Organic Industry Briefs Congress on Pesticide Dangers, Importance of Organic Foods


With growing concerns surrounding the heavy reliance on synthetic pesticides within many of the most productive farming regions of the United States, Congress has agreed to hear from a panel of experts within the Organic industry representatives. These activist voices, lead by Dr. Jessica Shade whom is the Director of Science Programs for The Organic Center, have come forward as a collective to express concerns over what they feel to be a potential catastrophic use of pesticides.

While this collective of organic industry representatives are very integrated into organic farming matters, they express their belief that their concerns over the growing reliance upon, and excessive use of, these types of synthetic pesticides may yield disastrous consequence. Dr. Jessica Shade has phrased this very sentiment as follows:

“Citrus greening is not just an organic problem, and this research is not just for organic growers. This disease is threatening both organic and conventional citrus growers, but many of the non-organic methods being used to fight it are proving to be not only inadequate, but pose dangerous risks to the environment and human health. The solutions we find for organic can be used by all”

Specific to this particular Congressional address, the group has expressed a dire warning regarding the specific threat of synthetic pesticides used to combat citrus greening disease, HLB. In addition to the groups detailed account to Congress, The Organic Center has launched a parallel endeavor  to finance a multi-year research study meant to find alternative means for combating HLB. This effort is to be lead by other leading members of the organic industry, as well as many academics studying within related fields. To follow along with the The Organic Centers efforts, you can monitor the social media campaign #SaveOrganicCitrus.

Group has expressed a dire warning regarding the specific threat of synthetic pesticides used to combat citrus greening disease

The citrus greening disease represents one of the most-powerful threats to the organic citrus industry that has ever been seen. Most research that has been conducted in the effort to understand means of combating this issue have been conducted through non-organic perspectives. This leaves the organic farming industry at a drastic disadvantage; hustling to compile their own independent data in an effort to gain insight. Most all of the data gathered to this point represents accounts of effects seen after spraying toxins pesticides on crops, which are not allowable in organic farming.

Neonicotinoids and Systemic Pesticides

A particular threat among the synthetic pesticides being used by these companies is a type of chemical known as a neonicotinoid, commonly referred to as Neonics, which is banned for the use on organic farms. Neonics are used by conventional farmers as a means by which to address the growing issue of the citrus greening disease. These types of pesticides are relatively new to agricultural industries, having only seen widespread use within the last 20 years.

Most synthetic pesticides are sprayed on top of crops, and meant to react on a crops surface, for whatever purpose intended. Neonics however, are a type of systemic pesticide that is designed to be taken in by the roots of a plant, and effectively becomes absorbed into every part of the plants tissue. Groups such as The Organic Center believe that growing bodies of research mount to the conclusion that these types of pesticides contribute to the widespread death of the American Honey Bee. Vital for the pollination of crops, should a drastic decline of Honey Bee populations be seen, it would almost certainly predicate a drastic decline in agricultural viability within the United States, and around the world.

The growing awareness of potential, if not certain, risk in the use of these types of synthetic pesticides has catalyzed a growing shift by consumers towards organic foods and supplements. Being restricted from treatment by these types of pesticides, or by being grown in soil that has been previously treated by them, certified organic foods, cosmetics, vitamins, supplements, and any other products are certified to not contain any of these ingredients. While many larger brands that have shifted towards this market offer a minimum of certification efforts, there are a large number of companies that, in addition to USDA Organic Certification, manufacture products that are Non-GMO certified, Fair Trade Certified, Allergen Free, and often rely on independent third parties to provide supplemental certifications.

A large percentage of supplements and vitamin products contained extra ingredients from those listed on the label

As a consumer it is, unfortunately, at your feet to ensure the products that you and your family are consuming are safe and free of toxic chemicals and synthetic additives. Larger corporate interests have successfully lobbied to continue to allow non-disclosing product labels, which fail to mention the use of GMO products. To get a comprehensive list of the companies that are trusted to provide GMO-Free products, check out the Project Non-GMO site for more information. They offer lists broken down by category of which manufacturers can be trusted to provide truly Non-GMO products. Just because a product is certified Non-GMO, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is certified Organic, but often the two run in concert with one another.

Importance of Eating Organic

Concerns within the health care industry have also begun to grow after a Canadian research group published their findings which detailed the degree to which vitamin and supplements are frequently mislabeled, containing many unwanted ingredients. They found that a large percentage of supplements and vitamin products contained extra ingredients from those listed on the label, and sometimes even omitted the active ingredient completely!

With labeling issues and widespread awareness of the dangers of non-organic farming in mind, it is now more important than ever to make sure the health care products you are purchasing are as pure as they can possibly be. Purchasing pharmaceutical grade supplements helps to ensure that the greatest of concern is taken during the manufacturing processes to remove any toxic by products, or pesticide residues from raw materials. In addition to the use of these types of high quality supplements, there are also many doctor-trusted brands which offer an industry-wide level of support for their pursuit of manufacturing the purest products possible. maintains an active list of these doctor trusted brands, which help make ensuring you are getting the best possible products for yourself and your family. Some of the best supplement brands on the market today have risen to greatness by sourcing as many of their ingredients from trusted organic sources as possible. This dedication has been shown to been well-received by consumer markets, and appears to only be growing.

The awareness of the potential pitfalls of widespread pesticide use is growing to a fever pitch, made evident by Congress’ willingness to entertain Dr. Jessica Shade with an audience. Organizations such as The Organic Group represent a well-organized industry push to help build a consumer awareness of the dangers they may face against the foods that are served on their tables. Many steps can be taken to ensure you and your family are able to avoid as many of these toxic chemicals as possible. Buying Certified Organic products, Non-GMO Project verified goods, and purchasing doctor-trusted, pharmaceutical grade supplements are all excellent means with which to protect yourself and family. The absolute truth regarding the impacts of the use of toxic chemicals such as Neonics may never be fully quantified, but the growing amount of research pointing to their negative effects certainly paints a clarifying picture of potential doom.

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