Delonghi Magnifica Home Espresso Machine Illustration by Organic Newsroom

De’Longhi can produce a fine Italian espresso machine you’d expect to see in a highly-esteemed local espresso cafe—but affordable enough for your home. Their De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM3300 can produce cafe-style espresso for a fraction of the cost of commercial espresso machines. Its feature-rich design and intuitive layout make this one of the most-sought espresso machines on the market.

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The De’Longhi Magnifica is a super-automatic espresso machine with a propensity for over-delivering on expectation. It’s smooth stainless steel design and powerful control features afford it a much-earned place among the best espresso machines on the consumer market.

Italian Design & Innovation

The Magnifica is capable of making single and double shot espressos, cappuccinos, and also lattes through the deployment of it’s patented frother, control panel, and direct-to-brew system. The presence of a cafe-quality espresso maker in your kitchen can dramatically refine your morning routine. How many times have you been late to work, or simply had to forego your morning fix because you were running late? No doubt your day becomes subject to great chaos in these situations. Most people end up settling for just plain coffee—or, god-forbid, take a trip to Starbucks.

Robust Features

Espresso machines like the De’Longhi Magnifica offer limitless access to amazing espressos, cappuccinos, and even convenient teas. Having such a powerful machine in your kitchen is a great luxury, but one that is quite affordable with new business models of direct-to-consumer sales. The Magnifica espresso machine has a long-list of powerful features to control and maintain balance across the entire espresso-making process. Below, you’ll find a brief description of some of the most-notable:

Patented Cappuccino System Frother

One of the signature features of espressos, and certainly of cappuccinos are the amazing milk textures. Cafe blends aren’t shy about touting their artistic flare, but to do so they must first have an adequate medium. By injecting a controlled amount of steam into milks and creamers, you can produce the rich frothy textures found in cafe-quality espressos. The De’Longhi Magnifica espresso machine allows for a large degree of control here, with flexible support for varying uses.

Removable Water Tank

Lots of commercial espresso machines have direct water line hookups to avoid continual refilling of the machine’s reservoir. This can be seen as a major advantage within a busy retail environment—but pretty much regarded as a useless feature in home espresso machines. The Magnifica has a removable water reservoir, similar to the design that came along with the advent of on-demand water heating systems.This allows easy access not only for cleaning and sanitizing, but also the ability to avoid municipal water sources altogether if you desire. In this regard, home espresso machines often pose a distinct advantage over commercial espresso makers.

Grind Coarseness Regulator

Espresso can become highly dependent on the subtleties of your coffee grind—with even the slightest variances changing your flavor drastically. The De’Longhi Magnifica comes with a top-mounted grinding coarseness regulator. This adjustable knob allows you to maintain a predictable consistency among your grinds—which translates into a consistent flavor from your espressos. De’Longhi’s experience within the  coffee and home appliance industry affords them a great deal of innovation and fortitude which in turn get applied to these types of practical features.

Where to Buy

The De’Longhi Magnifica is available for direct purchase through the De’Longhi website—though you should be warned the prices are much higher there. This appears to be an effort to maintain some degree of pricing control for their authorized resellers. This isn’t an uncommon practice among manufacturers, though the evolution of eCommerce and online retailers has practically made it redundant. The De’Longhi Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso Machine can be found for a considerable discount through retailers like Amazon, and is even available for free shipping through the Amazon Prime program.

If you are considering a purchase of this magnitude, it almost always is beneficial to first check the pricing of retailers like Amazon, which typically have prices as much as 40% lower than manufacturer websites! When you visit a manufacturer’s website you are basically saying “I want what you’re selling, what’s the price,” whereas shopping with a retailer it’s more along the lines of “I’m here to shop, how’s your prices?” This results in marketplace retailers like Amazon to motivate sellers to offer the lowest price possible. This dynamic is great for makers and buyers but bad for middlemen—but who really needs them anyway!

Final Considerations

Espresso is one of the most coveted saviors of our daily life. The quick, energizing, caffeine-laden shots of lifeforce help the gears of our economy turn smoothly. Imagine a day where all espresso ceased to exist—we’ll wait. Our mind wandered into a dark, post-apocalyptic scene where buildings were covered in vines and hope had drained from all of mankind. While there’s little chance that the world might be forced to endure such a tragedy as a day without espresso, oversleeping by 15 minutes could force such a fate on you.

Imitation espresso machines offer little more than coffee-flavored water, and won’t ever get you out of a pinch. Fine pieces of Italian engineering such as the De’Longhi Magnifica however, they’ll help keep your supply of espresso flowing even in the darkest of hours. It’s feature-rich design allows for total control and flexibility, and it’s super-automatic functionality accommodates those pre-caffeine states of mind. This amazing home espresso machine is available for purchase online, and will invigorate any kitchen in which it calls home.

Delonghi Magnifica Home Espresso Machine Illustration by Organic Newsroom
De'Longhi Magnifica
The De'Longhi Magnifica super automatic espresso machine is a stellar example of intuitive design meeting practical functionality. This espresso machine is capable of offering total control to maintain your blend just like you like it, and it's priced to leave enough change in your pocket to keep plenty of different grinds on hand.
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