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Klaire Labs was founded in 1969 by nutritional pioneer Claire Farr with the goal of providing pharmaceutical grade supplements with a focus on “purity, potency, and performance.” These guiding principles have helped Klaire rise to the top of the world’s most respected supplement brands and have helped to set quality standards within the larger supplement industry.


Klaire Labs is an incredible supplement manufacturer for many reasons but their probiotics are what has earned them the most recognition. They offer a large lineup of probiotics that have clinical-backed ingredients to offer powerful support. Many people don’t realize that while a probiotic can be free of GMO ingredients, the beneficial bacteria could have been cultured with GMO ingredients. Science doesn’t really have a position on how that might affect things but, at least in our opinion, if you’re going Non-GMO you want to go all the way! When it comes to probiotics, Klaire Labs is our top pick for Non-GMO ingredients.

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Company Information

Klaire Labs is owned by Soho Flordis International (SFI) which has been around, in some capacity, since 1812. Yes, eighteen-twelve! SFI also owns Prothera which used to be a combined supplement brand with Klaire labs sold under the brand Prothera + Klaire Labs. Recently, SFI re-branded each separately and Klaire Labs now stands as a unique supplement brand that still has all the impressive products and dedication to nutritional support as before. This long history within the nutraceuticals and nutritional industry has afforded SFI unique insight into the industry. We can think of no better example than the success they’ve had with Klaire Labs.

Quality Assurance

Dedication to quality control and ingredient purity is lacking in the consumer supplement market. Practitioner channel brands such as Klaire Labs take extra measures to ensure their products are as high quality as possible. They operate their own FDA-registered GMP facility that is NSF registered GMP as well (under Prothera, Inc.) GMP guidelines help ensure that raw ingredients are tested to confirm their identity, purity, and lack of toxins such as harmful bacteria or heavy metals. GMP doesn’t stop at the front door though. Its quality guidelines dictate in-process testing, batch-testing, stability testing, and rigid safety protocols should something go wrong. Klaire Labs is an excellent example of the dedication to quality one wants to find in a supplement manufacturer.


Clinical Research

Vitamins and supplements are quickly being recognized as essential tools in maintaining a high quality of life as we age. Nutritional issues aren’t always well-studied among healthy individuals—there’s not much commercial incentive on finding out how to make healthy people feel even better! Klaire Labs is helping to lead by example through by supporting the clinical study of certain nutritional ingredients, providing superb documentation for each of their products, and working hand-in-hand with health professionals to better address modern nutritional needs. Klaire Labs takes on this responsibility by hosting educational webinars, having a presence at major health conferences, and providing digests of health-related news to consumers.

Klaire Labs Supplements


Klaire Labs is a practitioner vitamin and supplement brand that offers a wide range of nutritional products. Their probiotics are easily-recognized by their deep blue glass bottles (to help preserve freshness) and their newly-updated look. We’ve hand-picked a few of their most popular supplements to help provide better insight into why we consider them one of the best vitamin and supplement brands on the market today.

Target gb-X

Modern science is learning that our digestive health has a great impact on our mental health and Klaire Labs’ Target gb-X product is formulated to support the gut-brain axis. This probiotic contains nine shelf-stable species of bacteria that each have clinical support for their benefit to mood and mental health. You can note on the ingredients list that each separate ingredient is tagged with a unique identifier such as W56, W63, or W51. These indicate the presence of specific bacterial species that have been studied in clinical settings. Each dose comes in a sachet that can be easily mixed with drinks, foods, or water.

Ther-Biotic Complete 25 Billion CFU

Ther-Biotic Complete is a blend of 12 different bacterial species with strong clinical evidence of their benefit to human health. These species are included in this probiotic in a base of chicory inulin root powder to help preserve potency. This product contains heavy amounts (by overall composition) of Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, and Lactobacillus acidophilus. This product contains live bacteria and must be kept refrigerated at all times to ensure viability. Improper storage can lead to diminished results.

Vital-Zymes Complete

Enzymes are used for a myriad of tasks in our bodies. Enzyme insufficiency issues can give rise to many numbers of complex and often-misdiagnosed health conditions. Klaire Labs Vital-Zymes Complete offers a potent blend of enzymes that avoid animal-derived products and fruit-sourced enzymes such as bromelain or papain. Lysozyme, Glycoamylase, Pullulanase, and dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) are just a few of the powerful ingredients in this supplement. It’s designed for broad enzymatic support suitable for digestive use with meals or proteolytic action between them.

Where to Buy

Klaire Labs products are available from licensed health practitioners and aren’t available in most stores. Even health foods are unable to sell Klaire Labs’ products except in such cases where a licensed health professional is on staff. Patients can be given an authorization code from their doctors that can be used to set up an account on Klaire’s website, allowing one to order (or schedule recurring deliveries) of Klaire Labs’ supplements. To find an authorized Klaire Labs retailer near you check out the Klaire Labs Practitioner Locator page. Fortunately for those not living near such health professionals, Klaire Labs products are now available online through Amazon.

Overall Thoughts

Klaire Labs is a probiotics manufacturer first and foremost. Their Ther-Biotic Complete and Target gb-X products are both great examples of Klaire’s dedication to quality and potency. You’ll find some common vitamin and supplement varieties missing from their catalog but, overall, they offer something for just about every nutritional need. They’ve been trusted by health professionals for nearly 40 years to offer pure and potent results for patients around the world.

Klaire Labs Review Banner
Klaire Labs
Klaire Labs is a doctor-trusted vitamin and supplement brand that offers some of the purest and most potent probiotics on the market. They're trusted by health professionals around the world and regarded as one of the best supplement brands available today.
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