Water filters are a way to help ensure we reduce the amount of potentially toxic chemicals we are exposed to. Soma is a company that endeavors to reimagine what a water filter and water bottle can be. Soma makes BPA free water filter pitchers and glass water bottles from uniquely-pure and sustainable materials and offers a unique filter subscription service to help make replacing filters as easy as possible. These water filters have been called the most beautiful filters made, though their sleek designs are merely complimentary to their purifying function.

What Makes Soma Filters Special

Water filters are notorious for being flimsy, pricey, ugly, and difficult to use. The concept behind them is simple enough—pour water in, wait, pour water out. You’d think that most companies wouldn’t struggle so hard to execute on such a simplistic goal, but they do. Not only does Soma operate with ease and determination, but it’s unique form and sustainable white oak handle make it a pleasant change on your counter top. Soma water filters are made from BPA-free plastic, and their filters are constructed from 60% plant-based renewable materials. Their socially and environmentally friendly approach to doing business has earned them quite a bit of notoriety in recent months, and they are quickly becoming discussed as the best water filter brand on the market. Now, before we sound too over-zealous—keep in mind that Soma water filters are meant to serve as counter-top companions that sell for less than $50.

Part of every Soma filter sold goes towards charity, and supports their nonprofit mission world worldwide.

Soma filters are truly a masterpiece of imaginative redesign. There aren’t any complicated removal techniques, and filters are interchangeable between different products. Their filters are a blend of coconut shell carbon, and housed in a sugar cane encasement. These filters are recommended for up to 2 months, and certified to filter Mercury, Chlorine, Zinc, and Copper—all common issues among municipal water sources. Soma also has a unique filter renewal program which allows buyers their buyers to subscribe for their bi-monthly delivery service. This schedules you for a new filter to be delivered on a cycle that is in step with your products recommended usage. This is a convenient way to ensure that you don’t continue to use your filter after its effectiveness has declined. Soma has also dedicated themselves to donate resources and finances to developing safe drinking wells in rural areas. Part of every Soma filter sold goes towards charity, and supports their nonprofit mission world worldwide.

Soma water filters offer elegant designs with natural and sustainable toxin free materials. Image from Soma

Unique Function & Elegant Design

Soma is a perfect example of a globally-conscious brand that has worked hard to modernize an already existing market. Water filters and water bottles aren’t anything new, and people have been using them for ages. BPA free products are fairly common as well these days, after concerns over health-related issues have mounted in recent years. Just about any manufacturer could hire a designer to craft a nice looking water filter, and many might even be able to navigate the sourcing logistics to make an affordable BPA free version. What separates Soma from every other water filter brand is the way the choose to do business. They funnel many of their profits into non-profit work to provide clean drinking water for those in need around the world. They also work to source  as much of their product from sustainable materials—such as the handles on all their water pitchers, and lids on their glass water bottles. This isn’t an easy way to do business if you are in it just for the money, and Soma clearly isn’t. Below you’ll find an overview of some of their many products.

6 Cup Pitcher

Soma 6 Cup Pitcher
Soma’s 48 oz. 6-Cup Pitcher

The Soma 6-Cup Water Filter is a BPA-Free plastic water pitcher with a removable water filter capable of filtering 40 gallons of water. This water filter features a sustainably-harvested white oak handle, and 60% plant-based filter, and holds up to 48 ounces of water at any given time. The unique cone-shape of the water filter inlet allows for larger-than-usual volumes of water to be added quickly to avoid the dreaded ‘filter staring’ experience. This filter is approximately 4.5 inches in diameter and 9 inches tall—suitable for close quarters storage in refrigerators and already organized counter space. This water filter offers a powerful usability coupled with an intriguing design aesthetic.

Glass Carafe

Soma’s 48 oz. Glass Carafe Water Filter

For those searching for a glass-only option, the Soma Carafe Shatter Proof Carafe Water Filter is an excellent option. This water filter adds a bit of extra style with its elongated hourglass shape, though still brings all the benefits found in the 6 cup pitcher. The Soma Glass Carafe is made from a shatter resistant Borosilicate material to help ensure that accidental dings and drops won’t affect it’s performance. This water filter holds up to 48 ounces, is roughly 6 inches in diameter x 11 inches in height, and has the same great Soma water filter that will last for up to two months. Soma’s Carafe has arguably narrowed the gap between art and water filter—and has done so at an astoundingly low price. Not only does this filter help purify your water, but your guests may start to feel you’ve developed a deeper appreciation for the arts as well!

Glass Water Bottle

Soma’s Convenient All Glass Water Bottle

Soma knows full well that you can’t bring water pitchers with you when you are out and about. They realize that active lifestyles and convenience rarely merge, but when they do a great level of appreciation can be forged. Their borosilicate BPA free glass water bottle is their way of offering customers a better, healthier way to carry their water with them on the go. This water bottle is 2.6 inches in diameter, 9.1 inches tall, and features a smooth natural silicon sleeve to offer better gripping. To further demonstrate Soma mindset of sustainability, they decided to use a natural bamboo lid to top things off. This water bottle is able to hold 17oz, and is dishwasher friendly.

Toxin Free Lifestyle

Soma water filters are great products to help avoid many of the most common toxins that fill our modern lives. The human body is made up of as much as 75% water depending on age, and proper hydration is vital in ensuring the proper function of nearly every function of our life. Modern life has found many of our water sources tainted with waste runoff and potentially hazardous heavy metals. Quality water filters like those made by Soma help to reduce this impact on our overall health. Soma is an tremendous brand that not only offers a quality line of water filter products, but also leads the drive for social and environmental responsibility by example. Their elegant designs and carefully selected materials provide a unique solution to a growing concern.

Soma is an tremendous brand that not only offers a quality line of water filter products, but also leads the drive for social and environmental responsibility by example

The benefits of quality water are slowly becoming learned on levels not fully understood until recent years. Such approaches as using water electrolysis to make Alkaline Water has been shown to help with a number of health concerns. BPA has been commonplace among household plastics for decades, though modern awareness has created a groundswell in demand for BPA free products, as well as safe glass alternatives. Soma water filters offer both options, as well as a convenient filter renewal subscription service to help keep managing your water quality as simple as possible. If you are looking for a way to further your detoxifying protocols and avoidance of harmful chemicals, Soma waters filters offer a truly unique means of achieving that goal.

Soma Water Filters
Overall Rating
Soma water filters offer a powerful means of providing much needed toxin removal from common water sources. They've forge a path of social and environmental stewardship to be learned from. Their water filter products are affordable, elegant, and well-designed.
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