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Designs for Health is another manufacturer that touts the classification of being doctor-approved, and is quite frequently prescribed by Health Practitioners and integrative doctors. Designs for Health have been in business since 1989 which is fairly new compared to industry averages, but still long enough to be considered an established company. They began their trip to the circle of most-trusted supplement manufacturers by providing nutritional counseling and educational services, which was so successful it lead to their development of customized supplements especially for their programs. Through the years they have developed an extensive line of synergistic supplements catering to many specific health needs. Gaining a better understanding of Designs for Health both as a company and as an option for supplements can benefit anyone seeking better nutritional health and life balance.

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Popular Designs for Health Supplements

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Unique Supplements For Specific Needs

As with many manufacturers on this list, Designs for Health develops quality supplements by relying on science-based research conducted. This approach has landed them on the most-trusted supplements list held by many licensed health professionals and, quite appropriately, Designs for Health’s motto is “Science First.” One of the most unique facets of this company’s approach is their appreciation of unique needs like the Paleo Diet. This type of understanding is evident by such products as the Designs for Health’s PaleoBar Snack Bar, their PaleoCleanse Nutrional Powder, and their PaleoCleanse Plus 14 Day Paleo Detox. Many manufacturers talk the talk when it comes to adhering to specific needs of ingredient-restricted diets, but Designs for Health shows their willing to commit to pure products for specific dietary requirements.

Synergistic Blends for Total Nutrition

It’s one thing to chalk hint that a supplement ‘may’ offer health benefits based on research—this is done by nearly ever brand on the market. What’s unique to manufacturers such as Designs For Health is their understanding of how all these compounds interact within your body. Now—to be clear—everyone is different, and without testing and a professional consultation from a doctor, diagnosing health issues is little more than guess work. Relying on any company to provide a product that will ‘cure’ or ‘heal’ any of your specific needs isn’t a good approach to proper healthcare. When you know what compounds may offer you benefit for your specific circumstances—that’s when Designs For Health really starts to shine. Designs for Health’s Metabolic Synergy for example, contains a wide range of beneficial minerals and antioxidant compounds known to provide support for energy and cellular energy.

Designs for Health’s understanding of absorption factors and synergistic energies between different compounds make for some seriously potent products.

Their familiarity with the intricacies of nutrition can be seen in the specific types of compounds offered in this product. For example, many of the minerals are present in the biglycinate form which allows for better bioavailability, the b12 ingredient is present as Methylcobalamin which helps eliminate an entire conversion process, and also the availability of Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxal-5-Phostphate (P5P)—regarded by many as the most effective form of B6. These types of ingredient decisions aren’t made willy-nilly, and are a product of a deep knowledge of nutritional understanding. We don’t typically recommend mult-vitamin type products with many different compounds—because it’s difficult to know how you respond to each ingredient. Designs for Health offers several of these types of products that we feel offer a well-calculated nutritional balance. Designs for Health’s understanding of absorption factors and synergistic energies between different compounds make for some seriously potent products.

Where to Buy

Designs for help has an extensive product line, which covers all the basic vitamins and minerals that one is accustomed to seeing on the shelves. They have isolated compounds ranging from fish oils, minerals, and herbal extracts, to specially-formulated blends that offer a truly unique product such as their Paleo-Friendly Protein Powders, their Paleo-Friendly Protein Powders topical Anti-Oxidant skin cream, and their highly-absorbable buffered magnesium chelate. These products are only a brief selection of their extensive catalog, all of which includes ingredients manufacturers in cGMP facilities which as certified allergen free products. These aren’t like the supplements that you buy from your local health food store, and they are typically only available for purchase through licensed health professionals, such as integrative doctors, nutritionists, or homeopathic doctors. Fortunately, their products are available through online retailers such as Amazon.

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Typically only available for purchase through licensed health professionals, such as integrative doctors, nutritionists, or homeopathic doctors

Supplement brand such as Designs for Health offer us a very powerful set of tools to help restore and maintain a healthy balance in our lives. Modern lifestyles are plagued by potentially toxic chemicals in nearly every product and food we come into contact with. To make matters worse, most commercially-produced foods contain ingredients that have been so overly-processed that they contain little of their natural nutritional value. Just because a food label says their is 50% of your RDA for magnesium within something doesn’t mean that your body will absorb it all. Through the calculated and careful use of potent supplements nutritional gaps can be filled, healing processes can begin, and our bodies can get help to remove the toxins stored within. Supplements like protein powders, magnesium, and even more specific compounds like lithium orotate and other Nootropics can help to offer us naturally-balanced affect in bettering health without the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Designs for Health
—Scientifically Formulated—
Designs for Health produces some of the most sought-after niche-targeting supplements on the market. Be it their extensive line of products that are Paleo Diet friendly, or just other great synergistic supplements like GI Revive; Designs for Health is a Doctor Trusted Brand that is largely comprised of doctors itself. Slightly on the expensive side, but worth the money in most-cases.
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