, another Nootropic compound, leads many Nootropic enthusiasts to prefer it to other Choline sources. CDP Choline is water soluble, and able to be effectively taken with a meal or on an empty stomach. This versatility allows CDP Choline to be useful in many numbers of potential health-benefiting capacities. For instance, it seems that choline is able to drastically-reduce the severity and incidence of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), and the supplementation of choline in NAFLD patients has been shown to reverse fatty buildups 2. Research has shown a strong correlation between diets low in choline and the development of NAFLD. One notable exception is in post-menopausal women which are sometimes able to more efficiently utilize dietary choline.

CDP Choline Dosage

Nootropic compounds such as CDP Choline are unfortunately all suffering from a lack of clinical evidence taking place in humans. Much of the doses used in clinical settings are regarded as heavy doses, and could cause some side effects. The typical range for CDP Choline is within the 500-2000mg range within a 24 hour window. Typically, this would be done in divided doses, such as 500mg in the morning and another 500mg at night. Each individual will respond differently to Choline compounds, including CDP Choline, and it’s important to understand how you may react to smaller doses before you try larger doses. CDP Choline and Choline are used to help facilitate the use of acetylcholine siphoning effects of Nootropics such as Aniracetam, Piracetam, or Oxiracetam. CDP Choline has a half life somewhere between 55-75 hours 3, which means that accumulation may be an issue for some. If you begin to experience any unwanted side effects when taking CDP Choline, it’s advised that you consider staggering your doses between multiple days.

CDP Choline Side Effects

As there isn’t as profound an amount of clinical data on the effects of CDP Choline as there are many other supplements, much of its potential side effects are from anecdotal accounts. Overuse of choline supplements or even too much dietary choline intake is known to cause depression-like symptoms of low energy and dulled cognitive performance. There is much debate on the potential for CDP Choline to cause issues in those on ketogenic diets, with some claiming that the increased presence of choline can actually block ketosis. While there is some evidence shown in animal studies to support this notion, it ultimately seems to be a bit of a stretch. One particularly enlightening study found that orally-administered CDP Choline affect the humans differently than they do mice, as used by other researchers 4. With data as sparse as it is, if you are on a ketogenic diet you should closely monitor yourself for changes when using choline supplements. That same study also found that serum levels of CDP Choline are ultimately un-affected after doses of 2000mg or more. The duration of effects seen are prolonged, but overall levels are not increased.CDP Choline vs Alpha GPC.

Every person will respond differently to different forms of Choline compounds

As mentioned before, CDP Choline affords less choline by weight than Alpha GPC, but also supplies Uridine—also known to provide cognitive enhancing action. Alpha GPC has been known to exhibit the ability to stimulate Growth Hormone production, as well as increase overall strength in weight lifting exercise. While these two compounds are different in chemical structure and weight, it seems that the only notable differences are if you don’t respond well to one you might respond well to the other. Alpha GPC seems to be overall the more popular of the two, and seems to offer the ability to avoid depressive states associated with long term use or over accumulation of Choline compounds. Every person will respond differently to different forms of Choline compounds, and to be sure which one might offer the most benefits to you it’s useful to try several. As with many other compounds utilized for their Nootropic effects, starting small and working up with your dosages can help reduce the initial presentation of any unwanted side effects.

CDP Choline Supplements

CDP Choline supplements are readily available for purchase from practitioner supplement brands, and are also available from some consumer brands such as Jarrow Formulas. Considering a choline supplement such as CDP Choline may be a good idea if you feel you aren’t getting enough dietary choline. Foods like meats, eggs, fish, and nuts are all high in choline compared to other foods, but a large amount is still required to meet advisable daily intakes of choline. Eggs are likely the best option for approaching choline balancing from the dietary perspective. When considering a CDP choline supplement, there are two important factors to consider above most others. One; make sure you are getting your products from a trusted supplement manufacturer and two; keep in mind that the half-life of CDP Choline is nearly 60 hours—meaning a daily dose may be overkill. This supplement is ideal during periods in which you feel you might not have adequate access to dietary choline, or are using acetylcholine-burning compounds such as Racetams. These types of Nootropic compounds can quickly burn through your body’s natural supply of choline, which may bring on headaches and other types of mental and physical discomfort. CDP Choline is often sold as the patented Cognizin formula produced by Kyowa 5. This is a Cytidine 5-Di Phosphate Choline form of the compound that is produced through a patented Kyowa process. Supplements containing this compound are typically of high quality, since the sourcing and manufacturing of ingredients is tightly controlled.

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Final Considerations

CDP Choline is a dense source of bio-available choline that can help support many of your body’s natural processes. Choline itself is considered to be a vital nutrient, through recommended daily allowances are difficult to meet sometimes through diet alone. This compound has a significantly larger-than-average half-life compared to other Choline compounds, which is important to keep in mind when considering proper dosage. Choline compounds such as CDP Choline offer powerful support when added to Nootropic stacks containing such compounds as Racetams. There aren’t too many CDP Choline products for sale from trustworthy sources, though Jarrow Formulas offers a decent consumer-level product. Choline supplements can be valuable allies in the fight to help promote long-term brain health. Their foundational integration in neural cells and others alike make them a vital part of any health or nutrition plan.

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CDP Choline
CDP Choline is a highly-bioavailable form of choline that can help maintain adequate levels of choline in the body. It's long half-life makes it an ideal candidate for intermittent use with acetylcholine sparking Nootropics like racetams.
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