Oxiracetam Nootropic

Oxiracetam is a member of the Racetam family and also one of the oldest and most respected Nootropics in the world. Research suggests this compound may one day help treat cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s as well as play a role in helping to treat seizures. As a Nootropic, it’s often taken as a study aid for its ability to boost memory, learning, and overall cognitive performance.


Oxiracetam is a synthetic Nootropic that is not found naturally in nature or food and is water soluble. A typical Oxiracetam dosage ranges from 300-750mg although there are many accounts of those taking doses greater than 1g without unpleasant side effects. There isn’t a lot of clinical data to describe oxiracetam’s effect on the human mind. There have been some smaller studies that suggest the neuroprotective benefits of oxiracetam may be useful in treating cognitive disease such as Alzheimer’s (R)(R).

Legal Status

Oxiracetam does not have FDA approval as a dietary ingredient nor is it approved as a pharmaceutical medicine. It can be purchased from some retailers, usually in powdered form, and exists in a bit of a grey area of legality. For US Military, it falls within the scope of being not FDA-approved as a dietary ingredient and is banned from use by service men and women (R).

Common Experiences

Oxiracetam is thought to act on the acetylcholine and cholinergic pathways of the brain (R). This provides a stimulating effect that isn’t typically mood-affective like other racetams like Aniracetam. Results vary, but Oxiracetam is generally regarded as being able to offer many benefits to those suffering from dementia and typically over the age of 65.

Oxiracetam is regarded as being a memory-enhancing compound, especially with regards to long-term memory formation and the absorption of new information (R). This is common among many other Racetams and shouldn’t be considered characteristic of just oxiracetam.

Many users of oxiracetam report it as a less mood-affective compound that increases attention span, improves the speed at which one is able to process information, and improves overall learning ability. For these reasons, Oxiracetam is often preferred by many academic users in place of more extreme alternatives such as Adderal, Vyvanse, and Ritalin (R).

Oxiracetam vs Aniracetam

Oxiracetam and Aniracetam are both known to exhibit stronger overall effects than Piracetam. These two are regarded as two of the most popular Racetam Nootropics. Oxiracetam is known to be more stimulating than Aniracetam and less mood-affective. Oxiracetam is generally taken by people who have issues responding to Piracetam or simply want more pronounced effects. Oxiracetam can be characterized as stimulating mental energy with the risk of creating a slightly anxious ‘edge’ in some cases. Aniracetam is a fat-soluble compound and must be taken with fats, or with a meal, to be properly absorbed by the body. Oxiracetam is water soluble and can easily be administered between meals and is easily mixable in a glass of water.

Oxiracetam vs Piracetam

Oxiracetam is very similar to Piracetam and is generally thought simply to be a stronger version. Oxiracetam experiences tend to be more suited to the analysis and learning of new technical information. Piracetam is regarded as being more psychoactive and able to increase sensory perception, sociability, and may affect the way one hears sounds (R). Oxiracetam and Piracetam both offer benefits to overall cognitive functions and have both demonstrated promise in the healing of damaged brain tissues from injury, stroke, or degeneration. Oxiracetam seems preferred for application such as studying and learning new information while Piracetam seems to be preferred for the use in social settings and more recreationally.

Oxiracetam Dosage

As with nearly all Nootropic compounds, recommended dosages vary largely and are largely individual dependent, as well as dependent on individual goals. The typical dosage of Oxiracetam is recommended by most compound retailers as somewhere in the 750mg to 1000mg twice a day range. In cases such as these, it’s often best to look to reported dosages used in clinical settings, which offer non-subjective usage and averages across multiple people. The most commonly-seen clinical dose given seems to be 800mg, seen used in several studies investigating the effects and benefits of Oxiracetam in human trials (R)(R)(R).

Oxiracetam Side Effects

Oxiracetam is a non-toxic, non-food compound, and is therefore technically not considered a supplement in the eyes of the FDA. It’s regarded as being a safe compound and can be taken in fairly high and fairly wide-ranging dosages. Side effects are only reported by users that take somewhat ‘heroic’ doses of more than 3-4 grams per day. In these types of circumstances, Oxiracetam can be known to cause headaches, insomnia, dizziness, anxiety, and nausea. These side effects are rare and are generally reported as being mild when experienced (R).


Oxiracetam is among the best nootropic compounds in the world and has a long history of use as a cognitive enhancing compound. Clinical research on this compound is mostly focused on its application in helping delay cognitive decline, repair damaged brain tissue, and to treat seizures. Currently, there are no FDA approvals for such treatment and much of the research comes from small sample sizes and animal testing.

Oxiracetam dosages tend to range anywhere from 500mg to 3grams per day, taken without food. We feel it’s important to note that there are no standard dosages for this compound. Doses at the upper limit of this range have produced little or no side effects in clinical settings characterizing Oxiracetam as a generally safe to try compound.

Oxiracetam is safe, well-regarded among seasoned Nootropics enthusiasts, but still not accepted by the FDA. This should be of special note to men and women serving in the US military since it earns Oxiracetam a spot on the Department of Defense’s banned substances list. It’s unlikely a servicemember would ever be tested for this compound directly.


Oxiracetam is similar to other Racetam compounds in its ability to enhance learning, memory, and overall cognitive performance. We feel it’s an important compound for any Nootropic enthusiast to keep on their radar. It’s often taken in place of Piracetam for its increased potency and lack of mood-affective characteristics. Overall, we feel this compound demonstrates encouraging potential as a neuroprotective compound and may serve well as a study aid with less vicious side effects than Adderall, Vyvanse, or similar stimulants commonly used.

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