Cleansing the body intoxicated from drugs and other toxins is crucial to the addiction recovery process. The importance of detoxification can be understood because the addiction recovery process can not move forward with the rehabs and counseling until detox is completed.

Experts are aware that trying to rehab a person and offering counseling on substance use while the person’s body has toxins is futile. It would only set up the patients with an inevitable relapse. Drug detoxification is key in the addiction-healing process.

What Is Drug Detoxification?

Drug detoxification is the natural process of removing harmful toxins from the body. It is considered to be the first step where all the addiction treatment begins.

In the professional drug detox program, the detoxification process is referred to as ‘Medically managed Withdrawal’. It entails a set of interventions that help the patients cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

While most people use the terms DETOX and REHAB interchangeably, it is important to understand that they both have different meanings. Drug Detoxes cleanse your body from harmful toxins, and Rehab is all about preparing the person to enter society again.

If you or your family members suffer from any addiction, you must immediately seek professional help. The faster you take action, the better the results.

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Important Things You Need To Know About Drug Detoxification

Although Drug Detox is the key step towards addiction recovery, most people do not have a clear understanding of it. For them, it is just a simple process of isolating the patients and ensuring all the harmful toxins are removed from the body naturally.

However, it is not as simple as you think.

Here are a few things that you must know about Drug Detoxification before entering the addiction recovery program.

1. Drug Detox Is The Very First Step

Drug detox is the very first phase of addiction recovery treatment. This is where all the chemical part of addiction is taken care of. Once the detoxification process is completed, only then drug rehab and therapies can be followed.

2. Drug Rehab Can Only Begin After Detox Is Completed

Yes, drug rehab comes after the detoxification process is completed. Although if you want, you can go directly to the drug rehab process, this will only set you up for the inevitable relapse.

3. Detox Should Be Done Under The Care Of Professionals

The Detoxification process can be dangerous to the patient’s health. In the worst-case scenario, it can take the life of the patients. Considering the risk, you must always commence with drug detoxification under the guidance of professionals.

Professionals are aware of the symptoms and can prescribe medicine to prevent the symptoms from surfacing.

4. Drug Detox Is An Uncomfortable Process

Drug detox might seem a normal process where the patient is isolated and kept away from any addiction element. Well, it’s true. But, after this, drug detox becomes a complex, uncomfortable and difficult process.

The body starts craving for the drug of choice. This results in several physical symptoms and outbursts of emotional behaviors.

5. Duration Vary Depending On The Severity Of Addiction

There is no time limit with drug detoxification. The time varies from patient to patient and the severity of the addiction.

Generally, the process takes two to three days, depending on the amount last consumed and how sensitive your body is to substance use.

6. Drug Detox Program Is Extremely Stressful

The drug detoxification process can be extremely stressful for the patients. As a result, they might experience several mental breakdowns and physical health deterioration. These are a few signs that show patients are going through the withdrawal phase.

The stress on the body can increase to the limit that the patients might not be able to complete drug detox on the first try.

7. Protect Your Privacy

Rest assured if you are concerned about your addiction and its information leaked to others. Medical detox centers are professionals and understand their patients’ concerns. If you are working with one of the best clinics, whatever happens in the clinic, stay in the clinic.

What To Expect From Drug Detox?

Drug detox might look like one simple process from the outside, but it is a combination of three different components:

  • Evaluation: Before the drug detoxification can start, a comprehensive exam is done to administer your current physical and mental state. This may include discussing the medical history, physical health, addictive habits, and the types of addiction.
  • Stabilization: Medical staff help the patients going through the medical detox process. While the patient is going through detoxification, medical issues are taken care of as they arise. The goal of this phase is to help patients attain mental and physical stability.
  • Preparation For Treatment: Once the medical detox process is completed, the patients are encouraged to enter drug rehab, counseling, and therapy programs. These are the treatments that help patients educate themselves about addiction and prepare a proper plan never to fall victim to addiction again.

Next Step After Drug Detox!

Detox is the first step towards overcoming addiction!

After completing the detox program, it can be difficult to maintain a sober lifestyle. Hence, to continue healing after detox, a person usually goes through counseling and therapies.

These sessions help the person with the right instrument and tools to address the underlying problem. Furthermore, drug detox centers offer after-care services to ensure patients who have completed their recovery stay on the right path.

That being said, it is also your responsibility to pick up some good habits to keep yourself busy in your leisure time. When you have free time and nothing to do, you might think about the things that might trigger a relapse.

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