Now more than ever before people are aware of their carbon footprint. With this knowledge, you can begin to take steps to be more eco-friendly, but also live safely in your residence. Striking that balance is getting easier by the day thanks to updated home security products making their way to the market. Let’s take a look at how these products have become more eco-friendly.

The Problem With Old Security Systems

The problem with older security camera systems was that they were a big drain. They would receive power at all times, recording content, using up electricity and running up your carbon footprint along the way. If you want to be eco-friendly but also put in a security system that can keep your home safe and secure, this can be tricky.

The problems that plagued the older security camera systems is something companies try to address with new products daily. Now, with offerings that help you keep that carbon footprint low, you can go with a security system that also acts to reduce the impact you have on the planet.

A Wire-Free System

One of the best options that you can go with to gain security at your home, but also keep things eco-friendly, is going with a wire-free system.

A wire-free security camera system allows you to have security cameras set up on the interior and the exterior of your home without the hassle of running wires to and from the cameras. The great thing about the wire-free system is that there is no constant power in use; instead, the cameras run off batteries. If you want to be very eco-friendly, you can even go with rechargeable batteries for the cameras so there is no waste in running them at all. With these cameras in place, you will be able to rest easy knowing that they will record only when motion is detected, which means the cameras aren’t running 24/7 and the batteries won’t run out of power quickly. In addition, you aren’t storing hours of footage you don’t need.

Outdoor Lighting Activated by Motion

Another option to be safe and eco-friendly is to go with motion-activated outdoor lighting. Why do you need outdoor lights that are on all the time? Instead, go with lights that will only turn on when they trigger any type of movement. When the activity kicks up, the lights shine and you get that sense of security you seek while saving on electricity along the way.

Night Vision

Night vision can also help in that you can allow for the recording of activity on the security camera systems without having to use a flash or an additional light on top of it. With the night vision technology, the cameras will pick up the activity, process it, show it to you, all while not having to rely on a spotlight to make it happen. This type of technology can provide a further eco-friendly approach to home security.

You can be eco-friendly and also get set up with a great home security system along the way. Put in the research to scan the market to see the various options available. As you do this, think about trying to reduce your carbon footprint, save on electricity, all while coming to a compromise at what makes you feel safe.

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