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Metagenics is a doctor-trusted supplement brand with a strong focus on nutrigenomic health. Their products are scientifically formulated to provide powerful genetic support for a wide range of unique needs. Doctors around the world trust their products to deliver the purity and potency required for clinical-strength results.

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Metagenics is aa Aliso Viejo based supplement brand with a primary manufacturing facility in Gig Harbor, Washington. They’ve been renowned for their scientifically-formulated supplements since the launch of their Lactobacillus Acidophilus NCFM® probiotics in 1983. For a supplement brand that’s a lifetime ago. Metagenics has continued to pioneer the field of nutrigenomic nutrition through the introduction of such products as L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate and Estrovera®. Metagenics isn’t your run-of-the-mill supplement brand. They are dedicated to GMP manufacturing practices, clean label products, Non-GMO souring, and have a strong presence in the scientific and academic communities.

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Doctor-Trusted Quality

Metagenics is considered a practitioner-channel supplement brand. This means their products are trusted, and used by, health professionals around the world to deliver dependable results. Supplements aren’t held to the same quality standards as pharmaceuticals (not that those are that rigorous) and require one to take a leap of faith in many cases. That’s to say, you have to trust the brand you’re buying from has a clean product. Metagenics is renowned for providing uncompromised quality and potency and continually pushes the frontier of supplement formulation and manufacturing. Below you’ll find a brief rundown of some of their practices and certifications we believe qualify them as one of the best vitamin and supplement manufacturers in the world.

NSF Certified

NSF International is a third party agency that audits and certifies manufacturing quality in a wide range of industries. Among them, the NSF conducts inspections to ensure dietary supplement manufacturers follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in the production of their products. This ranges from sourcing and testing to bottling and labeling and helps ensure dietary supplements are safe for consumption when they reach the consumer. In addition, the NSF offers banned substance certifications to help assure performance athletes there are no traces of compounds which would earn them a disqualification. This certification is called NSF Certified for Sport and is no easy measure to reach. Metagenics is both NSF Certified GMP and NSF Certified for Sport.

Quality Assurance

In addition to meeting (and far exceeding) cGMP guidelines, Metagenics takes further measure to ensure their customers have the purest supplements possible. Metagenics tests every batch of raw ingredients never uses synthetic flavoring or coloring, and even use amber glass bottles in many of their products to preserve potency. Most of their products are either gluten-free, vegetarian, Non-GMO, all three, or a combination of sorts. Their quality control measures are characteristic of a company dedicated to the benefit of their customer.

Social & Environmental Role Model

The world is becoming a crowded place, fast. Companies that have no sense of how their actions (and inactions) negatively contribute to the many global communities are going out of style. Metagenics continually illustrates their role as a leader in social and environmental responsibility. They directly support organizations that help families in need around the world and are LEED-Certified for their consciousness manufacturing practices. Below are just a few of the many characteristics of Metagenics that tug our heartstrings.

Water Recycling

All water from their primary manufacturing facility is treated after use and returned to the natural source (Puget Sound). Metagenics uses only recycled materials for all their marketing materials including flyers, brochures, and all those wonderful coupons that one will find in a Metagenics package.

Leed Certified

Metagenics takes their eco-aware manufacturing to another level. Their primary manufacturing location is LEED-Certified to use less water, less electricity, and have a reduced carbon footprint. LEED-Certification is no joke and requires manufacturers to make a serious commitment to a greener, cleaner, planet Earth. Fun fact: Metagenics recycles 38 tons of waste each year!

Charitable Donations

Families Forward is a national American organization that helps families in need. Their stated mission is to “help families in need maintain self-sufficiency.” In 2015 alone, Metagenics donated more than 150 boxes of food to help empower the Families Forward goal of helping families in need have a decent Thanksgiving meal. Metagenics has also donated more than 200,000 nutritional bars and over 6000 coats. Yes, they even help make sure people stay warm!

Metagenics Supplements


If we chose to describe Metagenics supplement that we feel to be incredible we’d be writing all day. Rather than discussing any specific products, we’ll give you an overview of some types of supplements that we feel Metagenics are particularly noted for. These come from our own personal experiences as well as the feedback from practitioners we’ve spoken with throughout the years.

Omega Fatty Acids

Fish oils such as EPA and DHA are, in our opinion, one of the strongest selections of the Metagenics catalog. These supplements are often referred to simply as “fish oil supplements” but deserve much more consideration. The efficacy of such supplements depends greatly on the purity of and ratio in which certain omega fatty acids are found. Metagenics has a line of products which feature their OmegaGenics Omega 3 oils. This marine formulation is free of fishy flavor, freshly sourced, and sourced in a sustainable manner.

Ketogenic Supplements

Ketogenic diets are, in our opinion, some of the most fascinating and potentially beneficial diets we’ve come across. Maintaining a consistent state of ketosis can be a tricky task, as can entering the state in the first place. Metagenics offers a wide range of Non-GMO ketogenic-focused products. Such supplements include exogenous ketones such as β-hydroxybutyrate, and a  keto powder supplements offering 14 grams of fat, 20 grams of protein and 5 grams of carbs per serving. These products are formulated through careful, scientific consideration to help enter and maintain a state of ketosis in as nutritionally-sound a capacity as possible.

Medical Foods

Certain medical conditions leave the digestive tract compromised in such a way that adequate nutrition can’t be had from simple dietary modification. Food intolerances, bacterial overgrowths, and autoimmune disorders are just a few of the many such issues that leave with large nutritional gaps in their diet. Metagenics has a line of product they refer to as “Medical Foods” which contain ingredients optimized for high bioavailability and low negative reactions. One example is their UltraGI Replenish® which contains an optimized prebiotic to support healthy bacteria and the production of butyrate, a precursor of GABA (among many other things.) These products are very characteristic of a company that wants to do much more than just sell supplements.

Personal Experience
I was introduced to Metagenics years ago by a the doctor I was seeing at the time. They recommended I try Metagenics DHA + EPA 730 Omega blend, and I was not let down. It was the first fish oil supplement that I found any benefit from.

Where to Buy

Metagenics is a practitioner brand and therefore are not available in most stores. They have a practitioner-locator page where you can find a health professional near you that sells Metagenics products. Metagenics used to be available for purchase online through authorized retailers such as PureFormulas or the ProfessionalSupplmentCenter. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Many Metagenics products are available directly through Amazon and even qualify for free Prime shipping.

Overall Impressions

Metagenics is a gold-standard supplement brand that continually helps redefine what a nutritional manufacturer can do. They hold dozens of patents, have published dozens of peer-reviewed scientific papers on nutrition, and somehow find the time to do things like give coats and food to those in need. If you’re looking for pure, unadulterated nutrition Metagenics can get you what you need. They’re trusted by over 100,000 health professionals for a reason.

Metagenics Supplements OrganicNewsroom
Metagenics has a long track record of providing uniquely-formulated supplements which target very specific mechanisms in the body. As pioneers of the field of nutrigenomics—Metagenics holds hundreds of patents and produces valuable scientific research every year. While slightly more expensive than competitors, this Doctor Trusted Brand delivers a truly unique product.
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