9 Easy Ways to Overcome Homeschooling Stress and Procrastination


Homeschooling is a choice of more than 2.3 million of young people across the United States. And this number is still growing. There are many reasons why students opt to study at home. One of the most obvious ones is that “the home-educated typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students on standardized academic achievement tests.” It sounds great. So, youth opts for this type of education.

9 great tips on conquering the procrastination

Many students might not realize that this type of education can be rather stressful, especially for those who suffer from occasional procrastination. If you are among those having this unhealthy habit, read on: we are about to share helpful ways to overcome it.

Have a daily routine.
It is easier to avoid procrastination when you have a daily routine to stick to. You know what to do at a given moment of time and simply go through your day following that schedule. Having your daily routine means having your day planned. And as you see how many things you are to do, the desire to step away from your schedule and do something useless instead will be overcome by common sense. This includes actions taken the day before, such as getting quality restorative sleep.

Have everything scheduled.
This includes your breaks. Include breaks into your daily schedule. This way, you will know that if you feel like checking your phone messages or scroll through the social media newsfeed, you have to wait until the break comes. It takes discipline and hard work, but it is absolutely doable. You can use technologies to help you with it. SelfControl is the app you can use to block your social media and other resources you spend your time on instead of working. It will block all the unnecessary sites and apps for a limited amount of time and prevent you from wasting your time on unimportant things.

Declutter your workspace.
Among other things that might not let you do what you have to do on time is a variety of things that surround you as you work. You might feel the constant need to check your email or text your friend because your smartphone is right next to you. Besides, you might constantly get distracted by your favorite book because it is easily accessible.
So, to shave off another hour or two of your day, you need to put all the distractions away and keep a safe distance from them. You will see how such an easy approach can do wonders to you. Put all the things that have nothing to do with your ongoing tasks away, or in a different room. It will help you a lot!

Study elsewhere.
The problem might also be in the atmosphere you have at home. You might feel too comfortable and nice. And even though comfort is important you might want to take it to the library.
You will see how choosing good narrative essay topics can become significantly easier if you do it in a library rather than at home on a cozy sofa next to your bookshelf and a fridge with all the goodies.

Do some exercises.
Your brain needs physical activity, as otherwise, it gets extremely unproductive. You can go jogging in between the studies or turn on a video to do your physical activities along. Alternatively, you can purchase a standing desk that allows you to work while standing. It might not be a level of exercise you believe is needed at the moment, but this change can still do wonders. The best part is that some desks can be carried around. So, no matter where you stop to work, you can always take it out of your bag and voila!

Take time to recharge.
College students often procrastinate due to their overwhelming tiredness. They cannot really deal with it, so they start postponing important tasks and fail to meet deadlines. To prevent such a burnout, take time to take a short walk in the forest, drink your favorite sort of tea or read a page or two of a book you love. Do something that helps you relax and get back to a task only after you feel refreshed.

Dedicate time to self-reflection and meditation.
Starting your day off with a meditation and self-reflection can help you have a perfect day. You gain back the energy you need so much to deal with struggles, analyze your expectations, set new goals and feel reassured.
Don’t rush into your day right away, but rather take some time to analyze things and start your working day mindfully.

Find someone to study with.
You might feel all stressed out because you have no one to work with. It is easier to study when you have someone to share your burden with. You can share the difficulties do projects together, read books and talk during the breaks just to let some heat off. Share your worries and concerns, and have someone help you get through them.
Don’t try to be a superhero, but use help and enjoy traveling light through this journey of homeschooling.

Reward the hard work.
When you have something you really love waiting for you as a reward for hard work invested into the task, you have all the motivation you need to finish the task first and stay focused. The sooner you complete an assignment, the faster you will get the thing you really wanted. However, be honest: in case, you haven’t met the deadline or failed to do the task well, you should not get the reward, be it an hour of watching your favorite movie or buying a thing you wanted. Then it will be a good enough motivation for you.

Final Considerations

Homeschooling is a great way to obtain new knowledge, but it might be accompanied with the stress that comes as a result of you procrastinating first and then failing to meet the deadlines.

Luckily, you can overcome these difficulties with our nine tips. Do not lose your chance to study in a way you find fun and inspiring rather than frustrating.

Richard Nolan

Richard Nolan

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