ProThera & Klaire Labs Review

Prothera Klaire Labs Review Best Supplement Brands

ProThera is a nutritionally focused health care company which does much more than simply provide high quality supplements. They run a NSF cGMP certified facility which also offers private label supplements, as well as specially-formulated blends. Founded in 2001, this company launched into the health care world with an integrative formulation approach hell-bent of maximizing the synergistic behaviors between supplements, foods, and the body. This mindset has led ProThera to create many products to be regarded by Health care Practitioners and Integrative Doctors as being the most-pure and potent available on the market.

Doctor-Trusted Support

ProThera offers a wide line of products which have a majority of focus on digestive health. Their probiotics are regarded as the purest and most potent available, and often provide results to patients that have otherwise seen little effect from probiotic use. They offer DNA verified probiotics that are tested for viability, and kept under continual refrigeration until purchase to ensure potency. ProThera provides unique nutritional support for bariatric patients’ unique dietary needs, as well as many other hypo-allergenic products which focus on delivering and helping maximize the utilization of critical nutrition to the body. ProThera is the parent company of another pharmaceutical grade supplements manufacturer, Klaire Labs. Klaire labs also has a strong focus on digestive health, and offers a very powerful like of digestive and proteolytic enzymes which are hypo-allergenic and very pure.

They offer DNA verified probiotics that are tested for viability, and kept under continual refrigeration until purchase to ensure potency

My personal experience with this company has been with their digestive health products, specifically their Betaine-HCL formula, which is an acidic supplement meant to help offset the decreased digestion associated with low stomach acid levels. This product was of a very high purity, and I noticed a considerable difference as I worked my way up from 2 capsules with each meal to 6. The majority of my experience with this company however has come from products produced by their subsidy, Klaire labs. Klaire labs has had much of the probiotics development shifted onto its shoulders, and now largely accounts for most all of probiotics sold under the ProThera umbrella.

Final Thoughts

Specifically, I have found their Ther-Biotic Detoxification Support probiotic to be extremely potent. It can be a bit pricey, and has to ship 2 Day FedEx, as well as have special ice-pack packing supplied. If you want to feel the true potential that probiotics have to offer, Klaire Labs produces the most-potent products available for commercial sale. Also of note, is their biofilm-busting superstar Interfase Plus, which has a specially formulated blend of proteolytic and anti-fungal enzymes which offer powerful support in any anti-fungal or anti-biotic treatments by helping to “soften up” the targeted organisms making them more susceptible to effective treatment. Unfortunately these supplements are all limited to sale by licensed practitioners, which makes them unavailable in regular stores. You can, of course, still find them for purchase online.

Prothera Klaire Labs Review Best Supplement Brands
Wide Range of Product Types
Powerful Probiotics from Klaire Labs Subsidy
Doctor Trusted Brand
Offer Synergistic Blends for Maximum Potentcy
Great for Detox and Detox Support
Many Products Require Refrigeration, Must Ship 2Day
Slightly More Expensive
Must Buy Online or from Licensed Healthcare Practitioner
—Powerful Probiotics—
ProThera, along with their subsidy Klaire Labs, produce some of the world's most-potent commercially-sold probiotics. These products are excellent for digestive health, and provide a myriad of health benefits. These products are powerful, and a bit pricey compared to similar products available in stores. ProThera and Klaire Labs are both Doctor Trusted Brands used and prescribed by healthcare practitioners.
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