Picking out a gift for friends and family isn’t always easy. Coming up with gift ideas for health-conscious friends and family is even harder! The good news is that there are plenty of gifts for healthy living out there and finding a winner is just a matter of doing a little research. Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

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Health Gift Ideas

When selecting gifts for anyone it pays to do your research. You don’t want to buy them something they already have (unless it’s something they can eat!) and you don’t want to buy them something they’ll never use. Below you’ll find five healthy gift ideas that should help you solve the already-have issue. Only you can make a call on whether your health nut friend may or may not use them!

Sprouting Kits

Speed Sprouting Jars by OrganicNewsroom

Did you know that soaking seeds in water for a day can increase their nutritional value as much as 50-75% (R)? I bet your health-conscious friend did! The good news here is that sprouting kits are relatively cheap, usually coming in around $20. There’s not that much to them, and a decent model like the 4-Tray Seed Sprouter by Victorio will be well-received. Sprouting is a culture unto itself, similar to making kombucha or home-brewed beer, so resource materials would likely also be well-received gifts. Things like starter kits, extra seeds, or books written by industry gurus are also good ideas.

Organic Candy

Organic Candy by Organic Newsroom

Candy makes the perfect gift in many cases. For the health conscious receiver, however, sugars, emulsifiers, and commercialized ingredients are a no-no. Health food stores and some grocers like Whole Foods carry organic, Non-GMO, and free-trade candy that makes for a better choice. However, sometimes a $5 candy bar doesn’t quite cut the butter. In such cases, there are luxury gift options available online that also contain organically-source ingredients. Same great quality with a little more thinking about you rolled in.

Foam Roller

Woman Exercising with Foam Roller on Yoga Mat by Organic Newsroom

Foam rollers are excellent gift ideas for health nuts for two reasons. One, they are effective at helping reduce post-workout muscle tension (R) and two, they’re not that expensive! Foam rollers come in many shapes, sizes, and have several options like removable foam cores. Foam rollers help improve range-of-motion when used in pre and post-workout settings.

Foam rollers allow individuals to get many of the same effects of deep-tissue massages without having to involve someone else, or shell out any money. Some contain ridges in their design, some are smooth, some are short, and some have a narrow radius for rolling on legs and arms. We suggest checking out some of the best-selling foam rollers on Amazon to help make your decision.

Vegetable Spiralizer


Vegetable spiralizers are a pretty niche kitchen tool but loved by those who use them. They offer fun and convenient ways to prepare vegetables into a noodle-looking form. There are plenty of benefits of spiralized vegetables but here are the highlights: they’re fun, they’re kid-friendly, they help pack more nutrition into less space, and they create wheat-noodle-substitutes.

Hasn’t your health-conscious friend told you about the dangers or wheat? Buy them a vegetable spiralizer and tell them you heard they were a good way to cut back on eating wheat noodles. Your bond will deepen; thank us later! This five-blade spiralizer is a solid choice and won’t cost you much at all.

Essential Oil Diffusers


Essential oils are a popular way to improve the energy of one’s environment. They provide pleasant scents, some are anti-bacterial, and many offer astounding health benefits (R). One downside is that their scents are often short-lived as they disperse into the air. To help maintain a constant aroma, many people choose to use essential oil diffusers.

These modernized devices help spritz a few essential oils mixed with a fine mist of water into the air. It’s kind of like those Glade things you plug into the wall—just without all the nasty chemicals! Take a look through the best-selling essential oil diffusers on Amazon for inspiration. There are plenty of solid choices under $30. Just try to pick out one that will look good in your health nut’s house!

Final Thoughts

Each of these gifts would likely be well-received by any health-conscious person. However, these ideas are that unique in conception and you should check that the recipient doesn’t already have one. Getting a third pack of organic luxury chocolate isn’t such a bad deal. Getting your third vegetable spiralizer is less exciting. Most of these gift ideas have accessories that would do well to complement them should the health nut in your life already have the gift.

How are we doing?

Did you find these gift ideas useful? We tried our best to be concise and useful in our recommendations, though appreciate not all gift ideas will work for everyone. Use the rating box below to let us know how we’re doing or contact us and let us know how we can improve!

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