Picking out a doctor for your new baby may seem scary because you can’t trust anyone with your new pride and joy, so if you find yourself struggling to choose the right pediatrician for your baby, this article is for you. Keep reading for tips on choosing your newborn’s doctor.

Research Their Experience and Credentials

Starting the treacherous journey of finding a pediatrician can become more manageable if you start with the process of elimination. Find out how many years they’ve been in the practice, what kind of education they have, and where they’ve worked in the past. If you find ones that had two years of training past high school and just began their practice, you obviously may not trust them. Do yourself a favor and eliminate any doctors you are afraid are not qualified or legit enough to cater to your liking.

Read ALL the Reviews

Reading reviews can be the most crucial part, as you get real-life experience stories from reading them. Finding reviews is super easy too. For example, northeastern PA folks search “NEPA pediatrics,” and lists of pediatricians and reviews pop up. If individual doctors only seem to have negative reviews, it can be a safe idea to take them out of the running for a potential future pediatrician for your newborn.

Interview the Pediatrician and Ask the Essential Questions

If you think you have narrowed it down to a few possible options, set up a time for you to meet the pediatrician. Most doctors have hours available almost every day to allow time for meeting their potential patients. Once you set up a time to meet them, make sure you come prepared with essential questions.

Ask them about their office hours to make sure their schedule can fit yours. Find out the best methods of contacting them, whether it is through calling, emailing, or another technique the doctor prefers. See if the pediatrician can handle emergencies, or if you should go straight to the ER if your child needs immediate medical attention. Is the staff friendly? Do they work alone, or do they have partners? The list can go on and on but have an idea of starter questions prepared, so you know you get valuable information.

Make Sure the Doctor Shares Similar Beliefs

This is not referring to religious beliefs, but beliefs based on how to treat your child. If you want to vaccinate your child, but your doctor has an anti-vax policy, you may want to change doctors. Think about how you feel about different medicines, antibiotics, breastfeeding, alternative medicine techniques, and other things that may become an issue over the years. If you and your baby’s pediatrician disagree on things that are important to you, it clearly can be a bad idea to pick them as your newborn’s doctor.

Involve Your Insurance Company

Double-check that your insurance covers your pediatrician’s costs because the last thing you need is high costs out of pocket to care for your newborn. Insurance costs can skyrocket without providing policy-holders with adequate warnings. Checking with your healthcare professionals about services you know will be required in the future can help ensure this doesn’t affect you.

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