During a global pandemic, it’s natural to be concerned about ensuring the foods you eat come from a healthy, trusted source. Nobody wants to risk their health in the midst of an already precarious situation created by COVID-19. Having nutritious food that you know is clean and safe can minimize some of your anxiety and help you get through each day.

Eating healthy isn’t always easy, though. Organic food often costs more than non-organic produce, but if you want to maintain a healthy diet for the long term, you have to make sure it’s affordable. These factors are what often lead consumers to consider organic grocery delivery boxes.

Fresh produce boxes are locally grown and allow for seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables to be delivered to your doorstep at a reasonable price. Turning to organic produce box delivery, like Farmbox Direct, can help you maintain nutrition while staying within budget during these trying times.

While you’re socially distancing and staying home during the novel coronavirus pandemic, organic produce boxes offer a number of unique advantages. Let’s have a look at how you can get the most out of these natural food boxes.

Stay Home and Eat Healthy

With all these healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables delivered at your doorstep, you won’t have to worry about frequent market trips for grocery shopping. As such, these deliveries can reduce your risk of getting exposed to COVID-19. After all, the simplest way to stay safe during the pandemic is to avoid physical contact as much as possible; supermarkets are among the riskiest places in such circumstances.

And since eating healthy food during the current pandemic is more important than ever, fresh produce boxes have you covered. Unlike conventional agriculture, organic foods are free of GMOs. They’re grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and contain no preservatives. Also, they contain more nutrition to support a healthier lifestyle. This makes them safe and healthy for your entire family. Plus, organic food is sustainable, promotes pollination, and is good for the planet.

Eating Seasonally

Produce box delivery offers an exclusive array of seasonal fruits and vegetables. While we’re all accustomed to eating whatever produce we want at any point during the year because of the shift to canned fruits, eating seasonal produce comes with benefits that you won’t be able to get otherwise.

For one thing, most canned fruits and vegetables come with added preservatives. Seasonal produce is much healthier because it’s ripe, which means it packs a powerful punch of nutrients that can help you stay healthy. Eating well and taking in plenty of micronutrients is good for your immune system too, which is especially important in the midst of a viral outbreak.


Fresh fruits and vegetables have to be stored properly to keep them from spoiling. As such, storing them the right way is vital for their longevity. Certain foods require specific conditions; for instance, while tomatoes are better left at room temperature, carrots need to be refrigerated to last. When in doubt, do a quick search online to find storage recommendations for each type of produce.

Of course, you don’t want to have more work every time you want to use these fruits and vegetables for your meals, or even just as a snack. If you know that you prefer carrots to be peeled and skinned, do all the work at once and store them that way. With this approach, you’ll have easy, healthy snacks at your disposal.

Freezing for the Future

At times, you may not want to use all of your fresh food right away. And with an organic produce box, you know that it could spoil if you don’t use it up in time. Usually, you might just buy as much as you need for now, and go to the market when you need more, but during a pandemic, you don’t want to head out to public places so often.

Fortunately, there is a way around it that minimizes the food waste, and lets you maximize what you get from your produce box. By freezing the fruits and vegetables that you don’t plan to have any time soon, you can make sure their lifespan is extended. Freezing your fresh vegetables and fruits will preserve them in their natural form until the time comes to use them. Best of all, fruits and vegetables can be safely and easily frozen. You can clean and chop them to save space, and pop them in your freezer until you need them again.

This way, you can have organic produce to be used all year round. Since some organic fruits can only be found in specific seasons, you can freeze these for the later months to make smoothies without having to buy processed produce.

Experimenting With New Food

Organic produce boxes usually come loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables that you may not have tried before – or even heard of! It gives you a chance to try out new ways to prepare food, or eat fruits and vegetables you may never have brought home if you had gone shopping yourself. With so much time on our hands as we stay at home, experimenting with new recipes can also make us feel more productive, especially if the results are great.

With all these plus sides, it sure seems like a better idea to opt for produce box delivery than to go looking for fruits and vegetables yourself. Many organic grocery delivery services offer multiple packages that you can pick from, specifically designed to suit families. Food always tastes best when it’s fresh, and organic produce boxes promise you just that! The pandemic is no reason to go without nutrient-rich fruits and veggies; you can now have them delivered right to your door so you don’t even have to venture out.

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