Metagenics Magnesium Glycinate is a highly-absorbable form of magnesium that is made from glycine, an amino acid. Touted as providing a form of the wonder nutrient that has a much higher bowel-tolerance level than other forms such as magnesium citrate or carbonate. This magnesium glycinate supplement is one of the best on the market, and we’re here to tell you why.

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Magnesium has been shown to help reduce the risks of many major diseases as well as being able to rapidly treat such conditions as major depression, constipation, and anxiety. Magnesium is involved in over 300 vital enzymatic processes within the human body, and is thought to help regulate nearly every biological system. The Magnesium Glycinate supplements from metagenics offers a uniquely potent and highly bioavailable version of this compound. Metagenics is a practitioner brand, meaning that licensed health professional trust them to provide potent results.

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Trusted by Health Care Professionals

This particular product, Metagenics Mag Glycinate, comes from a company that specializes in products that target very specific mechanisms within the body to help take full advantage it’s benefits. As noted in the article The Best Supplement Brands:

Founded in 1983, this California based manufacturer prides themselves in their utilization of science-backed supplements. They have conducted extensive research in the field of nutrigenomics—using supplements to help establish and maintain balance on a genetic level. By using this unique and powerful approach, Metagenics have firmly carved out a position amid the top five list of best pharmaceutical grade supplement manufacturers.

This product comes in pill form, free of any encapsulation—which means it is free from many ‘inactive’ ingredients,  but does contain magnesium stearate, which is likely to slightly decrease overall bioavailability. In addition to the purity of this product, Metagenics stellar track record make it a shoe-in for anyone looking to find a quality magnesium product that will be able to be more fully-absorbed than more-common forms. Ideal for those with magnesium deficiencies, anxiety, or depression.

Final Thoughts

The pricetag on the Metagenics Magnesium Glycyinate is intimidating at first, but by offering multiple quantity options (120 caps & 240 caps) there is some accommodation for budget shown. Overall, this is an incredible product and is regarded as one of the best forms of magnesium, by one of the best supplement brands.

Mag Glycinate from Metagenics
Metagenics' Mag Glycinate is a highly-absorbable form of magnesium, which aids in over 300 enzymatic processes within the human body. This brand is trusted by health professionals across the world, and is known for their purity of ingredients and tight quality control. There are many health benefits associated with having optimal magnesium levels, and Metagenics' Mag Glycinate helps reach those levels well.
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