Finding an effective skincare product is never easy, but it becomes a lot trickier when you have sensitive skin. The problem is that many people experience skin related problems not just because they use the wrong products, but also because they, unknowingly, make several mistakes.

Common Skincare Mistakes

Skincareoften seems to be a simple task; you wash your face at night and everything is great, right? For many, skincare becomes an uphill battle that sometimes seems maddening. No matter what action is taken—be it prescription skin care products, face scrubs, or the latest acne ‘cure’—nothing seems to help.

In such cases, one might find it tempting to resort to less tried-and-true methods. The Internet is rife with bad health advice and skincare is no exception. Below you’ll find some of the skincare practices that, while recommended by many, may result in your skin being worse off than when you started!

Over-Washing Your Face

One of the biggest mistakes people with sensitive skin make is that they go overboard with the idea of washing their face. In most cases, it is just enough to wash your face in the morning and at night before going to bed to get rid of any makeup or pollutants.

Washing your face multiple times, especially when you’re using the wrong cleanser is a surefire way of developing skin irritation. Keep in mind that many foaming and gel cleansers are not suitable for your sensitive skin because their ingredients can rob your skin of its natural oils.

This can leave things feeling even drier and tighter than before! If you really want to use a cleanser, opt for the one with milk or sulfate-free cleanser.

Using Facial Scrubs

When you have sensitive skin and you still use facial scrubs, it is only going to make matters worse and you might end up dealing with dryness, redness, and even acne. If you really want to use a scrub, you should put your money on the one made up of smaller grains.

Ensure that it has calming cleansing properties to avoid any irritation. It is even better to opt for a scrub with glycerin or castor oil. But, even if you have found a good scrub, ensure that you don’t use it more than twice a month. And be sure to use a rejuvenating face mask soon after you use a scrub.

Relying Too Much on Moisturizers

It is natural to think that your dry sensitive skin needs something to feel smooth and soft, but too much of a good thing can still cause serious issues, which is true in the case of moisturizers.

Avoiding moisturizers altogether can affect your skin’s ability to produce sebum, but using too much of it on your sensitive skin can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and irritation. For your sensitive skin, it is a good idea to never moisturize it more than twice a day.

Using without Performing a Patch Test

You have to be very careful when you have sensitive skin because any harsh product can lead to serious consequences. To ensure nothing goes wrong, you should perform patch tests before applying a new product to your skin. The back of your neck is the best place to patch test a new product.

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to find new products that don’t dry your sensitive skin or trigger flare-ups. What might make your skin feel uncomfortably dry and itchy might not cause the same reaction in someone else even if they have sensitive skin too, which can complicate things.

Even so, researchers have worked hard to find out which commonly used compounds can be irritants for people with sensitive skin types and found replacements – many from the plant world – so there are excellent products around designed for just for those with sensitive skin. is one great starting point for anyone looking for products especially designed for sensitive skin. Try it and you will notice a clear improvement in your skin quality.

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