In our daily lives, we are often too busy to think about irrelevant things. However, over the years, people have started getting interested in their ancestral origin. People want to know about their genes more and that is possible with the help of websites like Ancestry.

Testing kits can be expensive, but the growing popularity has made many of these types of DNA test kits much more affordable. Plus, check for the discounts here and you can save as much as $100 discounts on certain DNA services like

In this article, we will be talking about the best offers and discounts that a person can avail of on DNA tests. This will be a curated list of offers from all the DNA test giants.

Free Trials on DNA Test Websites

At this moment all the major websites like Archives, Ancestry, My Genealogy, etc. are providing a free trial for all its new users. The free trial from Archives includes unwarranted access to billions of genealogy records, tracing of the family tree for the efficient tracing of ancestors, and 14-day access to unlimited search. After the completion of the free trial, customers can choose to continue services for $9.99 every month or walkout from the free trial itself.

The free trials are an efficient way of checking the way these sites actually function and if you are actually interested in getting to know about your ancestral origin. Similar features are provided by free trials from Ancestry DNA,, etc. websites that you must check out before opting for subscription plans.

Finding Membership Discounts

Now that you have made up your mind, it is time that you actually pay up for a premium service because we all know what happens when any free service gets overused. It is the same case with DNA tests and their service providers.

With the help of membership plans from Ancestry,, etc. users can find their DNA tests at much more economical prices. For example, there is a maximum discount of $100 on Ancestry Membership plans which includes a $100 discount for All Access, a $90 discount on the World explorer plan, and a $50 discount on the US Discovery plan.

Ancestry users who happen to be AARP members can save up to a 30% discount on their membership fees. This would allow them to access World-Explorer and All-Access membership free for the first year. On renewing this plan, users are eligible for a $100 discount on membership plans from Ancestry.

DNA Kits Under $100

The world is going through a full-fledged pandemic and times have become fairly unsure. Due to this reason, if you are looking for finding accurate information regarding your ancestral origin, you can avail of your personalized DNA kits from Ancestry, Archives,, etc.

These DNA test kits contain several items like potential DNA matches, origins report, and historical and geographical insights. These Ancestry DNA kits can be availed for a special price of $99 through their website. Customers can also order DNA test kits from Archives which are more or less rebranded Ancestry DNA test kits and hence they are available at the same price of $99.

One can also find a My Heritage DNA test kit for as low as $59 during sales that is shipped with a free subscription plan. DNA test kits give you the freedom to test your family heritage remotely from anywhere after you have uploaded the results on their internet database. The results are credible and citation-worthy.

Other websites like provide a third-party DNA test tool kit that is delivered to interested people. The results can vary as the obtained information is dependent upon third-party tools.

Check for Discounts + Coupons Before Buying

Just like conventional shopping, while shopping for DNA tests, it is important that you check out coupons and offer websites. where you can find suitable Ancestry coupons to apply on these websites.

Users can save huge amounts while purchasing their DNA test kits, membership plans, family tree, archive records, genetic origins, etc. Coupon websites are the most efficient way of availing DNA tests at affordable prices along with complimentary gifts like Sacramental records or Geographical insights from a definite period.


Finding one’s family history and ancestral origin can be a straight walk into the past. Moreover, it is one of the few guaranteed methods to visit someone’s legal history through proper records and evident data. DNA testing kits have become more affordable than ever before and, if one is willing to shop around, there are very affordable options.

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