Of all the hobbies you could try to learn soon, farming is easily one of the most rewarding. It’s also something you can do anywhere — you might not be able to grow wheat or corn inside your tiny studio apartment.

Fortunately, you can grow all sorts of useful herbs and spices in tiny pots with little sunlight. No special equipment or tractor parts are required. Now that you can’t use lack of space or equipment as an excuse to avoid it, here are some of the reasons why you should give hobby farming a try.

1 – Relaxation

It’s hard to overstate the value of having one or more values that can help you relax. Especially if said hobbies can help you unwind before going to bed, or relax in the morning before work. Chronic stress is no joke; too much stress will wreck both your physical and mental health, as this Healthline article makes clear. And gardening, be it indoors or in your backyard, can be a good way to unwind and relax.

2 – Vitamin D

Another advantage of doing garden work outdoors is that you get some sunlight. Sunlight is a key part of the process that helps the body produce Vitamin D, so if you spend most of your time indoors, having a hobby that gets you out of the house and working under the sun can be very beneficial for your health.

3 – Nutrition

You’ll be a lot more eager to eat your greens if you grew them yourself. The same goes for any fruits and vegetables you end up growing. On top of that, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables are generally healthier and more nutritious than anything that had to be frozen for transport. You can also get fresh produce from local farmer’s markets, but then you won’t enjoy the next perk on this list.

4 – Control

Growing your own food allows you to control the process from start to finish. You get to choose what fertilizer to use, which pesticides to use — if any — what strands of a given plant to grow, and much more. This all allows you to grow food that is much healthier and safer than what you’re likely to buy at your local supermarket.

On top of that, making these decisions and taking care of your plants as they grow will also give you a much greater sense of appreciation for the work that goes into growing these foods on a massive scale.

5 – More affordable

Many expensive herbs and vegetables can be quite cheap to grow by yourself if you know what you’re doing. So if you can get enough experience as a hobby farmer, you can use your skills to permanently expand the range of cooking supplies and healthy foods you have access to. A more diverse diet is usually healthier, and getting to enjoy one without having to spend more on groceries every month is a good perk.

6 – Motivation

It is easy to skip buying healthy produce when they’re all stacked in a supermarket, it’s hard to ignore those vegetables when they are growing in your backyard. If you have a healthy food you have always meant to eat more of, planting and growing your own can be a good way to stay motivated and make that food a bigger part of your diet.

Final Thoughts

The food-growing process can also affect the flavor of the final product in a variety of ways. This is something people don’t often realize because industrial farming usually shoots for the same standard of flavor. But if you don’t like how watermelons taste, you can tweak the growing process to alter the flavor of the final product in a variety of ways.

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