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Rhinoplasty is the surgical procedure by which one’s nose can be physically altered. This may be done for medical purposes or purely aesthetic. Either way—it’s essential to choose a medical professional that is best suited for the job. In many cases, an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor (ENT) is the best choice.


In 2016, there were approximately 875,000 rhinoplastic procedures performed worldwide. That represents an 11% increase to prior years and 20% of all reported surgeries performed on the face and head. Needless to say; rhinoplastic surgery is quite common and only growing in popularity.

General surgeons, plastic surgeons, for example, are capable of performing Rhinoplastic surgery. This is common, but there are some better options out there. Many plastic surgeons specialize in a range of concerns including injections, breast augmentation, liposuction, and even vaginal rejuvenation. An ENT though—they specialize in only the ear, nose, and throat.

ENTs Know the Nose

Most people think of a nose job and immediately think that they have to have it done by a plastic surgeon. In fact, however, if you are having a rhinoplasty or similar nose surgery, an ENT may be the better bet. Among many other qualifications, an ENT are able to assess patients on a much more relevant level due to their specification.

Extensive Training

It is fair to say that both plastic surgeons, as well as ENTs, receive a great deal of training. That said, between the two, training-wise, you may want to opt for an expert in Otorhinolaryngology, or an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor for short (or ENT for even shorter). That’s because to qualify to be an ENT, doctors need to spend 10 years training and then become certified by a governing body, typically by passing an exam.

In the US, this means being certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology by passing their exams and meeting their standards. This is the minimum requirement for an ENT to be certified. That’s a considerable amount of specialty, time, and dedication to a practice.

Subspecialty Training

Just because a plastic surgeon is trained in one form of plastic surgery does not mean that they are experts in every aspect of the profession. The fact that a plastic surgeon specializes in breast surgery or skin grafts does not automatically make them qualified to work on your nose.

By contrast, doctors who study to become an ENT have a wealth of subspecialty training that gives them special insight into every last inch and aspect of the ear, nose, and throat area. This can make them a superior choice when considering a rhinoplasty procedure. In Singapore, rhinoplasty with Dr. Dennis Chua is one of the options that people get to choose from for their surgery needs.

A Focus on the Face

Moreover, ENTs are able to use that subspecialty to understand how to work with the facial region more broadly. Because the three areas in which they specialize are all closely connected, and these connections obviously occur in the facial region, they tend to have a great deal of expertise working with the face overall.

This is good news for patients concerned about what a rhinoplasty may do to their overall appearance. ENTs will be able to understand the impact nose surgery will have on the rest of your face, and will thus be able to help guide and plan your rhinoplasty accordingly.

Varied Approaches for a Varied Clientele

Last, but not least, ENTs understand that every face and, thus, the facial need is different. That is part of the beauty of working as an ENT. Every patient is a new case, and a new chance to help someone in a medical or, in the case of cosmetic rhinoplasties, cosmetic and artistic fashion.

Final Thoughts on ENTs and Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplastic surgery is becoming more and more popular around the world. General plastic surgeons often perform this procedure but it’s a better option to find a more specialized option such as an ENT. The training and specialization of ENTs make them optimal choices to ensure a Rhinoplastic procedure is done as well as possible to achieve the most ideal outcome.

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