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Getting good sleep isn’t easy; stress keeps your mind racing, chronic pain makes your body ache, and there’s always too much to do with too little time to do it! Many of us aren’t getting the restorative sleep we need each night. Natural sleep aids like melatonin, magnesium glycinate, and GABA all help but oftentimes fall short of being completely effective. Considering whether you have the best mattress for your personal sleeping habits can help tremendously. This often overlooked culprit can cause systemic disturbances in sleeping patterns but is often quickly resolved with a quality mattress.

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The Importance Of Sleep

We spend a lot of time trying to support our natural sleep cycles. Our bodies undergo powerful and complex restorative processes when we sleep. This activity can be measured by levels of glutathione and reparative enzymes such as catalase. Animal studies have shown alarming correlations between sleep deprivation and lower levels of all these vital compounds [1] [2] [3].

These studies note sleep deprivation as causing drops in reparative compounds found in the liver, kidney, heart, and brain tissues. While in-depth human studies would be needed to make any sweeping conclusions—it seems clear enough that sleep is vital for longevity. It’s important also to note that researchers find that once proper sleeping patterns are restored—so are healthy levels of oxidative compounds.

Making Sleep A Priority

You don’t have to be clinically sleep deprived to suffer from these effects to a milder degree. Constantly tossing and turning, conditions like sleep apnea and everyday stress can all have a tremendous influence on sleep quality. Many natural sleep aids are offer assistance but don’t always resolve the issues entirely. Ensuring you have a quality mattress can have a tremendous impact on the quality of your sleep.

We’ve chosen the CertiPUR-certified mattress brand Nectar Sleep as a way to better illustrate just how easy buying a quality mattress is these days. They offer free shipping, free in-home trials, and luxury quality at a fraction of the store price. Sleep isn’t always as simple as we’d like it to be—but quality mattresses can help get rid of a lot of hurdles along the way to finding better sleep.

Nectar Sleeep Mattress
Nectar Mattresses are Suitable For Use with Many bed Types Including Platform, Box Spring, or Just the Floor

Affordable Luxury Mattresses

Nectar Sleep is among several newer mattress brands offering direct-to-consumer pricing. We’ve seen companies like Warby Parker (prescription lenses) dominate markets with the direct to consumer model—and it looks as if it will become the business model of the future. After all—if you’re in the market to buy anything wouldn’t you rather buy it directly from a manufacturer rather than paying a middleman?

Nectar offers mattresses formerly seen in the $2000+ range for less than $800 in most cases. By manufacturing their own product, and selling it directly to consumers rather than through retailers—Nectar keeps the price of its mattresses far below those common to retail stores.

Innovative Mattress Design

Much of Nectar’s success has been realized through the innovative design of their mattresses which feature layers of unique foam materials. These layers all offer specific supportive roles, and when combined together offer a total sleep support system. Nectar utilizes several different types of foam composites to provide this type of superior support.

Nectar mattresses are comprised of 5 unique layers, with a supportive base layer, two layers of unique memory foams, a quilted gel foam, and a top layer designed for heat-wicking and pest-resistance. This combination of different materials allows the benefits of memory foam mattresses while cutting down on cost and avoiding heat issues. In addition to the innovative use of material types, Nectar has afforded a tremendous amount of effort to ensure material quality and safety as well.

Nectar Mattress Sleep Quality
Nectar Mattresses Ship Free Via FedEx in Easy-to-Manage Compressed Packages

Health-Friendly Materials

Modern consumers have woken up to the dangers of many chemicals found in consumer products. We talk a lot about the importance of avoiding GMO ingredients in foods, buying Organic produce, and only using supplements from trusted brands when striving for better health. These are pretty straight-forward concepts, though when it comes to products like mattresses, however—things are sometimes more complex. Fortunately,  mattresses can also be certified by trusted 3rd party agencies to help ensure they are free of potentially harmful chemicals.

Considering we spend 1/3 of our entire lives on a mattress (are you getting your 8 hours?) the importance of buying from a health-friendly brand can’t be overstated. Nectar Sleep’s mattresses are all certified by CertiPUR-US which helps ensure their products are free of certain known toxic substances. Certified CertiPUR products are free of ozone depleters, toxic flame retardants, heavy metals like mercury or lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, and several other harmful chemicals. This type of product certification is critical to help ensure you are doing everything you can for the health of you and your loved ones.

Innovative Shipping & Incredible Warranty

It’s one thing to find a mattress you love, but it’s an entirely different adventure to get that mattress into your home. One of the biggest hurdles with direct-to-consumer mattresses is the shipping process.  Mattresses are big, they’re heavy, and they’re incredibly hard to maneuver. Nectar has designed their mattresses from types of foams that can easily be compressed and rolled up into a manageable size. When you buy a Nectar mattress, it arrives via FedEx in an easily-managed tote-bag approximately 16″ round and as tall as the width of your mattress (see chart below for sizing).

All you have to do is put it on your bed, let it unroll, and you’re ready to go! All Nectar mattresses ship completely free via FedEx and qualify for a no-risk 365-night trial. This means that if within the first year of owning a Nectar mattress you decide you don’t like it—you can return it for a complete refund—no questions asked! After the first year of owning a Nectar mattress, you then transition into their lifetime warranty coverage. This means that if your mattress ever has an issue you get a new one for free—which is also covered by their Free Shipping program. These are just some of the most notable aspects of the Nectar warranty program. For a complete list of everything covered by Nectar’s Forever Warranty, check out their FAQ section.

Nectar Mattress Package Size
Nectar ships their mattresses in a convenient package for easy management and installation

Finding the Best Mattress for You

Mattresses are such an obvious facet of getting a good night’s sleep, that they often get overlooked. It’s easy to try everything else before you even consider your mattress may be an issue. Improper distribution of support can cause chronic pains to develop, and inner-spring type mattresses are often unable to avoid such damaging pressure points. Mattresses aren’t cheap, and the thought of buying one before trying it out first can seem foolish at first glance.

However, consider how much time you spend on a mattress in a local store before purchase. You don’t sleep on it—you don’t even get to nap—yet they have no problem sending you home with a much lighter wallet. Nectar’s 365-day at-home trial program is incredible for helping to decide if their mattresses are right for you, without feeling financially stranded if you don’t like it. Imagine spending $1000 for a mattress and realizing it causes lower back pain 30 days later. With Nectar, getting a full refund for your money wouldn’t be an issue! To get a better idea of the prices and sizes of Nectar Mattresses, check out the chart below. Keep in mind these prices are all before any discount codes have been applied.

Mattress Size Chart

Twin XL39″80″11″
California King72″84″11″

Final Considerations

Our bodies rely on quality sleep to help maintain a complex system of detoxifying and reparative processes vital to long-term health. Sleep deprivation studies have shown that improper disturbed sleep can have a tremendous impact on organs like the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys. Natural sleep aids like Melatonin can help get over some of the smaller hurdles, but many people are still suffering from the damages caused by low-quality mattresses.

Quality mattresses used to be prohibitively expensive in many cases. With new direct-to-consumer sales models, companies like Nectar Sleep offer quality mattresses for as much as 70% less in many cases. Their 365-night in-home trial, free lifetime warranty, and easy install process make Nectar mattresses some of the best options for those seeking a clean and affordable upgrade to their current sleeping situation.

Nectar Sleep Memory Foam Mattress OrganicNewsroom
Nectar Sleep Memory Foam Mattress
Nectar Sleep is an innovative mattress company offering direct-to-consumer sales of their CertiPUR certified mattresses. These affordable memory foam mattresses can help provide your body with the support it needs to get a full and complete nights rest without breaking your bank account.
Available From Nectar


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