People can have different reasons for going to the gym, whether it’s for losing weight or gaining more muscle. Either way, patience is key in ensuring that you’re exercising the right way. You have to be consistent in your efforts and respect your body’s limits. If you go too heavy too quickly, you could only end up injuring yourself. Here are some ways to help you gain weight:

Do Longer Sets

One thing to remember about building muscle is it depends on how long each set would last. The common misconception is that the reps matter a lot when lifting weights. The tendency is that they will do more by rushing the set. Muscle growth will happen when you try to expose your muscles to weight tension. Ideally, you would want to have your set lasting from 40 to 60 seconds. Try to maintain a slow tempo to hit the golden mark.

Use Appropriate Weights

Another way to bulk up is to use the right weights. If you want to build your muscle mass, the weights should allow you to do at least 10 to 12 repetitions. However, it should not be too much that will cause strain on your muscles. If you feel like your muscles aren’t challenged anymore, you might need to increase the weights.

Surprise Your Muscles

If you keep doing the same movements, your muscles will plateau and will not increase in size. Make sure to vary your exercises when you work out. For instance, you can do dumbbell exercises one day and do rugby workouts the next day. Try to read this comprehensive article to guide you when planning your regimen. You have to keep your muscles guessing. This way, they’re forced to grow from workouts alone.

Balance Out Supersets

Some individuals would thoroughly work out muscle groups. Focusing on particular muscle groups and doing straight sets is great for waking up the muscle. You should also try to balance it out with supersets to enhance the volume of your training. Keep in mind that this is key to bulking up at the shortest possible time. One technique to follow is to superset muscle groups that are antagonistic from each other, from chest to back, and from triceps to biceps to fire up your training plan.

Get the Right Form

When you’re training, you may have the misconception that you should not take breaks to maximize your workout. Taking shorter breaks is only ideal if you’re trying to burn fat. But, if you’re working on building your muscles, the key to a great workout is when you can constantly engage your muscles. With that in mind, it’s perfectly okay to take longer rests in between sets. Allow yourself to recover. This way, when it’s time to lift again, you get into your proper form and do the appropriate number of sets. Try to keep your rests to a maximum of 120 seconds in between. This way, you have enough energy to go for the next set, and your muscles are still fired up from the last one. Taking longer breaks can make you lose your focus.

Try to keep these tips in mind. Be consistent, and you’ll surely see results within 21 days. Everyone is different, so don’t give up if you don’t see results immediately. Building muscles takes time. Aside from workouts, having proper nutrition, good sleeping habits, and an overall healthy lifestyle will help you achieve your goals.

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