Top 7 Health Benefits of Roller Skating


If your parents have been continuously pushing you to leave your Roller Skating habit then don’t forget that- you’re not the only one. Unbeknownst to many parents however, this hobby can provide a great means of aerobic and physical exercise—capable of supporting strong joints and natural muscle growth.

Setting the Record Straight

For many people, Roller Skating is an extremely dangerous sport or recreational activity that can make you injured due the way it is being played.  One must certainly take necessary safety precautions when engaging in this physical activity but, still, roller Skating is not what most people think it is. In simple words, it’s a great outdoor adventurous activity just like any other sports. That can be done with the help of pair of a Roller Skate attached with wheels.

How it Relates to Health

We’ll not go into the details of what roller skating is all about, or “How it is done?” etc. This post is not about that. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the health benefits of Roller Skating and how one might be able to use this fun and athletic pastime for helping to support health naturally!

Let’s get started:

  1. Joint Pain Relief: One of the best things about the perfect roller skating is – it makes your joint flexible and relieves them from pain. When you talk about other recreational activities such as: running, brisk walking, jogging etc, they tend to put more stress on your joints. Because in case of running you’re forcing yourself to move further, on the contrary, Roller Skating is like you are swimming in water when not putting much pressure or efforts to move further.
  2. It Makes You Happy: Often times when you talk to the people about Roller Skating, only thing that comes to their mind is- it’s a sport. It is indeed a sport but with tremendous advantages. And one of them is- happiness. Roller Skating does have a connection with making you happy and joyful.  The time when you start learning it, you really forget all your stress, problems because you’re in the moment when doing it.
  3. Calories Burn: These days we’re consuming so many calories but burning very little. Some can easily take out the time to do the gym, cardio or any other exercise. And there is a large group of people who can’t do all these things. Not doing any physical activity will not just increase the obesity but also slow down your calories burning process which will ultimately increase your weight. Just like any other sports: football, basketball and cricket, Roller skating also help you in calories burn. Though, it doesn’t happen as fast as in many other sports but it’s an incredible way to burn the calories.
  4. Increase Stability: Being a stable person is an important factor of anyone’s life. While people are becoming more lazy these days, Roller Skating does an opposite job. It teaches a lot of about balance, coordination and consistency. You have to be very much concentrated when doing Roller Skating. It is a sport where Balance is Key. As, you have to be hundred percent aware about your surrounding so that you don’t hit someone. You use your eyes, thought process, over all body, to make sure that everything goes with the flow.
  5. Complete Body Exercise: A good sport is one where the whole body, mind and senses are involved. Roller Skating uses most of your muscles, legs, feet, joint and hands to maintain a balance ride when you’re doing it.
  6. Endurance: Some of you may not know that, but Roller Skating plays an important role to improve the endurance of your body, muscles. Even though it is more of an adventurous and fun activity but it does need some physical effort to keep things going on. And continually Skating for few hour make you tired which ultimately make you habitual with the routine.
  7. Improve Confidence: Whether you’re new or pro in Roller Skating, it has been said that Roller Skating can help you increasing your confidence level and you become more social, friendly person. Thing is- you can’t do it at home. You’ll have to do it outside: park, street, or any particular place.

Summing Things Up

Roller Skating is not a sport that will give injury to your kids. If you look at it this way then there are many other sports where injury or risk is involve- whether it be football or basketball. People do get injured a lot in football.

But the point is – we learn from falling down, and from our mistakes.

With all these great advantages of Roller Skating, one thing is sure- Roller Skating is an excellent sport that just not gives you adventures but overall health benefits.

Emily Amhearst

Emily Amhearst

Emily is a health writer and blogger focused on helping spread positive news and valuable information for everyone to share. Her personal journey in health has left her with a strong love for Organic foods, quality supplements, and daily exercise routines.

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