A Colon Cleanse has been used throughout time to help boost our natural detoxifying systems. It helps to remove toxins from the digestive tract and can help clear out stool that is stuck. Biofilms, bacteria, and other fungal species like Candida love to attach to compacted fecal matter in the colon and may cause problem if allowed to linger. Colon hydrotherapy is a way to help support the natural elimination process and maintain proper colon health.

Colon Cleanse 101: Understanding the Basics

Colon cleanses, also known by the clinical term Colonic Hydrotherapy, are a therapeutic approach to help alleviate this type of situation. By using water and only the force of gravity, you can help dislodge waste from the intestines which often provides a lessening of a chemical burden. There are many benefits to having a colon cleanse, and many types of cleanses can be done safely at home. Colon cleanses come in many different varieties, all best suited for different goals. The most basic colon cleanse can be completed by using supplements for constipation. Other forms involve the use of basic types of equipment, such as colon hydrotherapy. Some of these methods such as enemas can be done safely at home, while other more powerful methods are done by colon hydrotherapy specialists.

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When Are Colon Cleanses Necessary

Colonic hydrotherapy is used often by people as a regular form of maintenance care. It can be done seasonally or even monthly, and is often combined with fasting diets. Many others look to colon cleanses as a means to supplement a more robust detoxifying protocol, such as a Candida cleanse or parasite treatment. You colon has billions upon billions of natural bacteria such as Lactobacillus Acidophillus which help protect from disease and aid in digestion. These bacteria do a pretty good job at processing the loads of material they come into contact with, but modern diets can be a real trick.

A lack of consistent bowel movements can cause toxins and harmful compounds to build up in the colon

For those suffering from constipation or irritable bowel syndrome, a lack of consistent bowel movements can cause toxins and harmful compounds to build up in the colon. While regular bowel movements vary between individuals, the bare minimum is generally regarded as one per day. If you are having less than one bowel movement per day, then you may want to consider a colon cleanse. Symptoms such as chronic fatigue syndrome, stomach pains, constipation, allergies, and even food sensitivities can all be traced back to poor digestive health. If you are experiencing these types of symptoms, or especially if you are experiencing symptoms that seem to fluctuate throughout the day—a colon cleanse may benefit you.

What Are Colon Cleanses

The colon is the last part of the digestive tract before your waste meets water. It’s attached to the end of your small intestine, and sits within your abdomen in an upside-down ‘U’ shape. It’s separated into three parts, the ascending colon, traverse, and descending colon. These three parts aren’t separated by anything more than a ‘bend’, but doctors often inspect different parts to better round out their diagnosis. The most-basic form of colon cleanse would be to simply induce a bowel movement by taking laxatives. In most cases, this forces the body to draw in an excess amount of water into the colon which produces pressure and causes a bowel movement. Another type of colon cleanse, often called an enema, involves gently inserting large amounts of water into the colon. This is typically done by inserting a small tube attached to a hose into the rectum, while is gravity-fed up to 15 gallons of water at a time! This produces  much more dramatic effect, and is usually only done by a professional.

Colon Cleanse Benefits

There aren’t too many clinical studies that have been conducted to describe the medical benefits of colon cleanses. Most people that have done them usually describe feel lighter and less bogged down. They often describe the sensation of feeling rejuvenated and ‘reset’—often most associated with patients undergoing treatment during detox protocols. One study conducted in Europe found that among the 5600 certified hydro enemas performed each month, there were no incidences of of harmful side effects [2.]. Surveys of non-Western societies such as those found in Africa have also noted the use of medicinal herbs administered through colonic approaches [3.]. While no side effects have been noted through the use of clinically-administered colon cleanses—amateur administration of such practices are susceptible to many risks such as infection.

The toxins and chemicals found within our digestive tracts have long thought to be related to our overall physical and mental health

When undergoing treatments for bacteria and fungal infections such as Candida or Parasites, you may experience what is known as a Herxheimer reaction. This is when your body gets bogged down dealing with the toxic waste of the dying bacteria. When these harmful organisms are killed, they release toxic chemicals into the blood stream. Your liver and kidneys are tasked with removing this waste, and can often cause extreme fatigue during the process. This often causes flu-like symptoms, which indicates your body is getting rid of dead bacteria similar to the way it gets rid of mucus and dead white blood cells during an influenza battle. This is a natural process, and a sign that a detox program is working as intended. Many people are so overburdened by toxins built up in the body, that beginning a detox program can cause debilitating symptoms. In these cases, a colon cleanse can dramatically help reduce symptoms by flushing the dead bacteria and harmful waste from the body before it can leech into the blood stream.

The Gut-Brain Connection

The toxins and chemicals found within our digestive tracts have long thought to be related to our overall physical and mental health. The Ancient Greeks believed that the source of vibrant health begins in the gut, and modern science is beginning to paint a very clear clinical picture of why this is. Neuroscience has long been interested in the balance of specific neurotransmitters and lipid compounds. The observation of these compounds in different individuals can help predict mood, mental disorder, and cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s. There has been a large shift in the neuroscience field in recent years, stemming from many revelations about the deep connection between brain and gut. Depression, Anxiety, and even conditions such as Autism are now being considered as heavily involved with digestive health [4.]. This revelation in understanding the brain-gut connection means that detoxifying methods such as colon cleanses and colonic hydrotherapy may become much more common treatments.

How to Do a Colon Cleanse

There are typically three approaches for performing a colon cleanse; taking laxatives, performing an enema, or undergoing colonics. These three methods all offer different benefits and advantages, though all are best done in conjunction with a gut-nourishing diet rich in healthy fats and bacteria. Beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus Rhamnosus have been proven in research to help improve gut health. Other supplements such as Colostrum have also been shown to contain growth factors that can actually help repair damage done to the intestinal walls. These types of supplements are often recommended by health professionals as a means of addressing gut health, and are frequently taken in conjunction with colon cleanses. Below you’ll find a brief description of the different types of colon cleanses and how you might best approach them.

Supplements & Laxatives

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Supplements such as Magnesium Citrate or Vitamin C are very effective in drawing water into the colon to force a bowel movement. This type of colon cleanse can be done very casually, and often involves little preparation. If you are feeling constipated or just ‘run-down’, sometimes the easiest solution is to simply take a large dose of Magnesium to help induce a bowel movement. Every individual will require different amounts of magnesium to induce bowel movements, though a typical range is anywhere from 3 grams to 10 grams within a period of 1-3 hours. You should always consult your doctor before performing such a cleanse, as you may require specific accommodation based on your particular circumstance. If you are considering supplements for a colon cleanse, make sure you only buy from the best supplement brands to ensure you aren’t just pouring in more toxins to your body.


An enema is a process in which water is put into the colon through the rectum. This process typically involves some type of reservoir bulb which has a nozzle end that can comfortably be inserted into the rectum. Some people prefer to add various herbs or living probiotics into these solutions for effective direct application. Enemas typically involve the addition of a fixed amount of water into the colon, where it will be held for a short period of time. This allows nutrients and medicines to be absorbed by the colon, and rehydrates old pieces of stool that may be having difficulty in being eliminated. This type of procedure is commonly performed at home with the use of a colonic or enema kit—which are readily available for purchase.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

This is the most powerful method of colon cleanses, and is typically only performed by a licensed health practitioner. Colonics involve the insertion of a small tube through the rectum which is attached to a water reservoir. This reservoir uses the force of gravity to ‘push’ water into the colon. This is effectively the same as the other methods—though typically involves much more water. This method is regarded by many as the most useful and effective for detoxifying protocols and is frequently used in elimination protocols for Candida and parasites. Colonics are regarded by most as being the therapeutic-grade approach for maintaining gut health. These types of powerful cleanses are the cornerstone of many ‘alternative’ treatments, such as the Gerson Therapy for Cancer.

Final Considerations

Colon Cleanses are powerful ways to help reduce the overall toxic load within your colon. This can help promote intestinal health and alleviate symptoms of die-off from detox diets and treatments for Candida. Intestinal health is deeply tied to every aspect of health, including brain health and the central nervous system. Working to promote and maintain proper colonic health through the use of laxatives and colonic hydrotherapy can help improve nearly every aspect of health. Colon cleanses such as magnesium and Vitamin C are able to easily be used by anyone can be done very casually without worry. More involved methods such as enemas and colonic hydrotherapy usually require administration by a professional or the use of a specialized colon cleanse kit.

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