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Urinary health can be a tricky balance to maintain. There’s much more to consider than issues such as going to the bathroom too often or waking up in the middle of the night to pee. Urinary health is a shadow of one’s overall state of health and performs best when in balance. For that, natural compounds, such as those in the Complete Uricare supplement from SuperSmart, can be of great value.


Fruit sugars have shown much promise in helping to maintain a healthy bladder, kidney, and overall urinary function. Home remedies such as cranberry juice have been used to treat bladder infections for centuries. While effective to some degree, this all-natural approach sometimes doesn’t help address more serious conditions. If you want to keep things natural, though want a bit more punch than fruit juices, powerful extracts, and standardized compounds are the next step. Super Smart’s Complete Uricare contains many such compounds.


SuperSmart’s Complete Uricare supplement features a long list of natural compounds all having demonstrated some benefit to the human urinary system in clinical research. Some are designed to support the bladder, some the kidney, and others (like zinc) are part of maintaining overall optimal health. The ingredients in this bladder supplement are designed for everyday use in a maintenance-like fashion. That’s to say, a blend such as this isn’t always recommended for treating acute conditions such as infection or spasms.  Below are some of the most notable ingredients found in the Complete Uricare bladder supplement.


Urinary tract infections are tricky devils to deal with. Many only experience these once every few years, with women having a UT more often than men. However, for those that suffer from frequent urinary tract infections, life becomes a march of anti-biotics, painful sleepless nights, and sometimes even surgeries. D-Mannose is a natural sugar compound (that doesn’t have an impact on blood sugar) that has shown the ability to treat acute urinary tract infections in clinical testing (R).


Having to wake up during the middle of the night to pee is a condition referred to as Nocturia. This isn’t always reflective of a urinary infection and can also be a sign of systemic imbalance such as bacterial or fungal infections. After all, the bladder is among the last in line in our bodies’ process of removing nasty things. Pumpkin seed extract has demonstrated the ability to help reduce the incidence of Nocturia and reduce symptoms of Overactive Bladder (OAB) (R). The Go-Less® ingredient found in SuperSmart’s Complete Uricare supplement is produced in standardized form by Frutarom. This ingredient features a blend of Frutroms EFLA® Pumpkin Seed Extract and their SoyLife® soy germ extract, also known for the treatment of overactive bladder (R).


Berberine is an isoquinoline alkaloid extracted from plants such as goldenrod, goldenseal, and the barberry plant. Its attributed to many different health benefits ranging from blood sugar regulation to anti-cancer action. When it comes to bladder-specific benefits, berberine has shown some great promise as well. The science of how and why berberine is so beneficial to the bladder is still a bit of a mystery. Nonetheless, it’s been noted as helping slow the progression of bladder cancer by helping to regular cell apoptosis (R) and helping regulate healthy bladder contractions (R). It’s worth noting there haven’t been extensive human trials in this matter.

Varuna Bark Extract

SuperSmart’s Complete Uricare contains an extract from the bark of Crateava Varuna, commonly referred to just as “Varuna.” This natural compound contains a powerful triterpene compound named Lupeol. This compound has demonstrated powerful antioxidant and anti-cancer properties in clinical research and is thought to offer benefits to the human bladder specifically (R). An average diet contains roughly 250mg of this compound from foods such as white cabbage, green pepper, strawberry, olive, mangoes, and even grapes. It’s been investigated primarily as a cholesterol-lowering agent but has bladder-specific benefits such as helping to prevent kidney stones (R).

Zinc Citrate

Zinc is one of those minerals that our bodies use to support many vital processes. It helps regulate hormones, appetite, and many other processes. When it comes to urinary health, zinc citrate has been investigated for having an important role in overall renal health (R). Improper elimination of waste from the body can end up adding extra strain on the bladder. Zinc has shown significant benefits in helping to reduce the frequency and urgency of urination, commonly referred to as storage symptoms (R). Zinc has also shown some initial promise in helping to fight the progression of cancer cells and might also help prevent or lessen such conditions in the bladder (R). Again, zinc is an essential mineral to human health and ensuring adequate levels will help support optimal health in many


SuperSmart products are produced in cGMP facilities operating under HACCP guidelines to ensure ingredient tracing and testing is conducted in such a way that ensures products are free of harmful compounds when they reach consumers. SmartStart has a catalog of over 300 products and has been pioneers in the European natural products market for over 25 years. Our only nag would be their lack of NSF-Certification or registration which is often an additional step taken only by practitioner-channel brands (sold by doctors.) SmartStart encourages anyone to contact them directly for any technical questions regarding the safety practices, certificates of analysis (CoA), or other product-specific questions.

Overall Impressions

SuperSmart’s Complete Uricare is a well-formulated bladder supplement that contains many natural compounds. These compounds have all demonstrated some benefit to the human urinary system in some capacity, some more than others. This supplement is designed to help support the health of the entire urinary system, not just the bladder. Using a supplement such as this in combination with certain lifestyle changes such as not postponing urination, consuming adequate fluids, and peeing after sex can help maximize one’s chances of avoiding a urinary tract infection.

SuperSmart Complete Uricare Supplement Review Banner
Super Smart Complete Uricare
The Complete Uricare herbal bladder supplement by Super Smart offers an intuitive formulation for helping support the entire urinary system—not just the bladder! It features a long list of ingredients with strong scientific support for helping maintain healthy urinary function. We're impressed with the thought that went into this products formulation and love when we run across products that don't have a lot of unnecessary inactive ingredients!
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