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Douglas Laboratories is a practitioner-channel supplement manufacturer that is renowned for their quality. They’ve been helping improve the nutritional welfare of people around the world since 1955. Doctors trust Douglas Labs’ supplements to deliver clinical-strength results and we’re excited to tell you more about this tremendous company.

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Supplement manufacturing comes in many shapes in sizes. There are those companies that manufacturer for others, for themselves, and those that adhere to only the minimal quality guidelines required by FDA oversight. Other companies, such as Douglas Laboratories, are dedicated to defining quality standards. They maintain their own GMP facility that has been NSF-GMP Certified for Sport. These are no easy tasks and are characteristics that illustrate Douglas Laboratories’ excellence within the market.

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About the Company

Douglas Laboratories was founded in 1955 by nutritional visionary Samy Lyon. Dietary supplements were far from being a mainstream interest but Lyon was certain they would help improve the wellbeing of people around the world. As they are now, Douglas Laboratories started out selling directly to health professionals such as doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, and everything in between. This approach of preventative nutritional care is what many refer to as Integrative medicine.


Douglas Labs states their dedication to researching and applying nutritional insights in personalized ways to improve the quality of life of those using their products. This is a schism from conventional longevity research in that it isn’t just pushing for a longer lifespan—it’s pushing for a longer Healthspan! In other words, Douglas Labs endeavor to help health professionals offer patients nutritional solutions to help them better enjoy their lives. After all, what’s the point in living forever if you don’t feel good along the way?


All of Douglas Laboratories supplements are formulated using research-based consideration. They partner with organizations to research their own products in clinical-based settings. This isn’t just outside the normal operating nature of most supplement brands, it’s almost unheard of! Each ingredient that goes into a Douglas Laboratories product has been considered extensively before its inclusion. That means no frivolous “proprietary blends” meant to wow you on a label but leave you without an effective product. Douglas Laboratories has an extensive advisory board, comprised of medical professionals of ranging specialization, that helps guide their formulations and research endeavors.

Quality Assurance

There’s no doubt that quality assurance programs and manufacturing rigor are among the most important considerations to make when purchasing supplements. Douglas Laboratories goes, in our opinion, above-and-beyond what is required of them by federal law to ensure safe and efficacious products. They maintain their own FDA-registered GMP facility that is NSF-Certified GMP, NSF Certified for Sport, and even have their own ISO accreditated in-house testing facilities. These aren’t the tools of a company seeking to scrape by on the bare minimum. These characterize Douglas Laboratories’ innate pursuit of ingredient quality, manufacturing efficiency, and trust among their customers.

Social Responsibility

Modern companies have the opportunity to operate better than those of our past. Social responsibility isn’t just a buzzword to sell products anymore. It’s a perspective that drives real action to characterize companies that appreciate their existence within a larger ecosystem of consumers, companies, and environments. Douglas Laboratories reaches out to unite communities to better understand the impact of nutritional supplementation and personalized healthcare. One example of such initiatives is their Growing Together program. Other examples include their presence in developing nations, support of employee initiatives, and dedication to reducing their overall environmental footprint.

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Douglas Laboratories has a wide range of supplements and nutritional products in their catalog. Their products are Non-GMO, confirmed by PCR testing, and free of allergens such as milk, fish, egg, wheat, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, and soy. Among the many incredible supplements offered by Douglas Laboratories, we’ve found the following products keep us coming back for more.

Amino Acids

Douglas Laboratories has a particularly impressive lineup of amino acid products. Amino acid supplements are notorious for having excessive fillers and being really pricey. Douglas Labs’ amino lineup offers an impressive assortment of single-ingredient amino acid supplements to help meet the nutritional needs of all types of diets and genetic needs. Some highlights are their L-Histidine, L-Ornithine, L-Serine, and 18-ingredient Aminoblend® products. If you are interested in amino acid supplements then Douglas Laboratories needs to stay on your radar.

Klean Athlete®

Klean Athlete is a line of products from Douglas Laboratories that are NSF Certified for Sport®. Each of these products is guaranteed free of banned substances that would disqualify one from certain athletic competition. Imagine, putting in all the hard work to qualify for competition at a professional or Olympic level only to be disqualified because one of your supplements had been contaminated with a banned substance. Douglas Laboratories understands the importance of clean (or Klean as they like to spell it) supplements among athletes. Their Klean Athlete line consists of products such as antioxidant blends, BCAA powders, creatine, and even probiotics. It’s rare that one finds a company with such a large lineup of NSF Certified for Sport® products.

Foundation Products

Douglas Labs’ Foundation line has categorized several of their products as Foundational in their role in human nutrition. That’s to say, they’re really important. These products offer health professionals tremendous ability to address specific, and broad, nutritional needs on a case-by-case basis. These products include single ingredient and multi-ingredient formulations. In this lineup, you’ll find supplements such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, Colostrum (ColostOfFerrin), Multivitamins, and even herbal extracts such as their Milk Thistle Max-V. They’ve got a bit of something for everyone but, unless you’re really aware of your own nutritional needs, you’ll want to have a professional to help you dig into them!

Personal Experience
Douglas Laboratories supplements were introduced to me by an Integrative MD I was working with years ago. I was immediately impressed with the quality and pricing of their products. I use several of their amino acid supplements to help support my own workouts on a weekly basis.

Where to Buy

Douglas Laboratories supplements can’t be bought from common retailers like the Vitamin Shoppe or GNC. In fact, you’re unlikely to find them in your health food store either. Douglas Laboratories sell directly to licensed professionals such as dieticians and integrative doctors. This helps ensure their products don’t get misused or abused by those unfamiliar with such potent nutritive formulations. There are a select few websites that are authorized retailers for Douglas Labs supplements. The two that we would recommend are and Alternatively, Douglas Laboratories’ products are available on Amazon. You need to be especially careful when purchasing from here since many products are sold from unlicensed sources. The only authorized reseller (that we’re aware of) for Douglas Laboratories on Amazon is iServe.

Overall Impressions

There are few supplement companies in the world that offer products of such quality as Douglas Laboratories. Their dedication to GMP practices and building consumer trust through third-party certifications, such as their NSF Certified for Sport® status, make them one of our favorite brands. The only thing we’d nag them about is not being available in regular stores. On the other hand, we feel this helps them focus more on research and quality so we give them a free pass! If you use supplements regularly we’d suggest giving Douglas Laboratories some serious consideration in helping to keep your supplement shelf stocked. They truly are one of the best supplement brands in the world and we’d recommend them to anyone.

Douglas Laboratories Review Banner OrganicNewsroom
Douglas Laboratories
Douglas Laboratories represents what supplement companies should drive to become—pure, socially-responsible, and innovators within their market. They specialize in products addressing proper hormonal balance, have a well-established history as a Doctor Trusted Brand, produce products in cGMP facilities, and offer very difficult to find products at very competitive prices.
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