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Sleep is the great healer, capable of restoring and maintaining balance in even the most stressful of times. As the antics of modern life amass, it’s easy to let the hustle and bustle of the day prevent us from properly winding down at night. Sleeping pills offer enticing support for many—though often at the risk of deleterious side effects. Natural Sleep aids can help to support your body’s natural sleep cycle while avoiding harmful side effects. The best natural sleep aid will vary depending on your circumstance but sleep aids generally offer a very valuable means of supporting the body’s natural sleep cycles.

Falling Asleep Vs. Staying Asleep

Over the counter sleeping pills such as Melatonin are commonplace among nearly every supplement retailer. As we discuss often, not all supplements are created equally—you should always pay close attention to which brands you buy. The best otc sleep aid isn’t always the cheapest, and it isn’t always the most expensive either. Synergistic blends of natural compounds meant to support and maintain healthy sleep cycles involve tedious formulation by researchers with a broad awareness of potential interactions. In an effort to provide more comprehensive information, we’ve reached out to Utzy Naturals, a newer supplement brand who have devoted much energy to the formulation of effective natural sleep aids.

Synergistic blends … to support and maintain healthy sleep cycles involve tedious formulation by researchers with broad awareness of potential interactions

As described to us by Utzy Naturals, sleep needs are generally divided into two broader categories; falling asleep and staying asleep. They’ve spent a lot of time talking to their customers about the common issues associated with not getting quality sleep. Acting on that information, they’ve developed what their Sleep Support System, which is segmented into three separate sleep supplements. Each of these products offers a distinct blend of natural sleep aid ingredients catered to these two specific goals—falling asleep and staying asleep. We want to illustrate possible considerations for natural sleep aids and better understand which type of sleep aid may be best for you. To do this,  we’ll take a closer look at two of Utzy Natural’s Sleep Support System supplements—their Stay Asleep and Fall Asleep formulations. A breakdown of the natural ingredients found in these two sleep aid supplements,  you’ll be able to better understand what type of natural sleep aid may be best for you.


Utzy Naturals Fall Asleep

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The Utzy Naturals Fall Asleep supplement features a synergistic blend of natural herbal and mineral ingredients. This blend features highly-bioavailable ingredients that have been standardized to contain a consistent amount of the most active bio-alkaloids found in each. For example, Utzy’s Fall asleep contains a standardized extractive of Scutellaria baicalensis (Skullcap) which contains 30% active compounds. Skullcap has been known to help support the natural cycles of human life, as well as a myriad of other health benefits [1]. In addition to Skullcap, Utzy’s Fall Asleep supplement contain Lemon Balm, Passionflower, and Valerian Root extracts—all known to support relaxation and natural sleeping patterns as well. An excellent example of Utzy’s awareness of how different compounds offer more bioavailable formulas is their use of DiMagnesium Glycinate. This ingredient is produced through a patented process by Albion Laboratories, which helps ensure you will always receive a highly potent and highly pure supplement. This natural sleep aid has been formulated by Utzy specifically for those looking to help fall asleep naturally.

Utzy Naturals Stay Asleep

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Sometimes falling asleep is only half the battle, and many different factors may cause you to get restless sleep. This may sound like an oxymoron, but the potential health implications are grave [2]. Sleep apnea, overactive bladder, or maybe just loud sirens can all prevent us from maintaining a deep sleep state needed to help support our bodies natural restorative processes. Utzy’s Stay Sleep natural sleep aid is another synergistic blend formulated specifically with helping your body maintain restful sleep states. It contains 5-HTP, L-Theanine, Ashwagandha root, Chamomile, and Gamma Aminobutyric Acid. These compounds have all demonstrated remarkable ability to help support sleep, and many are among the most notable natural nootropics that exhibit calming effects on the brain. One other noteworthy ingredient in Utzy’s Stay asleep is tart cherry powder, which has been shown in several studies to help increase melatonin levels naturally [3] [4]. These powerful natural sleep aids are all supported by a mineral blend of highly-bioavailable calcium and magnesium, and work as a collective whole to help your body maintain restorative sleeping patterns.

Supplement Quality Is Critical

We’ve said it before, and we plan to repeat ourselves ad nauseam—the most important consideration to make when buying supplements are to purchase from trustworthy supplement brands. This practice is easier said than done in many cases, and it’s important to pay close attention to the different details one must consider before feeling confident in a brands quality. We feel Utzy Naturals is an excellent brand to help illustrate some of these considerations, and how to better understand their impact on overall quality. One of the most important aspects of supplement manufacturing is the adherence to current good manufacturing process cGMP and certification through the NSF International organization. NSF International is a third party that inspects manufacturing facilities to ensure quality and adherence to cGMP guidelines, among other things.  This process involves random facility inspections, material testing, and verification processes to help consumers known which products are of high quality and have accurate labeling.

Utzy Naturals that invest in formulating their products within a cGMP certified facility should be admired, and offer a level of consumer trust many supplement brands don’t match

NSF certification represents a commitment by manufacturers to maintaining a safe production environment free of harmful toxins and contaminated products.  Currently, the FDA doesn’t require supplement brands to test products before marketing them—which leads to some serious health risks on the consumer market. Brands like Utzy Naturals that invest in formulating their products within a cGMP certified facility should be admired, and offer a level of consumer trust many supplement brands don’t match. Utzy Naturals has coined their approach to ensuring total supplement quality as Superpremium, and you can learn more about what all that entails on their official Superpremium resource page. While reaching out to Utzy Naturals to help us better understand some of the considerations involved with natural sleep aids, they were kind enough to provide a certificate of analysis (CoA) of their products to help demonstrate their purity. We feel this represents more than adequate effort to help ensure these supplements offer safe, accurate labeling of high-quality ingredients.

Final Considerations

Natural sleep aids are powerful supplements and herbal blends that help support the body’s natural sleeping cycle. Sleeping pills are dangerous pharmaceutical compounds that have been known to exhibit side effects much worse than poor sleep. By utilizing herbal sleep aids and more natural, supportive, compounds you help send your body a message that you trust it to work properly—and just want to help. These types of supportive approaches are quickly gaining attention among modern health professionals. Regarding health as an ever-present endeavor to maintain balance—rather than popping pills to ‘fix’ defects—helps illuminate a more practical and effective path to happiness. Utzy Naturals is a fairly new supplement brand that represents this new mindset of helping to support balance over intervention. Their Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep products are fine examples of how insightful modern research has given way to natural herbal blends capable of helping support our natural sleep cycles.

Natural Sleep Aids
Natural Sleep Aids are powerful supplements and herbal blends that help support natural sleeping cycles. Helping to support restorative sleep can have beneficial impacts on nearly ever aspect of your health. Brands like Utzy Naturals represent excellent options for natural sleep aid supplements, and go far beyond the legally-required steps to help ensure their products are of 'superpremium' quality.
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