Natural Force is an incredible brand in the sports nutrition world, driven by their mission to provide quality training supplements that are ‘BS Free.’ Protein powder is one of their strong suits—shown in their grass-fed organic whey protein powder. The best protein powder supplements are those which offer a full amino acid profile, and are manufactured through processes that preserve the full potency of ingredients.  Natural Force’s Organic Whey Protein Powder is loaded with a rich amino acid profile sourced from the milk of free range cattle,  pasture-raised on an organic grass-fed diet. Natural Force manufactures their whey protein through a acid-free cold-temperature process to ensure maximum potency and quality of ingredients. This is one of the best whey protein powder supplements available on the market today, and a must-try for anyone focused on maintaining a healthy organic diet. Below you’ll find a brief overview of the many great benefits of the Natural Force organic whey protein powder.

Potent Amino Acid Profile

Protein Powder Amino Acid List

Amino Acid Composition of Natural Force Whey Protein Powder

When it comes to the benefits of protein powders—it’s all about the amino acids. Amino acids are the tiny little compounds that your body uses to build larger protein structures like muscle. Whey protein powder has been the most popular protein powder supplement for body builders and fitness enthusiasts alike. Sports nutrition is no simple science, comprised of the balance and critical study of nutrients and their affect on physiological performance. Research has shown the powerful profile of amino acids, and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) found in whey protein powder to be among the most effective of all protein powder supplements. A notable exception can be found in more modern blends of plant-based proteins that combine many different sources to provided a more complete amino acid profile.

The Natural Force organic grass fed whey protein powder executes this delivery of vital nutrients perfectly! Packed full of such amino acids as Alanine, Arginine, Cystein, and Glutamine—this covers the core foundation of what every protein powder should strive to provide. Included in this mix are three potent branched chain amino acids; Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. It’s worth noting here that there are two camps of thought regarding BCAAs contained in protein powder supplements. The first considers the inclusion of the BCAAs with their natural co-factors found in whey protein to offer a better synergistic action in your body. The second believes that these amino acids are less bioavailable than in their free forms; their ability to be absorbed directly winning the argument for them. Research is sparse in differentiating between the two, but conclusive on the benefits of proper amino acid profiles in your nutrition and overall health.

Pure Organic Ingredients

Certified Organic & Gluten Free Whey Protein Powder

Natural Force stands out among supplement manufacturers as one of the few that truly commit themselves to the purity of their products, resulting in some of the best supplements available on the market. Their Organic Whey Protein Powder is comprised of whey protein concentrate that has been sourced from cows fed an Organic diet. This alone is more than the majority of other whey protein powder products can contend—yet Natural Force takes quality much further! Natural Force whey protein sourced from organic cattle that are pasture raised and  fed a grass-only diet. That means no wheat in the diet of the cattle, no inhumane confinement, and no use of nasty hormonal injection or antibiotics on the cows. When consuming animal-source products, it’s critical to consider all aspects of their lives. If, for instance, a herd of cattle were raised with free access to a pasture but still fed GMO-based food—you’d likely be consuming trace amounts of those products in any product sourced from those cattle. Animals, just as humans, have muscles and fats made from the foods that they eat. What a cow eats becomes part of that cow, and any whey protein product sourced from that cow contains traces of that diet.

Natural Force knows ingredient quality matters more than anything—and that mindset is clearly seen reflected in their whey protein powder products.

Another very important aspect to consider with regards to your protein powder supplements is the manner in which their ingredients are processed. Many protein powders have their concentrated or isolated whey protein processed through chemical and high-temperature process which can damage the chemical structure of the amino acids and benefits ingredients. Natural Force knows all about this little trick, and has committed themselves to processing their products through a cold-temperature process that involves mild and low temperatures only. This type of processing preserves the full potency of all the amino acids found in the whey protein concentrate which allows it to be more bioavailable upon ingestion. Additionally, Natural Force certifies that their whey protein powder is free of heavy metals, is gluten free, and doesn’t contain any unnecessary ingredients like soy lecithin—used by many manufacturers to make their powders more ‘fluffy’.  Sacrificing quality of ingredients just to reduce the number of times you have to tap the bottle against the counter to loosen the protein powder is ridiculous. Natural Force knows ingredient quality matters more than anything—and that mindset is clearly seen reflected in their whey protein powder products.

Where To Purchase

Natural Force Whey Protein Powder

View Online

Natural Force products are widely available online, as well as in traditional brick and mortar retailers such as Natural Grocers and some Target locations. To check to see if Natural Force products are available near you, visit the Natural Force store locator page found on their official website. All Natural Force products are also available for direct purchase through their online store. Natural Force products can also be purchased on Amazon, allowing Prime members to receive free shipping! For those that prefer unflavored products, the Unflavored Natural Force Whey Protein Powder is listed separately from the Vanilla and Chocolate varieties. This can trip up some buyers—so be aware that all three flavors are available on Amazon, though the unflavored version may be listed separately.

Modern markets are full of mundane and potentially-dangerous supplement products. The best protein powders available are produced from companies such as Natural Force who pay close attention to every stage of production. Animal-based products add an even tougher dynamic for manufacturers, and those that execute so fully as Natural Force deserve to be commended. It’s easier to cut corners in manufacturing and focus on branding and marketing but that doesn’t make a better product—just a more popular one. Natural Force’s Whey Protein Powder represents a better product, and should be the next purchase for anyone serious about nutrition, fitness, and also focused on maintaining an Organic and healthy lifestyle.

Natural Force Organic Whey Protein Powder
Top Tier
Natural Force is a force to be reckoned with for supplement companies that have relied on marketing and popularity to overcast attention to ingredients. This Organic Whey Protein Powder is sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle, processed without acids, and never exposed to high temperatures. This protein powder possess a full profile of amino acids and branched chain amino acids essential to maximizing results.
Organic Ingredients
Un-Flavored Version Available
No 'Inactive' Ingredients
Produced from Grass Fed Cattle
Produced From Pasture Raised Cattle
USDA Certified Organic
Overall Rating
Available on Amazon
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