5 Essential Oils that May Promote Stress & Anxiety Relief

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Let’s face it – stress is an unavoidable reality of life. Whether for good reasons (a new job or a new baby) or bad (illness or conflict), stress is something we all face during the course of our lives. But just because stress is something we all have to deal with, it doesn’t mean that we can’t make the best of it. And essential oils may help! This article details some of the benefits of essential oils that anyone can experience with very little risk.

Essential Essential Oils

Those little bottles of oil derived from plants and herbs and even fruits may pack a strong punch when it comes to helping to relieve stress. While there are many essential oils that offer support for stress and tension relief, we’ve rounded up five of our favorites below. Try them out and let us know what works best for you! For even further information, check out this helpful infographic from Natural Healthy Concepts to learn more about the potential benefits and uses of essential oils!

1. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is considered the magic elixir of all essential oils. It’s adaptable to almost any mood and is a perfect little pick-me-up- whether you need to relax or just want something wonderful to smell 1. This fresh, floral essential oil may also be a great addition when it comes to helping offer support for a healthy stress response. In fact, lavender is said to help with everything including the promotion of inner peace, works as a natural sleep aid and general feelings of calm and relaxation, as well as offering support for restlessness, anxious feelings and even general tension from nerves or stress.

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil for Stress Support

  1. Breath it in. Place a couple drops of lavender essential oil in your palms or on your wrists and take a deep breath. As the scent enters your senses, it may provide a feeling of instant relaxation. So the next time you start feeling stressed at the office, just take a big whiff!
  2. Rub it in. Rub 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil into your temples – it may help ease your mind the next time you experience that occasional head pain! Or kick the relaxation up another notch by rubbing a couple drops onto your wrists or feet!
  3. Drink it in. After a long, hard work day brew up a pot of tea using a few drops of lavender essential oil and feel the stress of the day fade away!

2. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

It may have a confusing name, but the potential benefits of Ylang Ylang are pretty straightforward 2. A commonly-used essential oil for releasing anger and frustration, Ylang Ylang may help you release stress and fear and feel more cheerful, optimistic and even courageous. And with its sweet floral aroma that comes from the flower of a tropical tree in Southeast Asia, Ylang Ylang is also one of the most pleasant smelling essential oils as well.

How to Use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for Stress Support

  1. Apply topically. Massage a couple drops of of Ylang Ylang onto your body’s trigger points (wrists, neck, feet and back) and it may offer support for feelings of agitation and stress.
  2. Diffuse it. Use Ylang Ylang in your diffuser to surround yourself and your home or office with its calming and peaceful smell.
  3. Mix it. Create a super blend by combining ylang ylang with lavender and clary sage (both also mentioned in this post!) and use it as a massage oil or calming mist.

3. Frankincense Essential Oil

Sourced from trees native to the African nation of Somalia, frankincense essential oil is commonly associated with all manner of potential benefits, from supporting immune system health to helping calm anxious or sad thoughts. When it comes to stress, frankincense may also promote feelings of calm and peace as it helps to quiet the mind 3.

How to Use Frankincense Essential Oil for Stress Support

  1. Shower with it. Cover the drain and add a few drops of frankincense for a relaxing spa-like showering experience. Feel all your cares wash away!
  2. Diffuse it. Place 1-2 drops of frankincense in your diffuser for lasting relaxation after a hectic day.
  3. Mix it. Combine frankincense with jasmine and lemon essential oils for a relaxing massage blend that may also offer support for muscle tension as well.

4. Rose Essential Oil

Considered by many to be the “queen” of essential oils, rose essential oil is more than just a pretty smell. Potential benefits from rose oil include everything from the support a healthy mind to promoting a sense of peace, well-being, joy and hope in everyday life. So stop and smell the roses … it may even help you do more than just offering stress support! 4

How to Use Rose Essential Oil for Stress Support

  1. Take a footbath. Place a couple of drops of rose essential oil in a large bucket and give yourself a relaxing foot soak. The soothing floral aroma may support the temporary relief of feelings of tension and may offer support for nerve health!
  2. Inhale directly. It’s super simple – just place your bottle of rose essential oil under your nose and breath deeply. The soothing aroma may give you an instant pick-up and help make your stressful day seem a little bit better.
  3. Diffuse it in the morning. Place a few drops in your diffuser first thing in the morning to help promote energy and optimism so you can start your day off right and maybe even stop stress before it starts!

5. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary sage essential oil comes from the herb of the same name and boasts a number of potential benefits, especially for women. It may offer support for a healthy hormonal balance, and also help with issues associated with the menstrual cycle. Of course, it also packs a punch when it comes to helping promote feelings of calm and well-being. In fact, some studies show that it may increase levels of dopamine in the brain and body – that’s the one that makes us feel happy 5!

How to Use Clary Sage Essential Oil for Stress Support

  1. Rub it in. Rub 1-2 drops of clary sage essential oil in between your eyebrows or on your wrist to lift up your mood and support a healthy stress level.
  2. Spray it on your pillow. Combine 5-6 drops of clary sage oil with water and spray a light mist on your pillow before going to bed at night. It may even give you sweet dreams of peace and relaxation so you can start your day off right!
  3. Take a bath. Combing clary sage essential oil with chamomile essential oil and take a nice, long bath. Even if the essential oils don’t help you relax, the bath sure will!

Closing Thoughts

Essential oils have the potential to offer stress support in a way that may help calm your mind and promote feelings of peace, optimism and even joy. And while we’ve listed five of our favorites here, the trick is really to find the right mixture of essential oils that can address your specific needs and be the most helpful in your everyday life. 

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Essential Oils for Stress & Anxiety
Essential oils have demonstrated some serious potential for helping to address many health concerns in a natural and low risk way. This form of natural medicine can help work to better establish and maintain a healthy overall life balance both emotionally and physically.
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