CBD is one of the many components of the cannabis plant. Research shows that there are more than 100 active compounds. Although scientists have yet to study the potential of many of them, CBD has now been in the limelight, and every health institution wants to understand more about the compound.


It is heavily used as CBD oil, although CBD tinctures and CBD hemp flowers are also very popular. Among the many health benefits that have been identified is a treatment for the symptoms of the neurological disorder called Parkinson’s disease (PD). According to Neurotoxicity Research, there is evidence that people suffering from this illness, especially those who experience motor tremors, can greatly benefit from CBD.

What Is Parkinson’s Disease (PD)?

This degenerative illness has affected many people. It eats into the deep nerve cells of the brain to cause harm in the body. It can affect any person, but children and seniors are more vulnerable than middle-aged adults.

There are many signs of PD, especially at advanced levels. They include tremors, problems with balance, the slow movement of body parts and stiff joints to mention a few.

Many health centers across the world have diagnosed people with PD. Doctors often cite low chances of recovery due to the advanced stages of the disease. However, since the discovery of CBD as a treatment for PD, the hope for managing the condition has significantly improved.

How CBD Works for PD Patients

So, let us focus on various solutions provided by CBD for PD. But before discussing treatment, it is worth saying that CBD is not a cure but mitigation. However, this study agrees that it has a role in prevention.

CBD oil and other related products discussed in the FAQs section of the Berkshire CBD website promote a healthy nervous system and relaxation and improve sleep, which has a relationship to the promotion of a healthy brain. But if PD has progressed, CBD can treat the following problems.

Easing tremors

According to this research, CBD, administered in any form, has shown positive results in easing tremors caused by PD. The tremors occur in various areas like the fingers, toes or any other part of the body because of the distorted signal sent by the brain through nerves in relation to movement.

But CBD can improve the functioning of the brain cells and mitigate some of the symptoms of this condition. Although patients will still experience tremors, they will be less intense when using CBD.

Pain relief

Most of us know that pain is one of the major signs of many illnesses. PD is no exception. Patients may suffer from endless migraines and pain in other areas of the body. Studies available from PubMed Central show that CBD is an effective way of dealing with pain caused by PD. The compound soothes and promotes the health of brain cells responsible for transmitting pain signals. Additionally, it also binds with nerve receptors to reduce pain.

How to Use CBD for PD

Now that we have seen that you can manage the two major symptoms of PD with CBD, it is essential to know how people can use this product. Below are some of the common ways it is administered to exploit its maximum potential.

CBD oil – as mentioned, this is the common form in which to find this product. It is sold in small bottles with a dropper for people to consume it orally. However, a dose of CBD oil can be added to food, drinks, skin lotions and many products.

CBD tinctures – this is a CBD concentrate that can be used just like the oil. It is highly concentrated but still in liquid form. Therefore, one might want to consider it as an effective choice when a high dose is needed for a patient. Tinctures are absorbed into the system more easily than oils.

CBD dabs, wax and shatter – all these are types of CBD concentrate that have been left to set after evaporation of the liquids in them. They are considered to be the most concentrated forms of CBD. So, consider this when taking a dose of one of them. Some people melt them and vape them using a dabbing pen while others mix them with food.

CBD hemp flower – if you want to buy the entire flower bud, you can still do this. This means that you will have to do the extraction by yourself using the appropriate process. You can also grind and smoke it or mix it with edibles.


As seen, PD symptoms can be managed through CBD. Although the FDA and many other health organizations have not yet approved CBD products for medical treatment, some clinical research studies like the ones cited above agree that CBD offers hope for these patients. Notably, it is important to have a bottle of CBD in your home to enjoy the above benefits and many others.

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