Colostrum is a special nutrient-dense type of milk that is produced by many mammals directly after child birth. This ‘mother’s first milk‘ type of breast milk is regarded as being the seed of the immune system and growth in many aspects. Baby’s are naturally exposed to Colostrum when breast-feeding, and in animals have been known to die without access to their mother’s colostrum within the first 24 hours. Overall, Colostrum is a vital part of our development as children, but there are also many benefits of colostrum supplements as we grow older as well! Colostrum has become very popular in recent years, and is available in supplement from from companies like Sovereign Laboratories. Understanding the many ways in which this powerful compound can benefit our body can help you promote long-lasting health for your loved ones and for yourself!

Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum

Sovereign Laboratories operates the only Colostrum-only factory in the world, and produce the most bioactive form of this powerful natural supplement. Their products are regarded by many as being the absolute best in terms of quality and effectivness, and are recommended by Health practitioners everywhere.

What is Colostrum

Colostrum isn’t the same as milk, even though it is naturally produced in the breast just as breast milk, and it contains a much richer blend of essential amino acids, growth factors, and deeply nourishing constituents. Colostrum is rich in a type of compound known as Immunoglobulins which are vital in the ‘transfer’ of immunity from mother to child 1. When children are born, they aren’t fully prepared to deal with the nasty pathogens and diseases that run boundlessly in the world. These fragile states of being could be greatly impacted if exposed to harmful pathogens early own, and one of the first biological priorities for many mammals is to establish an immune system capable of fighting them off.

Colostrum is rich in compounds such as Insulin-like growth factor A, lactoferrin, leukocytes, and many other epidermal growth factors

Colostrum is distinct from regular lactate breast milk in composition and appearance, and is only present for up to 3-4 weeks after childbirth. During this time, it’s critical that mother’s are allowing their children adequate access to this powerful immunological compound, and it could very well dictate the general prowess of their immune system for the rest of their lives! Colostrum is rich in compounds such as Insulin-like growth factor A, lactoferrin, leukocytes, and many other epidermal growth factors 2. Colostrum’s benefits are valuable to immunological function after early childhood as well, and colostrum supplements are very popular for such purposes. Bovine colostrum and even goat colostrum are the primary sources used for colostrum supplements, the former being most-popular. Bovine colostrum contains the same types of compounds as human colostrum, and in many cases the compounds are identical 3 and even present in more concentrated amounts.

Benefits of Colostrum

Colostrum has been regarded as effective in the ‘boosting’ of the immune system for a really long time, and it’s benefits are largely the same as having a strong immune system. Increased resistance against infectious bacteria, better wound healing, and the ability to help reduce inflammation are just a few of the many benefits of colostrum. To get a fuller description of the many benefits colostrum offers, read the Comprehensive Colostrum Benefits Breakdown page on the Sovereign Laboratories website. One of the more specific uses of colostrum is for the treatment of a condition known as leaky gut syndrome, which is thought to be responsible for many modern health issues. Much of the research surrounding colostrum supplements has been centered on the chemical composition of the milk-like compound, though some newer research has investigated the potential of colostrum to help treat gastrointestinal diseases like leaky gut syndrome. Many doctors are beginning to recognize the impact and validity of the leaky-gut diagnosis, and colostrum is regarded as one of the most-effective means of addressing it.

Colostrum has been shown to help eliminate bacteria, as well as disrupt the biological mechanisms by which it interacts with the human gastrointestinal tract

Several studies have shown that colostrum offers a remarkable ability to help combat the damage done by Helibactor pylori (H.Pylori), which is a known cause of stomach cancer, gastrointestinal ulcers, and horrible digestive issues. Colostrum has been shown to help eliminate this bacteria, as well as disrupt the biological mechanisms by which it interacts with the human gastrointestinal tract 4, 5 ,6 One noteworthy observation was that colostrum produced from cows infected with H.Pylori had high levels of antibodies in their colostrum, but none in their regular milk produced later. This further clarifies the stringent differences between colostrum and regulate milk compounds, and their ability to help fortify the human immune system. Generally speaking, the gastrointestinal tract forms a powerful barrier that protects us from many different pathogens. Compromised gut health is regarded to be at the root of many health issues, and colostrum has certainly shown a strong ability to help stimulate and promote strong gut health. Many health professionals seem to dismiss this deep innate connection between the gut and the immune system, though current research has provided much insight 7

Colostrum Supplements

Colostrum supplements are no different than any other types of supplements in many ways, and the quality of supplements greatly depends on which brand you buy from, how you store them, and what manner in which you take them. Colostrum is best taken on an empty stomach between meals, and is easily mixed in water and other liquids. It’s best not to mix colostrum with any other type of nutrition products like protein powders, and avoid mixing with hot or acidic liquids such as coffee and apple cider vinegar as well. Nutrition products like protein powders can compete for adsorption, and hot or acidic drinks can denature the colostrum making it less effective overall. Colostrum is sourced from live cattle in most cases, so it’s important to pay close attention to how different manufacturers are processing their colostrum products. Typically, you want to look for manufacturers like Natural Force or Raw Natural Whey that take great heed to the entire production process when they source milk-based nutrition products. This includes the sourcing from pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle which have been fed a non-GMO diet during their entire lifespan.

Sovereign Laboratories is so dedicated to quality and providing informational resources that we’ve chosen to limit our discussion to them, completely omitting other products. This isn’t typically how we discuss supplements—but they are so well-regarded among health professionals that we feel comfortable doing so. Sovereign Laboratories is regarded by many as producing the best Colostrum products on the market, and take extreme measures to not only source it responsibly—but also effectively. Sovereign Laboratories produces Colostrum from only pasture-raised, grass-fed, anti-biotic free cows that is tested and certified free of other hormones and pesticides. The milk used to make Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum LD is obtained only after calves have gotten all the first milk they require (you won’t be stealing some poor calf’s immune system). Sovereign Laboratories manufactures their colostrum in a flash-pasteurization process, which is conducted in the only facility in the United States that is dedicated to colostrum production. For an entire listing of the many different methods and approaches used by Sovereign Laboratories in their manufacturing process, check out their quality assurance page. Their Liposomal Delivery mechanism coats the final colostrum compound in a lipid layer similar to the way that naturally-produced colostrum is made. This allows for better GI delivery, and overall a more effective product.


Colostrum is generally regarded as safe for people that have issues with dairy products, and in many cases is used to help repair leaky gut issues that are thought to be the root cause of many dairy issues. Colostrum has been shown to dramatically increase serum IGF levels, which is something that is thought to be indicative of increases human growth hormone. HGH Supplements are a popular class among athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and colostrum looks to offer many of the same anti-oxidant and immune-boosting properties of  growth hormone. Another class of supplements that colostrum is casually related to are those anti-aging supplements such as Niagen (Nicotinamide Riboside) which has shown great promise in healing the cellular damage that occurs as we age.

Sovereign Laboratories offers a tremendously high-quality colostrum product, which is much more potent than most other similar supplements on the market

When buying supplements it’s always important to pay close attention to the brands you are buying from. Many supplement brands offer horrible products that are little more than Chinese-sourced rice flour. It’s been our personal experience that Sovereign Laboratories offers a tremendously high-quality colostrum product, which is much more potent than most other similar supplements on the market. They offer encapsulated varieties as well as powders for bulk use, and have a wide array of other quality products on their site as well. For those interested in trying colostrum for themselves, Sovereign Laboratories offers a Free 15 gram sample pack they will give you for free, provided you pay the shipping fee. Compared to just buying the product and getting free shipping, you basically get it for 50% off. Overall, Colostrum supplements are a tremendous force in the battle for healthy immune function and in healing leaky gut syndrome, and if you haven’t yet tried this compound—you may want to seriously consider it.

Powerful Immune Booster
Colostrum is produced by all mothers during the first stages after childbirth, and contains powerful immune boosting compounds. Colostrum supplements have been shown to offer tremendous benefits to our health when taken as we age as well, and are available in capsule or powder form.
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