Good health and successful career habits should go hand in hand. You cannot hope to promote success within jobs and a workplace setting if your personal practices do not align with positive habits for physical health and mental wellbeing.

Whether you’re looking to actively pursue a career that will benefit health in general, or whether you’re simply looking for healthier habits to embrace regarding your job daily, here is a guide on how to promote better health through your career.

For Individuals

Consider a Career in Healthcare

One of the most obvious ways in which you can work to promote the good health and wellbeing of others is by actively pursuing a career in this area. There are many options available when it comes to jobs in healthcare and may subcategories to pursue as well. Whether it is physical health, mental health, primary care, compassionate support or more, there is always a place within the healthcare setting for those professionals who wish to help.

This can also be extremely rewarding for you and your own wellbeing if you know you are working actively to help others.

Think About Career Progression Within Healthcare

If you already have a job within the healthcare sector, or already have experience within this industry, you may want to consider the next step. Choosing to progress means that you can seek out new and varied opportunities to help the health of others and develop your skills. It may mean you can take on more responsibilities and help more people, too.

For example, if you already have a nursing qualification and wish to develop further for primary care, then an MSN FNP online program can help you. Furthermore, seeking out study opportunities like this which are online based means that it is an eco-friendlier decision, too. You can study from home and therefore eliminate any excess commuting or carbon footprint.

Pay Attention to Your Own Health Regarding Work

One surefire way of promoting better health for yourself is to pay attention to it. Careers become stressful and demanding, but what is more important is that you pay attention to any red flags that your own health is declining due to the demands of your job.

Promoting better health regarding your own pattern means having a healthy work-life balance for a start. This means ensuring that working hours are not dominating your life, leaving you no time or energy to pursue personal goals and pastimes.

Additionally, you need to be honest with yourself when any aspect of your work is becoming too much. If an impossible workload is driving stress, then be sure to speak to your manager regarding your situation and to see if the pressure can be lifted.

Always be sure to give yourself days off and take your vacation days without feeling guilty for it.

Furthermore, if your current career choice is simply leaving you feeling negative and unfulfilled, it may be time to consider a new career path altogether, for the good of your health and wellbeing.

Seek Working from Home Opportunities

While this working style may not be for everyone, it is certainly one to consider if you have the means and drive for it. Working from home can be very beneficial when it comes to health. Some benefits of having a work from home job include:

  • Eliminating a stressful and busy commute
  • Eliminating the risk of catching more germs through contact during a commute, or within a busy working environment
  • Being in control of your own working space, therefore able to optimize it for the good of your health and wellbeing
  • More control over your workday meals if able to create something healthy in your own kitchen with organic ingredients
  • Can be perfect for those who easily become stressed by office politics or negative coworkers

For Business Leaders

Create a Healthy Working Space

If you are in charge of a team of employees, then you must provide a healthy and happy working environment. Not only will this be for the good of the health of your employees but will also help you to be happy and healthier, too.

Any step you take to ensure the happiness of your team means less stress and negativity for you, too.

There are many ways to create a healthy working environment, and some steps will depend on the sort of working space you have, whether it is an office or a different setup, for example.

No matter your type of working environment, the following steps are applicable:

  • Be openly supportive of your team and listen to them when they have problems or make an effort to raise issues with you.
  • Pay attention to the atmosphere and watch out for signs that team members may not be getting along, or whether there are any bad relationships or conflicts so that these can be tackled.
  • Think about the environment itself. Employees need a healthy source of natural light and a comfortable workspace set up, for the good of their health. Supportive chairs correctly set up desks and access to water throughout the day will all help.

Introduce Environmentally Friendly Habits

A workplace that is actively working to be more eco-aware and to introduce positive habits is, therefore, a happier one. Being environmentally-friendly when it comes to all workplace practices means you’re promoting a more caring atmosphere, which will only have positive benefits on everyone’s mental health.

Make sure you have recycling routines in place, install energy-saving light alternatives, and make steps to go paperless where possible. These are just a few examples.

Provide a Safe Workplace

It is a legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace for your employees. Being sure that your workplace is risk assessed and that your staff team is trained in proper health and safety means that everyone can be cared for at all times. This means avoiding any risks of slips, trips falls, or any other workplace accidents which could damage an employee’s health.


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